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Hero Complex Gallery’s Stunning Blacklight 2 Exhibition is Ready to Take All Your Money

I’ve had the good fortune of attending a few of Hero Complex Gallery’s shows over the years, but their latest exhibition, “Blacklight 2,” might be something of an all-timer. Featuring 50 incredible pieces of pop culture-themed artwork from a variety of talents that include Vance Kelly, Bruce White, Dan Mumford, Luke Preece, Jeany Ngo, HagCult, Matthew Johnson, Duke Duel, and many more, fans can now order many of the badass Blacklight-reactive and/or Glow-in-the-Dark posters and other multi-media creations over at Hcg’s website. And for those curious about some of the artwork in “Blacklight 2,” here’s a look at several brilliant pieces genre fans would undoubtedly love adding to their poster collections.

“Wake Up Old Friend, It’s Our Time” by Dan Mumford

“Black Phillip” Red Variant by Vance Kelly

After Midnight” by Pitchgrim

Bride of the Monster” by Bruce White

Darkness” by Mark W. Richards

“Part Man. Part Machine.
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Plan 9 from Outer Space Star Conrad Brooks Passes Away at 86

Plan 9 from Outer Space Star Conrad Brooks Passes Away at 86
Conrad Brooks, star of Plan 9 from Outer Space, has passed away. Brooks was 86-years-old and his cause of death has not yet been announced. Reports of his death have been circulating on social media and several outlets have reported on his passing, though, no official obituary has been released. Neither his family or representatives have released a statement regarding Brooks' passing yet.

With a career dating back to 1953, in an uncredited role in William Beaudine's Jalopy, Conrad Brooks had a career that spanned more than six decades. The late actor was known best for his relationship with director Ed Wood, who directed legendary B-movies such as Plan 9 From Outer Space and Bride of the Monster. Jerry Williams, who worked with Brooks several times over the years, had this to say in an Instagram post.

"Rip Conrad Brooks...plan 9 from outer space alum and you starred in several of my films.
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Tim Burton’s Ed Wood Screening at Schlafly Bottleworks November 5th

“My girlfriend still doesn’t know why her sweaters are always stretched out!”

Tim Burton’s Ed Wood screens Thursday December 5th at 7:30pm at Schlafly Bottleworks

Ed Wood tells the story of the world’s worst movie director. Ed Wood Jr. was the man behind a number of inept American b-pictures such as Glen Or Glenda, Bride Of The Monster and his bizarro world masterwork Plan 9 From Outer Space. Wood (played in the film by Johnny Depp) had an incompetent directorial style, which included casting a group of non-actors that included dope addicts, transvestites, a struggling TV horror queen and the fading Hollywood legend Bela Lugosi. He was content to botch scenes by allowing his actors to muff their lines and he also mixed day and night shots together with no disregard for continuity. Ed Wood also focuses on the way his erratic career and behavior affected
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'Guardians of the Galaxy:' Can Bautista End the Curse of Tor Johnson?

'Guardians of the Galaxy:' Can Bautista End the Curse of Tor Johnson?
Marvel Studios is taking its biggest risk yet with Guardians of the Galaxy, banking on an obscure team of heroes to bridge the gap until the next Avengers flick roars into theaters. But there's an even larger obstacle standing in the way of box-office success: Dave Bautista.

To the uninitiated, Bautista is a six-time world champion in Vince McMahon's wrestling circus, and one of the most iconic squared-circle stars of the last decade. In Guardians, he plays intergalactic warrior Drax the Destroyer, which is unquestionably his biggest role to date.
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Night Tide – The DVD Review

Review by Sam Moffitt

When you are a true movie geek some titles become a sort of Holy Grail. When I was a monster kid growing up in the 60’s I read Castle of Frankenstein magazine avidly (one of the greatest magazines ever published by the way!) That periodical discussed so many movies that I just knew I would never get a chance to see, foreign films, independent films, odd ball avant garde’ experimental films, it made me determined to see them by any means necessary.

I recall reading about Night Tide in Castle of Frankenstein and wanting to see it very badly. I didn’t get to view that title until sometime in the 90s. I found it on vhs on the Rhino label and was happy to finally get to see it, it lives up to its reputation, for me anyway. Now I am happy to report Image
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On This Day in Horror Movie History October 10th

On this day in 1924 the worst filmmaker the American Film Institute ever encountered Ed Wood was born. Like many filmmakers that cant get adequate backing for their work Wood began by making many microbudget horror movies. Those that became prominent only after his death include Bride of the Monster (1955) starring Bela Lugosi Plan 9 From Outer Space (1956) starring Lugosi and Vampira (Maila Nurmi) Night of the Ghouls (1958) The Sinister Urge (1960) and Necromania (1971).
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Ed Wood could get his own statue in New York

Joe Mendillo of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. has launched a fundraising campaign so his town can have a life-size bronze figure of one of its most famous native sons: low-budget sci-fi director Edward D. Wood Jr. Mendillo tells The Poughkeepsie Journal he’s aware Wood's name is synonymous with bad cinema, thanks to movies like Bride Of The Monster and Plan 9 From Outer Space. Nevertheless, he believes Poughkeepsie's most esteemed former resident (if you don't count Predator actor Bill Duke) still deserves to be honored, because of the inspiring spirit that drove his cult movie career. "Here ...
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Ranked: Top Ten Scariest Actors

  • Cinelinx
Actors often get their accolades for doing drama, comedy, or even action, but it never seems like we properly recognize those actors which do a splendid job scaring us. This is a list of the top ten actors that are excellent at being scary.

Make-up, prosthetics, computer animation, and costumes can only go so far. What makes a movie character really scary is the actor or actress portraying that character. And it’s not enough just to yell “boo!” at the right moment. No, the best in the business know how to create a believable persona that is disturbing, creepy, disgusting, mysterious, or maybe all at once.

This is a list of my pick for the top ten scariest actors of all time. These actors are veterans and legends in the film industry because of the ingenious ways they were able to spook the audience consistently throughout their career. Their
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Ed Wood – The Blu Review

”My girlfriend still doesn’t know why her sweaters are always stretched out.”

Of the eight collaborations between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, most of my movie buff friends will choose Ed Wood as their favorite, yet it was the least successful at the box-office, grossing less than 6 million dollars in 1994. Chronicling the man’s rise to “personal success” and his overwhelming desire to become the next Orson Welles, Ed Wood charted the director’s fascinatingly manic career; from Glen Or Glenda, to Bride Of The Monster, to Plan 9 From Outer Space. These were three of the most shamefully undesirable disasters “Hollywood” has ever produced, but to Ed Wood they were gold. Wood was a man who had the utmost level of zest for his so-called “art” and would never back-down to the barrage of criticism he would constantly receive. To him, Glen Or Glenda was a highly personal film,
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Michael Monahan Talks Horror Hosts and More

Horror fans today are spoiled. With the vast array of films available on DVD and Blu-ray via storefronts like Best Buy and Fye, online outlets like Amazon and Deep Discount, and rental/streaming services such as Netflix, there are few films that are unattainable. Virtually anything one might hear of is available some way, somewhere. But it wasn't always so...

Back at a time before disc (or VHS for that matter), the only way - and I mean the Only way - to see classic and not so classic genre pictures was on broadcast television. As a kid, I remember getting the local TV Guide and a yellow highlighter and systematically going through the listings, marking each and every show time of movies I'd heard about either from friends or ones that were obliquely mentioned in Forry Ackerman's Famous Monsters of Filmland . I would meticulously go over each entry
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Lost Ed Wood Film “Final Curtain” To Screen At Slamdance

Lost Ed Wood Film “Final Curtain” To Screen At Slamdance
The story goes that at the time of his passing in 1956, Bela Lugosi was grasping a script called Final Curtain, penned by pal Ed Wood. Final Curtain was a television pilot for an anthology series to be called Portraits Of Terror, intended to be a Twilight Zone-esque theater of the bizarre. While Lugosi would miss the boat, Wood ended up shooting the show in 1957 with a cast made up of Duke Moore, Dudley Manlove, and Jeannie Stevens. The 22-minute short concerned a cop who makes the mistake of investigating a mysterious theater late at night while on solo patrol.

Nothing became of the show, and while Wood would go on to many other projects, including his career-defining Plan 9 From Outer Space in 1959, Final Curtain was something the director often brought up, sharing footage with his friends and hangers-on, dreaming of what could have been. One of those friends was actor Paul Marco,
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(Bitter) Sweet Freedom: New media props up cheap hits, but at what cost?

The Roman Empire was brutal, repressive, tyrannical, corrupt, morally bankrupt… Well, nothing’s perfect, right? After all, the Empire’s collapse after 700 years didn’t bring freedom or reformation, but the Dark Ages – disease, ignorance, witch trials, book burnings, illiteracy, and all that other bad stuff which made the Dark Ages so damned dark.

It’s like that line in Monty Python’s Life of Brian: a Jewish revolutionary group is plotting the overthrow of their Roman overseers, and ringleader John Cleese declares, “After all, what’ve the Romans ever done for us?”

After which Cleese’s followers offer a shopping list – a long shopping list – of the benefits of Roman occupation. An exasperated Cleese finally concedes/concludes with, “All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?”

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Is Ed Wood a cardboard cutout?

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp make the world's worst director look charming, despite some historical fact-bending

Director: Tim Burton

Entertainment grade: A–

History grade: B+

Edward D Wood Jr made low-budget Hollywood films in the 1950s, including Jail Bait, Night of the Ghouls and Plan 9 From Outer Space. In 1980, Plan 9 was voted the worst film of all time in the Golden Turkey awards. Wood was posthumously voted worst director.


It's 1953, and aspiring film-maker Eddie Wood (Johnny Depp) is thrilled to hear that a producer is filming the story of a famous transsexual. The reason? Wood himself loves wearing women's clothes, particularly angora sweaters. He pitches himself as writing, directing and starring – "just like Orson Welles did in Citizen Kane". The result – Glen or Glenda? – fell slightly short of the critical acclaim bestowed upon Welles's movie. The New York Times said "It isn't quite a camp classic, although
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Schlock Me: Best of the Worst Halloween Films

  • kidspickflicks
Every Halloween, TV channels pump out some of the best/worst horror movies. However, there are films that transcend the badness until it becomes funny. Here are some kid-appropriate schlock films:

The Killer Shrews

During the 50's, most horror films had pretty bad special effects. The best it could hope for was some cheesy stopmotion, and with the worst you get something like The Killer Shrews. Some people are stuck on an island where some science experiments have resulted in some slightly large killer shrews (rats). First sign of trouble: the shrews are just some ridiculously dressed up dogs. The film fails to have any conflict in the first half of the film . ..and it's only 69 minutes long! Also, it's hard to understand some of the actors' thick accents. The film's available via the Internet Archives or you can see it through "Mystery Science Theater 3000" for some added hilarity.
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DVD Review: Cult Icon Collected in ‘Big Box of Wood’

Chicago – Would I love Ed Wood as much without Tim Burton’s amazing film of the same name? Probably not. I’ll admit that I can’t watch “Bride of the Monster” and Not think of Martin Landau’s Oscar-winning performance and I smile when thinking of Wood directing some of his awesomely-bad features but I’m really picturing Johnny Depp more than the actual filmmaker. Does it matter? For whatever reason you enjoy the king of Z-movie cinema, the 6-disc “Big Box of Wood” set is a treasure for cheesy movie fans.

DVD Rating: 3.5/5.0

Where does one even begin to review the filmography of Ed Wood? He was a Horrible director. And yet there’s something about his most beloved works (“Plan 9 From Outer Space,” “Bride of the Monster,” “Glen or Glenda” [which is, sadly, not includes in this 13-movie set]) that reflects the overwhelming love for cinema held by their director. Ed Wood loved movies. He
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A B-Movie Box Set Guaranteed to Give You Wood

There was only one Ed Wood. To call the man different is a bit of an understatement. One thing is for sure though ... for better or worse, Ed has become a legend, and a new box set is on the way that celebrates the very best (and worst) from the world's most infamous filmmaker.

From the Press Release

Ed Wood was an American screenwriter, director, producer, actor, author, and editor who often performed many of these functions simultaneously. In the 1950s, Wood made a number of cheap genre films (and attempted a number of failed TV pilots), now enjoyed for their technical errors, unsophisticated special effects, large amounts of ill-fitting stock footage, idiosyncratic dialogue, eccentric casts and outlandish plot elements, although his flair for showmanship gave his projects at least a modicum of critical success.

Wood's popularity waned soon after his biggest "name" star, Bela Lugosi, died. He was able
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Dolores Fuller obituary

Hollywood actor known for her roles in the so-bad-they're-good films of Ed Wood

There are artists in various fields whose fame rests solely on how bad their work is alleged to be. Among them are the poet William McGonagall, the novelist Amanda McKittrick Ros, the soprano Florence Foster Jenkins and the film director Ed Wood. The latter's reputation as the world's worst film-maker rubbed off on Dolores Fuller, his muse, lover and leading lady, who has died aged 88.

It would be unfair to pick on Fuller for her stiff posture and stilted delivery in Wood's movies when the others in the casts were equally awkward, mainly because of the minimum amount of takes and the lack of strong direction. The "peak" of Wood and Fuller's collaboration was the camp classic Glen or Glenda (aka I Led Two Lives, 1953), an unintentionally hilarious, well-meaning film on transvestism. The theme was particularly close
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Dolores Fuller, Ed Wood's angora-wearing muse, dead

Dolores Fuller, Ed Wood's angora-wearing muse, dead
Dolores Fuller, the muse to the “worst director of all-time” Ed Wood, passed away on Monday from complications of a stroke, according to the New York Times. She was 88. Fuller had been a small-time television actress when she answered a casting call from an unknown director in the early 1950s. Wood was immediately smitten by her beauty — and her angora sweater — and the couple went on to live together for four years, during which the cross-dressing filmmaker turned his fetish into the film, Glen or Glenda. “The first time I saw the whole film, I wanted to crawl under the seat,
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Dolores Fuller, Ed Wood Ingenue and Elvis Songwriter, Dies at 88

Dolores Fuller, Ed Wood Ingenue and Elvis Songwriter, Dies at 88
Let's all take a moment to remember the late Dolores Fuller, the B-movie actress whose soft angora sweaters brought out the best in filmmaker boyfriend Ed Wood. Portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker in Tim Burton's Ed Wood, Fuller starred in Wood's early films Glen or Glenda, Jail Bait, and Bride of the Monster, and later enjoyed a successful career as a songwriter.
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Dolores Fuller, Ed Wood Star and Elvis Songwriter, Dead at 88

Best known as Ed Wood.s girlfriend and co-star of his films Glen Or Glenda (1953), Jail Bait (1954), and Bride Of The Monster (1955), Dolores Fuller had a bit part opposite Clark Gable in It Happened One Night (1934) and co-starred in the cult fave Mesa Of Lost Women (1953). When she attended horror movie conventions, she always brought her white angora sweater that she wore in Wood.s films and let fans wear it for photos. Less-known about Ms Fuller is that she was an accomplished and prolific songwriter. She wrote for Elvis and penned songs that were featured in twelve of his films (!), the most famous being Rock-a-Hula Baby from Blue Hawaii. Fuller was 88, led quite a life, and was known as a warm human being.

Fuller hated the way Sarah Jessica Parker played her in Tim Burton.s Ed Wood bio-pic in 1994. Here.s an interview with her where she discusses
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