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4 Jan. 1959
Six People, No Music
When wealthy department store owner Barryvale dies, local mortician Art Motherwell anticipates a windfall from a lavish funeral. But the dearly beloved awakens from death to insist the mortician keep expenses to the bare minimum.
11 Jan. 1959
The Morning After
A married businessman keeps his naive young mistress in an apartment, assuring her with costly gifts that he will marry her as soon as he can secure a divorce from his harpy wife. The young woman's mother is not so easily persuaded.
18 Jan. 1959
A Personal Matter
A Murderer hiding out on a failing mine operation is discovered by the chief engineer. Both are stuck in this remote area of Mexico for 6 weeks until the company owner's plane returns. With the contract almost up, the accused killer was brought in to spur the dig in return for refuge. He keeps a gun trained on the engineer, though the engineer assures the hunted man he empathizes with him. Opportunities to kill each other in the shaft are rife, but the fugitive's work is turning the project around.
25 Jan. 1959
Out There - Darkness
Miss Fox is a rich old widow who falsely identifies one of the building's employees as the guy who robbed her, and later she wants to help him but it may be too late.
1 Feb. 1959
Total Loss
Jan Manning is having serious financial problems. She runs a dress shop but sales are down and she doesn't have her late husband's knack at purchasing, the end result being that she has too much inventory. One of her suppliers, Mel Reeves, has a solution: he needs only to hire someone to break in to the shop through the skylight and set it on fire allowing Jan to collect on her insurance policy. But when the shop burns down, Jan tells the insurance investigator what happened, only to be told that no one broke into the shop but that she is nonetheless responsible for ...
8 Feb. 1959
The Last Dark Step
Brad Taylor is a real-estate entrepreneur who is engaged to Janice Wright. Unbeknownst to her, Brad is still seeing an old flame, Leslie Lenox, a writer. Leslie doesn't take to Brad's decision to stop seeing her very well, particularly as she has been paying all of his bills for quite a long time. Leslie makes it very clear that should Brad not drop Janice, she will do everything in her power to ensure he never marries her. Seeing no other way out, Brad decides get rid of Leslie permanently, but is in for a surprise when he gets home to find two detectives waiting for...
15 Feb. 1959
The Morning of the Bride
A lonely woman who waited years to marry the man she loves finds out a horrible secret about why he stalled for so long.
22 Feb. 1959
The Diamond Necklace
A jewelry firm casts out the last of a family who've been employees for 117 years, and the company won't hire the last of the line because she's a woman. Faithful service goes unrewarded when her father is given a week to finish up, but he'll show how much he'll be missed by selling the firm's most expensive gem by his last day of 37 years service.
1 Mar. 1959
Relative Value
John Manbridge likes the good things in life, including betting on the horses. With no real means of support, he's taken to forging cheques from his cousin Felix Manbridge's account. Aware of this, Felix warns his cousin that should it happen again, he would prosecute--but reminds him that with his own current state of ill-health, John will soon inherit everything. John decides to accelerate the process, not realizing that Felix has decided to do the same, with unintended consequences.
8 Mar. 1959
The Right Price
Jocelyn and Mort Barnhardt are married but are also business partners who bicker constantly about who contributes more to the business. One night, their home is broken into and the burglar goes about methodically looking for their valuables. When Mort investigates, he finds a chatty crook who offers him a deal: if they work together, they can get a nice fat insurance settlement in the bargain. Mort doesn't have much that's valuable so he proposes that the burglar kill Jocelyn. It doesn't quite go as planned however.
15 Mar. 1959
I'll Take Care of You
After a man puts a permanent end to his dominant wife's demands for extravagance, he becomes the victim of blackmail.
22 Mar. 1959
The Avon Emeralds
Scotland Yard is tasked with ensuring that the recently widowed Lady Gwendolyn Avon doesn't smuggle an expensive necklace known as Avon emeralds out of England. Most of her late husband's estate was given up in death taxes and the police are sure she could sell them at a premium abroad. Inspector Benson is tasked with ensuring the jewels' safekeeping but when they are stolen from the hotel safe, it appears Lady Avon has a perfect plan.
29 Mar. 1959
The Kind Waitress
Thelma Tompkins is a waitress in a hotel restaurant. She's a good waitress and has always been kind to old Mrs. Mannerheim who eats in the restaurant every evening. Thelma is shocked when Mrs. Mannerheim tells her that she is her closest friend and has left her a considerable legacy in her will. In the interim, she gives Thelma a brooch. Over the following months, Mrs. Mannerheim becomes ever more demanding and Thelma's musician boyfriend Arthur suggests that maybe the time has come for the old lady's demise to accelerated somewhat. Thelma poison's her tea but without...
5 Apr. 1959
Cheap Is Cheap
Alexander Gifford has to be the cheapest skinflint on the planet. He chides his wife for leaving a light turned on and he reads his neighbors newspaper rather than buy his own. When his wife discovers he has bank accounts totaling $33,000 she starts spending money on herself and he decides he has to do something about it. He tries to hire a hit man, but recoils when he's told that the fee would be $500. The hit man refers him to a chemist to buy poison, but again recoils at the cost. He decides to find a low-cost way to proceed, but even when he's successful is taken ...
12 Apr. 1959
The Waxwork
A writer must spend a night in a wax museum's murderer's gallery, to make good a gambling debt knowingly paid with a bad check to a testy Englishman. The museum's owner is so obsessed with the accuracy of his replicas, he's as scary as they are. Especially so to the magazine writer from the U.S., who's already facing deportation or a stretch in a London gaol.
19 Apr. 1959
The Impossible Dream
Oliver Mathews was once a major movie star, but is now an over-the-hill has-been with only limited movie roles and with few fans. He's also being blackmailed by Grace Dolan whose daughter once had an affair with Mathews. He's now broke and decides to get rid of Dolan but finds that his personal assistant Miss Hall, who is infatuated with him, saw him commit the deed. Her price for not going to the police is to make her one dream come true.
3 May 1959
Banquo's Chair
A retired detective plans to make a suspect in a murder think he's seeing the victim's ghost on the anniversary of her death in the home she was murdered in. Others are invited to pretend they see nothing, hoping to jar a confession.
10 May 1959
A Night with the Boys
When a husband fakes being a victim of a robbery to hide his gambling losses from his pregnant wife, the police still produce a suspect - with unexpected results.
17 May 1959
Your Witness
Naomi Shawn is unhappily married. Her husband Arnold, a successful defense attorney, is having an affair with a younger woman and it's apparent that he's no longer interested in her. He also refuses to agree to a divorce, liking the freedom he already has. In court she sees her husband in action. He is defending a hit and run driver and demolishes the prosecution's chief witness by challenging his visual acuity. During the lunch recess, Naomi decides to take action to end her marriage and fortunately has the correct eye witness to back her up.
24 May 1959
Human Interest Story
Newspaperman Bill Everett is told by his editor to go to the bar across the street and interview a man who claims to be a Martian. There, Everett meets Howard Wilcox who spins a long tale about how he woke up one morning to find that his fellow Martians had all disappeared. He traveled to Earth and found himself in Wilcox's body. Everett convinces him to go home to his wife and even offers to accompany him. He nearly convinces Wilcox to keep his story to himself, but when he decides to tell his wife the whole story, Everett must take drastic action. All is explained ...
31 May 1959
The Dusty Drawer
A professor is convinced his boarding housemate (a bank teller) stole $200 from his bank deposit, the teller vehemently denies it. He wants his money back, and employs a series of pranks to challenge the tellers' sanity - but to what end?
7 Jun. 1959
A True Account
A nurse claiming she suspects her very rich husband of killing his first wife, seeks advice from a lawyer, instead of going to the police.
14 Jun. 1959
Bill Fleming is upset that his wife is having an affair with Philip Baxter, the most recent of a long line of lovers. Bill is an ex-boxer and an outdoors man and nothing would give him more pleasure than to wring Baxter's neck. When he mentions to his fishing pal that he has a large collection of dueling weapons, his buddy suggests that he challenge Baxter to a duel. He tells Bill that under California law, you get special treatment in the courts if you kill someone in a duel. Little does Bill realize that his fishing pal had a purpose in giving Bill the advice he did.
21 Jun. 1959
Invitation to an Accident
A scaffold falls on a new bride, after her husband accuses her of rendezvousing with an old flame. Another former suitor suspects the husband faked the accident, and urges her to cut off the affair. When she persists, he fears the unbalanced husband will again try to kill her, so he devises a plan to protect her.
27 Sep. 1959
When his pretty ex-fiancee returns from another failed relationship, a chicken farmer not wanting anything to do with her, decides to eliminate her.
4 Oct. 1959
The Crystal Trench
An obsessed young woman waits decades for her husband's body to emerge from the ice, after he fell from a mountain.
11 Oct. 1959
Appointment at Eleven
David Logan lives at home with his mother and he's still upset that his father left them many years before. He is haunted by an event when he was twelve years old and he came home to find his father with a blue-eyed blond. He tells his mother he has an appointment at 11:00 so he skips dinner and heads to a bar. There he meets a girl and repeats several times that something big is going to happen at 11:00. He gets into a fight with a sailor in the bar and tells him the same and then again with a patron in an Irish pub, now saying someone is going to die at the ...
18 Oct. 1959
Coyote Moon
A goodhearted man picks up an old guy, his adult son and daughter hitchhiking, but they steal from him every chance they get.
25 Oct. 1959
No Pain
A woman reveals to her rich, invalid husband dependent on a respirator, that she's planning to painlessly murder him, but he may have a surprise for her.
1 Nov. 1959
Anniversary Gift
Myra Jenkins has quite a menagerie in her home: birds, a turtle, a monkey, a chameleon and on and on. She is quite devoted to them, usually at the expense of her husband Hermie. Their neighbor, George Bay,is always telling Hermie how much he misses his late wife and that since since she's died, all he ever does is travel, go fishing and drink beer. All of this sounds pretty good to Hermie who hatches a plan to get his wife a new pet that may not be very cuddly and lovable but may give him the way out that he desires. Little does Hermie realize the predicament he is ...
8 Nov. 1959
Dry Run
A crime boss gives a new employee an assignment to kill another man, but the intended victim tempts him with another offer.
15 Nov. 1959
The Blessington Method
In the future year of 1980, life expectancy has increased dramatically and JJ Bunce provides an essential service. He approaches John Treadwell and informs him that his elderly mother-in-law, now in her 80s and who lives with him full-time, will live at least another 32 years. Bunce's offer is quite simple: he will dispose of her for a fee. Initially Treadwell rejects the suggestion out of hand but at home, the old lady is becoming ever more demanding. In the end, he accepts Bunce's offer but he does wonder what his own children might do when the time comes.
22 Nov. 1959
Dead Weight
A married man captures a gunman who tried rob him and his mistress, but to avoid a scandal, he contemplates whether to let him go or kill him.
29 Nov. 1959
Special Delivery
Mental suggestions and odd behavior have some people believing a special delivery of quick-growing mushroom spores may be an invading life form.
6 Dec. 1959
Road Hog
A very rude traveling salesman forces a truck off the road, causing a delay in emergency care for an injured young man, who dies.
13 Dec. 1959
Specialty of the House
Mr. Laffler invites Mr. Costain to join him for dinner at a private club that he describes as a very special experience. To his disappointment, Laffler is informed that the house specialty, a lamb dish, is not being served. They continue to visit the club and one evening, the famous dish is served. It also happens that a long-time member has resigned. What, if anything, do the two events have in common?
20 Dec. 1959
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
In the Civil War, Union soldiers are about to hang a defiant Confederate planter from a bridge, for sabotage. The noose is placed around his neck, but the rope breaks and he plummets from the bridge into a river. Dazed, he swims the rapids downstream, while the soldiers fire at him. He clambers on a river bank, and excitedly starts his journey back to his family plantation.
27 Dec. 1959
Graduating Class
Laura Siddons is a newly-hired instructor in European literature at a girls college. Initially, she is nervous and ill-at-ease, but over time learns more about her students and is particularly impressed with one of them, Gloria Barnes. She also becomes friendly with her neighbor, Ben Prowdy and finally agrees to have dinner with him. When she sees Gloria entering a night club one evening she imagines the worse but is relieved when Gloria presents her with a reasonable explanation. When she shares Gloria's secret with Prowdy however, she learns there is a heavy price ...

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