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Season 4

21 Nov. 1959
A nobleman is attacked while on his to join King Richard in the Holy Land. His murderer, Baron Onslow, changes clothes with the dead man and rides to Nottingham Castle in his place. But will his disguise fool Robin Hood?
28 Nov. 1959
The Flying Sorcerer
Lord Giles of Richmond, in Nottingham to collect taxes, sees an opportunity to misuse his position by robbing the needy. With Friar Tuck's help. Robin teaches him a lesson.
5 Dec. 1959
The Lady-Killer
Robin and Derwent, out hunting, are recalled to their camp on a matter of great urgency: Will Scarlett has been arrested for poaching. Their plan to rescue him from the Sheriff's clutches has a most unusual outcome.
12 Dec. 1959
A Touch of Fever
Difficulties arise for Marian when she recognise one of three knights captured by the outlaws as her cousin. Before she can beg for his release, she must first of all discover why he is in the company of rogues.
19 Dec. 1959
The Devil You Don't Know
When Robin and Will Scarlett are out searching for Alan-a-Dale, who has failed to return to camp, they see a group of soldiers escorting a man shackled in irons. Their intervention on the man's behalf leads to surprising results.
2 Jan. 1960
The Loaf
If there is money to made, the Sheriff seldom worries about the plight of others. However, when he decides to make a fat profit by selling off flour grain belonging to the villagers, Robin teaches him some table manners.
9 Jan. 1960
Six Strings to His Bow
Unaware that he wanted for murder by Prince John. Alan-a-Dale returns to Sherwood. His arrival serves to increase the already tension-filled feud between Robin and the Sheriff, who is hot on the minstrel's trail.
27 Feb. 1960
Tuck's Love Day
Always in trouble with his Abbot. Friar Tuck is unusually concerned when he is unable to collect his share of the church money. In despair, he turns to the outlaws - and Robin finds a unusual cure for his friend's ailment.
17 Jul. 1960
A Bushel of Apples
When he hears that Sir Watkyn's men-at-arms have extorted livestock and wages from the peasants, Frier Tuck turns to the church for help. Sir Watkyn has denied the the charge, but Father Ignatius - abetted by Robin - has a solution to the problem.
24 Jul. 1960
The Truce
The Deputy Sheriff, usually hostile to Robin Hood, sends a message to Sherwood declaring a truce. Out of necessary, he requires the outlaws' help. Robin, suspecting treachery, formulates a plan of campaign.
31 Jul. 1960
The Debt
Posing as one of Robin's outlaws, a foreigner attacks and robs several people as they wander through Sherwood. The man's capture brings Robin a dilemma: seven years earlier, the man had saved his life in Crusades.
7 Aug. 1960
The Oath
It doesn't pay to underestimate Friar Tuck - as the Deputy Sheriff finds out when he hatches a plot to the Friar take an oath that he doesn't consort with the outlaws.
14 Aug. 1960
The Charm Pedlar
To Robin, a man willing to trust his fellow man in most things, Issac, the charm pedlar recently arrived in Sherwood, appears to be a harmless quack. So why should Tuck be so suspicious of the newcomer?
21 Aug. 1960
Goodbye Little John
Little John is concerned that Will Scarlett has taken his place - in all but name - as Robin's lieutenant. Robin denies this is true, but his friend angrily storms out of Sherwood, swearing never to return.
28 Aug. 1960
The Reluctant Rebel
In order to gather first-hand knowledge of life in Greenwood, Sir Geoffrey, a writer, and his manservant, Herbert, pose as outlaws and join Robin's band. What they discover - if they live long enough to write about it - would fill a book.
4 Sep. 1960
The Bagpiper
Duncan , the wild Highlander clansman, returns to the outlaw camp and reeks havoc among Robin's men. This time he has a plan to overthrow the Sheriff. Robin's dilemma? How to oppose the clansman without incurring his wrath.
11 Sep. 1960
The Parting Guest
Duncan, a wild Highland clansman, is hardly a welcome guest in Robin's camp - particularly when his interest appears to be solely in the Lady Marian. A worried outlaw leader seeks Frier Tuck's advice.
18 Sep. 1960
Hostage for a Hangman
No stranger to trouble, Robin faces the Sheriff's latest threat with grave concern: his enemy has threatened to hang one serf a day until the outlaw gives himself up.
25 Sep. 1960
Hue and Cry
Set upon and robbed of his chain of office by a masked man, the Deputy Sheriff wrongly suspects the outlaws of the crime. What follows places Robin's life under threat - and provides unwanted troubles for Little John and Maid Marian.
2 Oct. 1960
The Champion
When Marian tells Robin that, following the death of her father. Her estate is to be taken over by Sir Quentin, Robin has other ideas - particularly when he suspects the Sheriff is behind the scheme.
8 Oct. 1960
The Edge and the Point
Former Crusader M'Boland decides to make some money by capturing the outlaw leader, and demanding payment from the Sheriff. He soon discovers that you must first capture your prey - and Robin has ideas of his own.
15 Oct. 1960
A Race Against Time
The Duchess of Britanny is taking Prince Arthur to safety in the North, and Robin is asked to provide an escort. The outlaw leader offers to lead the entourage himself - and finds some surprising along the way.
22 Oct. 1960
The Pharoah Stones
Little John is given three dice - stones by a pedlar, which he claims once belonged to the Ancient Egyptian Kings. Truth or not, the stones bring more than their fair share of trouble to the Greenwood.
29 Oct. 1960
Bride for an Outlaw
Sir Bligh, a wealthy merchant, learns that his daughter's suitor plans to visit her. Robin, escaping from the Sheriff 's men, enters the house and is for the man - an event which leads the outlaw leader into treachery.
5 Nov. 1960
Double Trouble
Edgar, Friar Tuck's identical twin brother, arrives in Nottingham and brings mayhem in his wake: he has agreed to lead the Sheriff to the outlaw camp - little realising that by doing so, he places his brother's life in peril.
12 Nov. 1960
Sir Marmot, a Norman knight, seizes travellers and then places them on trail on trumped up charges. If they refuse to pay the fine he imposes, he sentences them to work on his estate. One of his victims is Little John - which proves to be a very costly mistake.

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