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A wee Scots girl takes on New York
zippgun27 March 2006
This attempt by Four star television to make a major US star of English(not Scottish as she plays here-but her accent is good)actress and singer Jeannie Carson,was not a great success at the time.It is a fairly routine sitcom of its era,with the eccentric difference that Miss Carson bursts into a song (and at times dance as well!)about once in each episode.Jeannie is a naive Scottish girl staying as the home of a cab driver and his sister in Brooklyn,New York.She has come to the US from Dunfermlin,Scotland,to attempt to make her fortune,like steel magnate Andrew Carnegie did in the previous century.She gets into various scrapes and adventures,often centered around jobs she's trying out,or as a result of typically zany misunderstandings.We see Jeannie as a cab driver,a policewoman,a golf caddie and even as a Chinese singer in a restaurant.In one episode she gets distinctly raunchy mixing with the rock and roll "bop" cats!.If there is one word which could sum up Jeannie Carson's character here it's perky.At first her tweeness can be a bit annoying,but she grows on you.Pretty Jeannie Carson,slim,petite and talented,had one of the loveliest faces in showbiz and it's rather surprising she did not achieve a greater level of stardom.Backing up Miss Carson on the show are reliable old hands Allen Jenkins as her Runyonesque sponsor the cab driver Al and Jane Dulo as his sister.The unmarried state of her two hosts tempts Jeannie to try match making for them at times. Guest stars appearing on the show include Hans Conreid,Richard Long and Charles Bronson!
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A musical sitcom!
gallifreyent6 July 2001
Witty early sitcom features Jeannie, a young woman who has come to the USA from Scotland. In this unique series, characters occasionally exchange dialogue in song. Jeannie boards with an American couple who advise her with parental guidance and share her zany experiences.
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