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4 Jan. 1957
Killer Tree
A scientist investigates claims that a tree kills passersby by emitting a deadly gas.
11 Jan. 1957
Gravity Zero
An absent-minded physics professor and his loyal lab technician work on an anti-gravity device. Despite technical failures, they persist, hoping that the work will contribute to rocket launches, and someday to flying saucers.
25 Jan. 1957
The Magic Suitcase
An old man and his grandson invite a lost hitchhiker to stay the night at their vacation cabin. The stranger disappears, but leaves behind a suitcase that generates huge amounts of electricity. Grandpa turns it over to scientists who are clueless as to how this simple device makes so much power.
1 Feb. 1957
Bolt of Lightning
After an explosion in a research lab, investigators try to find the source of the problem. Many theories abound including the possibility of UFOs. A chance discovery leads investigators to a conclusion no one could believe
8 Feb. 1957
The Strange Lodger
A scientist's new TV ratings device can tell what channel a person's watching just by aiming an antenna at their house. He's perplexed when it registers a channel 84--a channel that doesn't exist--coming from the apartment of an elderly gentleman. A government UFO investigator becomes involved, convinced the old man isn't receiving information, but transmitting it to an alien craft.

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