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3 Oct. 1956
Attache Case
Hiram Holliday, a small, mild-mannered newspaper proofreader, saves his publisher from a disastrous libel suit when he finds a misplaced comma. The grateful publisher rewards Hiram with an around-the-world tour and sends a reporter to document his adventures. Before the pair can leave port, Hiram becomes cast in a supposed espionage film and surprises his foes with amazing physical skills.
10 Oct. 1956
Lapidary Wheel
On the first leg of their around-the-world tour Hiram and Ainslie make landfall in England prior to traveling to Scotland. Immediately after arriving the two men become involved with a murder, a stolen gem and a poisonous snake.
17 Oct. 1956
False Monarch
During his visit to Scotland, Hiram is convinced to impersonate the King of Rovaki who looks exactly the American tourist. Hiram soon discovers the reason for the identity change, after someone attempts to kill him.
24 Oct. 1956
The Hollow Umbrella
After finding a mysterious message in the hollow handle of his umbrella, Hiram finds himself chased by foreign spies and the Paris police. In order to throw his pursuers off his trail, Hiram performs in a circus as a trapeze artist and an exotic dancer.
31 Oct. 1956
Sea Cucumber
Foreign agents are convinced that Hiram's search for a underwater plant is merely the cover for espionage.
7 Nov. 1956
Gibraltar Road
Hiram's efforts to study the wildlife on the Rock of Gibraltar are interrupted by gypsies, Scotland Yard and the British army.
14 Nov. 1956
Monaco Hermit Crab
While visiting Monte Carlo, Hiram uses his surefire system to win a yacht in a roulette game, which leads to the discovery of a plot to flood the United States with counterfeit currency.
21 Nov. 1956
Hawaiian Hamzah
Hiram uncovers foreign agents plan to freeze the Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor with their diabolical weapon.
28 Nov. 1956
The Swiss Titmouse
Hiram's efforts to record the mating call of the elusive Swiss Titmouse are put on hold when he discovers a young king's life is in danger.
5 Dec. 1956
Wrong Rembrandt
Hiram's skill as a painter gets him in trouble when his copies of the Old Masters are mistaken for the real paintings which have been stolen from the Louvre.
12 Dec. 1956
Dancing Mouse
Hiram visits a carnival in Genoa, Italy to take a picture of a rare type of mouse. Unfortunately, his photograph captures a pair of camera-shy revolutionaries on the lam from the French authorities.
19 Dec. 1956
Christmas in Vienna
Hiram's plans to spend a quiet Christmas in Vienna are disrupted when King Peter is kidnapped.
26 Dec. 1956
Adventure of the Romantic Pigeon
Hiram learns that spies have kidnapped a scientist's daughter in order to wrest atomic secrets from the old man.
30 Jan. 1956
Shipwrecked Ancestor
While searching for evidence of one of his ancestors, Hiram is shipwrecked on the African coast. Hiram meets an evil Berber sheik and a lot of men who look remarkably like the globetrotting proofreader.

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