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Season 3

12 Oct. 1957
Fire Prevention Week
Joey, Pee Wee, and the gang all become Junior Firemen and learn about fire safety.
19 Oct. 1957
The Racers
Joey and Pee Wee build a soap box derby car to enter in the local races. Joey's car has the best time in the practice runs. Bobby's dad wants him to win at any cost. So Bobby (Gregory Allen Howard) sneaks over to the Broken Wheel Ranch the night before the race to sabotage Joey's car. The next day Fury tries to stop Joey from racing in the damaged car.
26 Oct. 1957
Community Chest
Jim becomes chairman of the Community Chest and Joey's teacher appoints him to be the chairman of Junior Community Chest. Everyone pitches in to make the Community Chest a success.
2 Nov. 1957
Mercy Flight
Jim becomes the Deputy Pilot for the Sheriff's Aero Squadron and Joey is enlisted to be the Ground Crew Radio Operator. Pee Wee comes down with acute appendicitis and must be flown to a hospital up north, but problems with the plane make matters worse.
9 Nov. 1957
The Renegade
A neighboring chicken farmer believes his trusted dog has turned renegade after finding his chickens killed. Joey and Pee Wee try to prove the dog's innocence.
16 Nov. 1957
Pee Wee Grows Up
When Pee Wee is picked on by the class bully because of his small size, Joey orders a body building kit to help Pee Wee bulk up. But at the school picnic Pee Wee helps rescue the bully's sister when she falls down a narrow pipe.
23 Nov. 1957
The Fourth Estaters
A land developer is threatening to pull advertising revenue from the local newspaper where Joey is working. The developer is trying to run an untruthful editorial about a land deal which the towns people are soon to vote on.
30 Nov. 1957
The Tornado
A tornado strikes a town about 100 miles from the Broken Wheel Ranch. The Sheriff wants to set up a tornado alarm system amongst the ranchers in the valley. Jim, Pete, Joey and Fury dig a tornado shelter.
7 Dec. 1957
The Pinto Stallion
A pinto stallion has taken over Fury's old herd. Fury leaves the ranch to gain back control. In the meantime, Joey goes searching for Fury and is attacked by the pinto.
14 Dec. 1957
Bike Road-eo
Jim and the Sheriff organize a bike safety program after a near miss accident on the county roads involving Joey, Pee Wee and their friends.
21 Dec. 1957
The Wayfarer
On Christmas Eve, Jim and Pete are disappointed that Joey and Pee Wee seem to have lost the Christmas spirit. Suddenly an old prospector arrives at the ranch looking for directions, but 'Uncle Kris' is not who he seems to be.
28 Dec. 1957
One Thousand Dollar Reward
Joey and Pee Wee study the wanted posters at the Post Office hoping to earn themselves a reward. When they later recognize a real robber, they tell Jim and the Sheriff but are not taken seriously.
4 Jan. 1958
Operation CD
Jim becomes the area Civil Defense Warden and establishes the Broken Wheel Ranch as headquarters. He enlists all his neighbors to the program, except one rancher, who will live to regret his decision following a flash flood.
11 Jan. 1958
The Break-Up
When the stresses of running the ranch come to a head, Jim and Pete have an argument resulting in Pete's resignation and Jim letting him go. With the ranch being short staffed and everyone being over worked, Joey has a serious accident.
18 Jan. 1958
Joey's First Crush
Joey develops a crush on his school teacher's niece, Susan. An invitation to a picnic with Miss Miller and Susan sounds ideal until Miss Miller invites the Deputy and his younger brother along, who also has taken a liking to Susan..
25 Jan. 1958
Pee Wee's Problem
Pee Wee's father is offered his old job back and needs to travel to South America. Pee Wee is being sent away to boarding school.
1 Feb. 1958
The Lost Herd
Jim, Pete, Joey and Pee Wee have been searching the range for a lost herd in the heat of drought. An unscrupulous horse dealer arrives and tries to poison Jim's only horses so he can buy them cheaply.
8 Feb. 1958
The Baby Sitters
Joey and Pee Wee baby sit for Martha Mitchell, whose husband had deserted her and her five year old son Mark. While they are baby sitting, two mysterious tramps arrive.
15 Feb. 1958
The Horse Nobody Wanted
The County Fair is in town. Joey and Pee Wee want to go see Horace the Trick Horse. But Horace is getting too old to perform and his trainer Sam (Hal K. Dawson) is getting fired. The owner of the Fair wants to send Horace to **gasp** the glue factory. Joey, Fury, and Pee Wee hatch a plan that just might save the day.
22 Feb. 1958
The Bounty Hunters
A cougar is on the loose killing livestock. A large bounty has been placed on the cougar's head. Joey, Pee Wee, and the boys want to go out and hunt the cougar, but Warden Lane is requiring the boys to get their hunting license after taking a Rifle Safety Course taught by Jim. Andy is in too big a hurry to collect that bounty so he sets out on his own, breaking several safe hunting rules. Joey and Fury take out after him, but will they get to him before the cougar does?
1 Mar. 1958
The Meanest Man
Mr. Malakey (Will Wright) moves into a nearby ranch and damns up the stream to the Broken Wheel Ranch's south pasture. He's mean to everyone but with a little kindness from Jim, Pete, Joey, and Pee Wee, Mr. Malakey softens up.
8 Mar. 1958
A Fish Story
Joey and Pee Wee go out fishing and meet up with two other fishermen. But they are not who they seem to be. Things go bad when they find out the fishermen are really diamond thieves. The diamond thieves kidnap Pete to help them get through the police roadblock.
15 Mar. 1958
Rogues and Squires
Two local teenagers, Chuck and Vince, are cruising around in a hot-rod, shooting off their dad's guns, and generally getting into trouble. They steal some dynamite and things go from bad to worse.
22 Mar. 1958
Robbers' Roost
Horse thieves are in the area. Joey and Pee Wee see them and follow them, but the horse thieves seem to just disappear. So Joey and Pee Wee set out on an expedition to find them. Their search takes them to an expansive cave hideout. Only Fury knows where they are.
29 Mar. 1958
Second Chance
Jim hires a parolee (John Baer) to give him a second chance. Pete is unsure that this is a good idea. Things get worse when Pete's wallet comes up missing.
5 Apr. 1958
The Claim Jumpers
Joey and Pee Wee visit Old Mr. Carty at his gold mine to take a photo of him for a human interest story. A couple of claim jumpers try to kill Mr. Carty with a landslide. Joey and Pee Wee have a plan to help old Mr. Carty get his mine back.

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