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Season 6

27 Sep. 1960
The Truth About Old Man Clanton
On orders from Territorial Governor Gosper Wyatt Earp heads south to make peace when he learns that Old Man Clanton has sent his men into Mexico to rob the silver trains and steal the cattle of wealthy Mexican rancher Don Sebastian.
4 Oct. 1960
The Doctor
During a robbery Doc Goodfellow is shot accidentally by the Hewitt gang. Doc Holliday says a real surgeon is needed to remove the bullet. The closest one is Dr. Mason who is now a prospector. Earp finds Mason is suffering from gold fever.
11 Oct. 1960
Johnny Behind the Deuce
Doc Holliday has a shadow named Johnny O'Rourke who is always at Doc's beck and call. He decides Doc's life is the one he wants which includes ignoring his fiancé Marcia who tells Earp she sees no future with Johnny given his attitude.
18 Oct. 1960
Shoot to Kill
Due to the trouble in Arizona the Governor is fired and the new one has decided on a shoot to kill order and vigilantes to stop the lawlessness. He also appoints Morgan Earp as Wyatt's deputy but Wyatt is not happy with his orders.
25 Oct. 1960
Study of a Crooked Sheriff
Old Man Clanton considers Johnny Behan his sheriff so he threaten Behan with replacement unless he stops Earp from rousting his men in Tombstone. Clanton aims to move back into Tombstone against Behan's warning pushing Behan to want out.
1 Nov. 1960
Big Brother
Morgan Earp has been helping Wyatt for a month but Morgan's interest in drinking, women and hanging with Doc Holliday bother Wyatt. Wyatt decides Morgan marrying a nice girl like Lucy Tedder would help until he learns more about her.
15 Nov. 1960
Woman of Tucson
Ned Buntline returns to Tombstone to interview Amy Jones. Her husband a leader in the Ten Percent Ring was killed. She is after money to get out of Tombstone so when Buntline has no money she tries other means including framing Earp.
22 Nov. 1960
The Fanatic
Odie Cairns learns that a couple who are True Lighters are moving into the Tombstone area. The religious sect is not embraced by everyone given their history. Odie takes it upon himself to drive the couple out of town which Earp must stop.
29 Nov. 1960
He's My Brother
Marshal Pritchard is severely wounded in front of Doc Goodfellow. Doc tells Earp that he believes the shooter may be mentally unstable and not responsible for his actions. Earp has to fight to bring the shooter and his brother in unharmed.
6 Dec. 1960
The Too Perfect Crime
A man is found murdered in a stable but the weapon used is unique. The man was killed by shooting an air bubble into an artery in his neck. The primary suspect appears to be the fiancée of the dead man's daughter who was very popular.
13 Dec. 1960
Johnny Ringo's Girl
Ringo's girlfriend is trying to get him to turn his life around, so he goes to Old Man Clanton and tells him he wants to leave the gang. Clanton doesn't see things that way and decides to do whatever it takes to change Ringo's mind.
20 Dec. 1960
Miss Sadie
The wife of a wounded outlaw takes him to Tombstone for medical attention as he has decided to go straight. Earp learns who he is but doesn't trust him when a member of his gang is caught casing out one of the two Tombstone banks.
27 Dec. 1960
Winning Streak
Morgan Earp has been having a streak of good luck in Tombstone's gambling houses causing him to break with his fiancée Ruthie and have grand ideas. Wyatt wants to get him to quit while he's still ahead and return to his old self.
3 Jan. 1961
Billy Buckett, Incorporated
an old prospector stumbles into a saloon saying he has been robbed and murdered. He is suffering from a shot that creased his head and mumbling that he had %50,000 in gold stolen from him. Earp is not sure if he was robbed or who did it.
10 Jan. 1961
Horse Thief
Wyatt arrests and jails the McLowery brothers for mail robbery. Soon afterwards, however, he is enraged to learn that, because the McLowerys work for Old Man Clanton, they've been released by Sheriff Behan, who's on Clanton's payroll.
24 Jan. 1961
Terror in the Desert
Earp meets the wife of a man who was convicted of theft and sentenced to Yuma prison where escaped prisoners are tracked and killed by Apaches for the reward. The woman claims that her husband is innocent and was framed by Sheriff Behan.
31 Jan. 1961
Old Slanders
Earp saves Old Man Clanton during a robbery attempt. In Tucson the Ten Percent Ring forces Dameron to print false stories about Earp in the Nugget. Earp refuses to fight Dameron but when he does, it looks like an even bigger mistake.
7 Feb. 1961
Doc Holliday hits a long winning streak at the card tables and winds up with stock in a mine and railroad, both of which soon have a tremendous jump in value. Wyatt pushes Doc to invest the winnings wisely but did he pick the help wisely?
14 Feb. 1961
Johnny Behan Falls in Love
Wyatt finds himself in the awkward position of having to come to the aid of crooked Sheriff Behan when, after spending an evening imbibing with a visiting actress, Behan reveals a bit too much about the Clanton operation to her.
21 Feb. 1961
Casey and the Clowns
Earp prepares for trouble when a group known as the Harlequins are expected to return to town. Although they disguise themselves as clowns, they have a deadly serious purpose--they robbed the Bank of Tombstone and want their comrade back.
28 Feb. 1961
Doc Holliday Faces Death
Doc Holliday takes a turn for the worse causing Dr. Goodfellow to recommend that Doc cut back on drinking. Knowing Doc won't to it, Earp distributes Doc's favorite whiskey that has been cut 50% but it has unintended consequences.
7 Mar. 1961
Apache Gold
The Clanton gang is selling liquor to the Apaches with Ike and Phin hoping their contact will tell the location of hidden gold rumored to be in a cave but it is causing unrest in the tribe. When Phin is captured, Earp must help free him.
14 Mar. 1961
The Good Mule and the Bad Mule
A lie told by a young boy about Shotgun's mule Roscoe kicking him causes a newspaper war between the Nugget and the Epitaph which escalates. Shotgun takes things too far when the Nugget pushes to have Roscoe destroyed for being dangerous.
21 Mar. 1961
Clanton and Cupid
When she returns home from New Orleans to visit, Old Man Clanton for political reasons tries to persuade his daughter Emma to pursue Wyatt Earp, even though she's actually in love with Tom Ware, a young attorney from New Orleans.
28 Mar. 1961
Wyatt Takes the Primrose Path
Chief Natchez fears being blamed for an attack on a wagon train, which was actually carried out by outlaws. In order to explain to Earp that his tribe is innocent, Natchez decides to kidnap Shotgun Gibbs to get Earp's attention.
4 Apr. 1961
The Convict's Revenge
A young man just released from prison is determined to go straight. However, his efforts are being sabotaged by his girlfriend's brother, a no-account gambler who has massive gambling debts to a man who wants to collect.
11 Apr. 1961
Until Proven Guilty
Johnny Ringo and Curly Bill Brocius, outraged over crooked Sheriff Behan taxing the money they make on some of their illegal activities enlist Doc Holliday to frame the Sheriff but Earp is suspicious the case seems a little too
18 Apr. 1961
The Shooting Starts
A tavern keeper finds himself losing business to another bar owner whose niece recites poetry to customers. He has the backing of the Ten Percent Ring and other saloon owners. He wants the not only the saloon but the niece for a year.
25 Apr. 1961
Wyatt Earp's Baby
On the road to Tucson Earp finds a baby near a family killed by the Apaches. The Sheriff of Pima County refuses to take the baby so Earp is left to find someone to adopt it. He finds an unlikely couple but they are not married.
2 May 1961
The Law Must Be Fair
Tom McLowery's wife doesn't like ranch life so the couple decides to move to Tombstone against the wishes of Frank. Old Man Clanton decides to let them take over the OK Corral causing rancor with Curly Brocius and putting Earp on alert.
9 May 1961
A Papa for Butch and Ginger
Wyatt's deputy, Shotgun Gibbs, runs off a saddle bum who was hassling a pretty young widow who had hired him to help her go to Colorado. Her two kids immediately take a liking to Gibbs while Wyatt and Doc wonder if Gibbs needs a change.
23 May 1961
Hiding Behind a Star
Earp needs new deputies so Doc Holliday recommends his former brother-in-law for the job even though his sister-in-law hates Doc. She doesn't think her hot-tempered husband is a good fit but when he mentions framing Doc she agrees.
30 May 1961
Requiem for Old Man Clanton
Wyatt tries to put a stop to ongoing border skirmishes between the Clanton gang and Mexican bandits. He's worried that if Old Man Clanton is killed, a bloody fight for power will erupt among his sons and subordinates.
6 Jun. 1961
Wyatt's Brothers Join Up
After the death of Old Man Clanton, Doc Holliday hatches a not-quite-legal scheme involving Wyatt's brothers to help him in his desire to create an internal fight among the Clantons gang members over who takes control of the gang.
13 Jun. 1961
Just Before the Battle
A stagecoach holdup orchestrated by Johnny Ringo and Curly Bill Brocius gives Wyatt Earp the opportunity he's been waiting for--a chance to get the rival factions in the Clanton gang to turn on each other instead of the law.
20 Jun. 1961
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
Earp recalls in court the details of the day when the Clanton gang rides into Tombstone to shoot it out with the Earps and his plans initially to head off a street battle by arresting each one of the gang separately and then the gunfight.
27 Jun. 1961
The Outlaws Cry Murder
After the shootout editor Dameron and Sheriff Behan want the Earps and Doc hung or shot. Behan plans to charge them with murder while Curly Brocius and Johnny Ringo plan a quicker revenge by killing them during the outlaws's funeral.

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