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13 Feb. 1955
While on vacation leave, Gallant and Fuzzy find themselves fighting bandits instead of the expected rest and relaxation.
20 Feb. 1955
Veils of Death
Gallant is on the trail of gunrunners in the area.
27 Feb. 1955
In North Africa a captain in the French Foreign legion tries yo keep the peace and battle bandit tribes while also taking care of his son.
6 Mar. 1955
Tala's Secret
Gallant goes after the daughter of a sheikh whom he believes planned the ambush of a Legionnaire to learn the location of his camp.
13 Mar. 1955
Camel Race
Fuzzy is convinced that he has the fastest animal in the upcoming camel race and convinces his fellow Legionnaires to bet all their money on him. What he doesn't know, however, is that the race is rigged--and not in his favor.
20 Mar. 1955
Esprit de Corps
A new arrival in the unit gets off on the wrong foot and soon acquires a reputation as a bully. When the Legion goes into battle, he soon learns an important lesson about comradeship.
17 Apr. 1955
The Prayer Rug
The fort is on high alert because Major General Falcos will present a valuable prayer rug, a gift from the French government, to the Caid. When the rug is stolen from the importer's shop, Captain Gallant has less than four hours to recover the gift before the ceremony. He's got a lot of competition, though - a beautiful blonde adventuress and a antiques dealer who is also master of disguise are offering ten million francs to the thief for the carpet.
22 May 1955
Capt. Gallant helps to put a murderer in prison. However, the man escapes and vows to kill Gallant.
26 Jun. 1955
The Dagger of Judah
Martel, a legionnaire who has gone straight after serving a prison term meets two old confederates who are posing as his parents. The couple have a plan - kidnap the Caid's son, take him across the border and force him to denounce his father as a criminal. In order to capture the ringleaders, Captain Gallant urges that the "kidnapping" take place - but with Fuzzy and himself as the hired muscle.
11 Sep. 1955
The Lady from Zagora
When a pretty secretary steals top-secret plans for a revolutionary kind of airplane engine from the company safe, the company's director requests discrete help from the Foreign Legion. Gallant, Fuzzy and Sergeant Duval trace the thief to the Moroccan border town of Zagora, where flying lead convinces the legionnaires that they aren't the only party attempting to obtain the plans.
25 Sep. 1955
Double Jeopardy
Sergeant Duval is trying to break up a gang of gunrunners operating in Northern Morocco. Unfortunately, his informant is killed before he can provide more than the sketchiest information about the gang's activities. Captain Gallant and Sgt. Knight go undercover to infiltrate the outlaws' operations, but when Gallant's cover is inadvertently blown by a friendly Legionnaire, he's marked for death by the crooks.
23 Oct. 1955
The Ransom
A wealthy tourist is kidnapped in a marketplace and held for ransom. Capt. Gallant's investigation of the kidnapping begins to raise some troubling questions about the victim's activities.
30 Oct. 1955
The Legion Is Our Home
A former German soldier joins the Legion, but soon finds himself accused of the murder of an ex-girlfriend's brother.
25 Dec. 1955
The Boy Who Found Christmas
A captain in the French Foreign Legion in North Africa tries to keep the peace and battle bandit tribes while also taking care of his nephew, who lives with him at the Foreign Legion fort.

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