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3 Oct. 1955
Prison Break
A vicious, unpredictable prison escapee abandons his injured partner, ambushes a highway patrolman, and uses the patrolman's uniform and gun to hijack a school bus in a daring attempt to escape his pursuers.
10 Oct. 1955
Two thieves steal a $100,000 computer and demand that amount as ransom in exchange for its safe return.
17 Oct. 1955
Reckless Driving
Tragedy results when an impatient traveling salesman refuses to heed numerous warnings concerning his predilection for speeding and taking chances while driving.
24 Oct. 1955
An innocent man who unknowingly accompanies two acquaintances on an armed robbery flees and finds himself pursued by the Highway Patrol and by one of the revenge-seeking felons.
31 Oct. 1955
Dan Mathews and his officers assist a county sheriff in closing down a club that offers illicit gambling.
7 Nov. 1955
A series of fraudulent insurance claims is discovered after Dan Mathews and his officers learn that the "accidental" death of a migrant worker was actually a homicide.
14 Nov. 1955
Desert Town
Dan Mathews is determined to find out why the residents of a small town are behaving suspiciously and anxious to see him leave.
21 Nov. 1955
Dan Mathews and his officers race against time to find a stolen oil indicator device that contains potentially lethal radioactive pellets.
Dec. 1955
Reformed Criminal
Dan Mathews has reason to suspect the worst when a courier with a criminal record disappears with $31,000 after an automobile accident.
5 Dec. 1955
Father Thief
A young man is put in the uncomfortable position of trying to cover up his father's theft of automobile accessories.
Dec. 1955
Retired Gangster
Dan Mathews personally takes on the task of protecting a former crime boss who is scheduled to testify before a grand jury.
19 Dec. 1955
Phony Insurance
A "transportation maintenance service" provided to trucking companies by an apparently legitimate businessman proves to be little more than a protection racket.
Human Bomb
A distraught engineer sets out on a suicide mission to destroy the chemical plant at which he was formerly employed.

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