Blackboard Jungle (1955) Poster

Paul Mazursky: Emmanuel Stoker



  • Richard Dadier : [catches some kids smoking in the restroom]  What is this? The officers' club or something? I don't wanna catch you smoking in here again, you understand? Now get out! Come on, you heard what I said. Get out!

    [3 kids leave, 2 remain] 

    Richard Dadier : What's the matter? You two guys privileged or something?

    Gregory W. Miller : We only just got here, chief.

    Richard Dadier : You did huh? Well , now just get out.

    Gregory W. Miller : Can't a man wash his hands, chief?

    Richard Dadier : Wash them and get out.

    Gregory W. Miller : Sure, chief. You gonna watch me?

    Emmanuel Stoker : Maybe he'd like to wash them for us.

    Richard Dadier : What's your name? You, I'm talking to you!

    Emmanuel Stoker : Me?

    Richard Dadier : Yes, you!

    Emmanuel Stoker : Emmanuel.

    Richard Dadier : Emmanuel what?

    Gregory W. Miller : Emmanuel Trades. Don't you know, man? This boy here got the school named after him.

    Richard Dadier : What's your name, wise guy?

    Gregory W. Miller : Me? Miller. Gregory Miller. You want me to spell it out for you so you won't forget it?

    Richard Dadier : You don't have to do that. I'll remember, Miller.

    Gregory W. Miller : Sure, chief. You do that.

    Richard Dadier : Or maybe you would like to take a walk down to the principal's office with me right now. Is that what you want?

    Gregory W. Miller : You're holding all the cards, chief. You wanna take me to see Mr. Warneke, you'll do just that.

    Richard Dadier : Who's your home-period teacher?

    Gregory W. Miller : You are, chief.

    Richard Dadier : Well, why aren't you with the rest of the class?

    Gregory W. Miller : Already told you. Came in to wash up, chief.

    Richard Dadier : All right, then wash up. Just cut out that "chief" routine, understand?

    Gregory W. Miller : Sure, "chief". That's what I been doing all the time. Okay for us to drift now, "chief"?

  • Pete V. Morales : [talking into a recorder in front of the class]  I get up at 7:30, go wash. But my stinking sister, she's still in the bathroom, so I can't get in.

    Richard Dadier : That's fine, boy. keep on talking.

    Pete V. Morales : So then I go to the stinking bathroom. I wash my stinking face. Then I eat some stinking sausages.

    Artie West : Louder, come on!

    Emmanuel Stoker : We can't hear you in the balcony.

    Pete V. Morales : So then I go down the stinking street with my stinking books, and then I meet this stink-face who lives near me. And he says: "You go to school, Pete?" I say, "You stinking right, boy!" So we walked to the stinking El, and wait for the stinking train. What do you think? The stinking train is late. So I gotta get into the stinking crowd. And that's why I'm stinking late to school, teach. How was I? Okay?

    De Lica : You sure stunk up that record, boy!

    [whole class applauds and laughs] 

    Richard Dadier : That'll be enough for the day.

    Artie West : You gonna play it?

    Richard Dadier : No. Thanks for picking Morales. I'm sure you're his "friend".

    Gregory W. Miller : Sure enough, chief. Too bad you can't say the same.

    Richard Dadier : And just what does that mean?

    Artie West : Morales is a spic, that's what it means. Maybe you don't like spics.

    Richard Dadier : That will be enough of that, West.

    Pete V. Morales : What did I do , anyhow?

    Artie West : All right, sit down... spic.

    Belazi : You heard him, greaseball.

    Pete V. Morales : At least I'm no Irish Mick!

    [Belazi throws a magazine at Morales] 

    Richard Dadier : I said, that will be enough!

    Richard Dadier : Now, you pick up that magazine , Belazi. Pick it up! I wanna get one thing very clear in this classroom.There's not gonna be any name calling here. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Now you understand that? All of ya!

    Pete V. Morales : I was just kidding.

    Richard Dadier : Yeah, I know you're just kidding. That's how things start. Like a street fight. Somebody pushes somebody in fun. Somebody pushes back, and soon you got a street fight with no kidding. That's the same way with name-calling. All right, West, look. You're of Irish descent. So is Murphy over there. You call him a Mick. He calls you a Mick. Suppose Miller called you a Mick. Is that all right? Then you call him a nigger.

    Pete V. Morales : I was just kidding.

    Richard Dadier : Well, stop kidding!

    Artie West : Sure, sure. Come on, Morales. Tell me all about your stinking sister!

    [whole class laughs and the bell rings] 

  • Richard Dadier : There will be no calling out. You have any questions to ask, just raise your hand. You hear that, Miller?

    Gregory W. Miller : Sure, teach. You coming in strong. I can't tune you out.

    Gregory W. Miller : His name ain't "teach".

    Belazi : It's "Daddy-O!"

    Artie West : Hey, don't you know his name, jerk?

    Belazi : Excuse me, Mr. Jerk.

    Richard Dadier : All right, West, since you're so cooperative, suppose you stay after class and help me out.

    Artie West : I'm busy.

    Belazi : Oh, go on, Artie. Help him out.

    Emmanuel Stoker : Then you could be together, "alone".

    Pete V. Morales : [in a effeminate manner]  Oh, "Daddy-O!"

    [the whole class laughs] 

    Richard Dadier : All right, all right, fine. We had a few laughs. In a minute, the bell's gonna ring out there. That means you go to your civics class. Tomorrow morning when you come into this class...

    Artie West : [interrupts Dadier]  Hey , teach, you're coming back here tomorrow?

    Richard Dadier : Sure, I'm coming back tomorrow.You know why? Because I'll "miss" you, West.

    [the whole class laughs] 

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