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28 Feb. 1955
A Matter of Life and Death
A young man that Is born into the hateful, ignorant world of family feuding in the old south, rebels against it by leaving it, and becomes an educated man, a famed neurosurgeon. The conflict of the story comes when he must operate on the brain of grandson of his childhood enemy from the feuding clan.
18 Apr. 1955
Honeymoon in Mexico
A newlywed couple comes to a small Mexican village to spend a year painting. After helping an orphaned child with an injury, they unexpectedly end up as his parents. Once word gets around, other kids beat a path to their door hoping also to be adopted.
16 May 1955
France's Greatest Detective
The story of Alphonse Bertillion, a low level employee of the French police, who developed a theory of identifying suspects by their unique physical measurements, like the size of the head. At first his superiors are skeptical, but statistics taken of a man in question exposes his guilt in a murder case.
13 Jun. 1955
Mr. Pak Takes Over
This is the Korean War. Mr. Pak is a native interpreter. He is assigned to an American officer.

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