The Man from Laramie (1955) Poster

James Stewart: Will Lockhart



  • [first lines] 

    Will Lockhart : Whoa! Whoa! Whoa. We'll camp here for the night.

    Charley O'Leary : We can go a coupla more miles 'fore sundown.

    Will Lockhart : We'll camp here!

    Charley O'Leary : You're the boss.

  • Barbara Waggoman : Did you have any trouble getting here?

    Will Lockhart : No, we came from Laramie.

    Barbara Waggoman : Oh, is that your home?

    Will Lockhart : No, ma'am. No, I can't rightly say anyplace is my home.

    Barbara Waggoman : Oh, but everybody should have a place to remember and feel they belong to.

    Will Lockhart : Well, I-I always feel like I belong... where I am.

  • Alec Waggoman : I'm Alec Waggoman of the Barb. What's the reason for this?

    Will Lockhart : Ask your son!

    Alec Waggoman : I'm asking you.

    Will Lockhart : All right, go out to the salt lagoons, and you'll see twelve dead mules and three burnt wagons. They belong to me!

    Alec Waggoman : Nobody asked you to come here.

    Will Lockhart : Well, I'm here, Mr. Waggoman, and I'm gonna stay here and this town better get used to the idea!

  • Chris Boldt : Well, you strike me as a man that's looking for something and willing to pay for it.

    Will Lockhart : Well, that depends upon what the information is and who's selling it.

    Chris Boldt : Well, I ain't got no references. But anybody can tell you that Chris Boldt is a man not to be trusted. That means nobody's secrets are sacred with me.

    Will Lockhart : Uh, huh. And just who were you figuring on selling out?

    Chris Boldt : You just name 'em!

    Will Lockhart : It wouldn't be *me*, would it?

  • Will Lockhart : You're just a hard, scheming old woman, aren't you?

    Kate Canady : Ugly, too.

  • Will Lockhart : Where'd an Indian get a rifle like that?

    Frank Darrah : He don't say. I don't ask.

  • Vic Hansbro : I'm sorry about this. I figured you'd kinda have your bellyful of these parts and would be anxious to get out of here.

    Will Lockhart : Yeah, well, I figure this place owes me somethin' and I'm gonna make it pay.

    Vic Hansbro : Let me straighten you out, mister. We got enough trouble around here with the Apaches and young Dave. Now don't you go startin' any!

  • Charley O'Leary : I liked workin' for you Mr. Lockhart; I sorta hate to leave ya.

    Will Lockhart : Well, maybe this won't be the kind of work you like.

    Charley O'Leary : If it's got anything to do with who's sellin' repeating rifles to the Apaches, I'd like to help you.

  • Will Lockhart : What are you stickin' your neck out for, Charley?

    Charley O'Leary : I'm a lonely man, Mr. Lockhart; so are you. I don't suppose we spoke ten words comin' down here, but I feel that I know ya, and I like what I know.

  • Will Lockhart : This is the most unfriendly country I've ever been in. Why is everybody so touchy?

    Barbara Waggoman : It's a one man country and Alec Waggoman's the man.

  • Will Lockhart : [having a wound dressed]  Have you done this before?

    Kate Canady : I've patched up bullet holes in places I wouldn't like to mention.

  • Kate Canady : Why did you do it, Lockhart?

    Will Lockhart : Oh, you too, huh?

    Kate Canady : Now look here. You get into a scrap with a man, and five minutes later he's found dead. What am I supposed to think?"

    Will Lockhart : You're supposed to think I killed him. I came all the way from Laramie to creep up a dark alley and knife the town drunk. Now does that make better sense to you?

    Kate Canady : If it did, I wouldn't be here.

  • Will Lockhart : I always feel I belong where I am.

  • Will Lockhart : Looks like you've been sitting there for two weeks.

    Charley O'Leary : Yeah, and I just ate a pound of dust with this can of beans.

  • [last lines] 

    Will Lockhart : When you go east, you'll pass through Laramie. And if you should ask for a Captain Lockhart, almost anybody'd tell you where to find me.

    Barbara Waggoman : I'll remember that.

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