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  • Chicago Tribune, Wednesday, November 10, 1954, pt. 3, p. 4, c. 1:


    by Herb Lyon

    The Bright Sightems: Bob Francis, the handsome Willie Keith of "Caine Mutiny" fame, was in town the other day and turned out to be a fountain of facts on latest Hollywood developments. First of all, there is no truth in the rumors that the Humphrey Bogarts are splittingg up. he's become a close pal of "Capt. Queeg" since finishing the film and says he has never seen two happier persons than Bogie and Baby. Bob also reports that George Gobel [now being paged by every major studio] will probably take just as much time in selecting his first flicker as he did in devising rhe format for his "overnight" TV success [two years]. Bob's own career is moving into high gear--he just completed "The Long Gray Line" with Ty Power and Marueen O'Hara and comes off with rave reviews.



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