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Sex & Nudity

  • A number of male characters dress in traditional Japanese garb, which reveals the buttocks, but due to the often wartime context, it is non-sexual.
  • A woman and a man is shown to sleep together. Nothing sexual is shown, but it's implied that they may had sex.
  • Some mild references that you need an extremely keen eye to catch
  • A woman lies herself before a man wanting him to sleep with her but is disappointed when he doesn't.
  • A man strips down to nothing but a loincloth a couple times during the film.
  • After someone falls down, his bare buttocks can be briefly seen once, but it's non-sexual and shown from a

Violence & Gore

  • a man is cut down with one swipe. No blood and the attack is swift but the man's fate is clear to the audience
  • A man is attacked by another(off-screen) and stumbles to the ground holding his abdomen. A sword is revealed to be stained with his blood
  • No graphic violence, but samurai and militia killing enemy attackers. Several scenes with houses burning. A woman dies on screen from stab wounds. Stabbings with spears, little blood. Some people die by getting stabbed and slashed by samurai swords. A father beats his daughter for sleeping with the younger samurai, but is stopped by the leader and the rest of the village


  • At least in one translation, the word "sh**" is used.
  • 1 use of shit, bastard and crap 5 uses of hell 7 uses of damn 2 paired with god
  • The Criterion Collection translation contains very frequent but not entirely strong profanity.
  • Light profanity in Japanese; the degree of translation into other languages varies with editions of the movie. use of g_dd__n

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Casually, people drink alcohol. A man is seen drunk. Some smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man is said to have a child held hostage. Although you cannot see, you can hear the child crying. It is also mentioned that the kid has been crying so much that her voice is weak. This may be disturbing or distressing to some viewers
  • Nothing overly frightening, but the film plays strongly on human emotion, and there are depressing scenes in which viewers will probably feel empathy for various people. The father beating his daughter may be disturbing, especially with the daughter's constant crying. Also, the film as a whole has a somewhat dark tone.

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