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Marriage On The Rocks
Lechuguilla26 July 2003
"The Long, Long Trailer" is a thoroughly enjoyable "vehicle" for a nostalgic trip back to the talents of Desi and Lucy. Desi, eager to please, gives in to Lucy, as she dreams of, and schemes for, a life on wheels, only to find that soaring dreams can come crashing down to reality faster than rocks crashing down a mountainside. The result for the viewer is back and forth laughs and empathy.

The comedy centers on Desi and Lucy. But secondary characters are funny too. Marjorie Main is terrific as the too helpful mother hen. And the overly enthusiastic trailer brakes man is a hoot. "Trailer brakes first, trailer brakes first. These are your trailer blinker lights ... There's your trailer stop light. Now put your blinker lights on. Left. Right. Trailer brakes. Car brakes. Lights. Left. Right. Trailer brakes. Car brakes. OK, let's go". Funny stuff.

The film is mostly comedy, of course. But it also has tension. In the mountain scenes, cinematography and sound override script. Here, the visual perspective of depth and distance combine with sounds of falling rocks and screeching brakes to create a sense of apprehension. Truly, Director Vincente Minnelli knew how to make effective films.

Unlike the trailer, the film is somewhat lightweight. But there are times when you don't want to watch a movie with a ponderous plot or heavy-duty message with "meaning". Lucy and Desi's talent was comedy, not Shakespeare. "The Long, Long Trailer", fluff that it is, is good fluff. It is funny (dramatic too), absorbing, and cinematically well made. And with a breezy musical score, what more could you want?
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What a fun movie!
Monika-521 July 2000
If you love I Love Lucy you'll love The Long, Long Trailer! I remember watching this video many times with my grandma a few years back. Lucy and Desi are just precious. The scenes with Lucy falling out of the trailer into the mud and where she stays in the moving trailer trying to make dinner are reason enough to rent this movie!
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Lucy and Desi are marvelous in this fabulous comedy
Emaisie3928 June 2007
So often critics and historians say that Lucy never made it in films or that she was just the "Queen of the B's before TV made her a superstar." But many of her best 40's films are now available on DVD and this absolute gem from the 50's should prove Lucy's film worthiness to everyone. A perfect comedy with some dramatic undertones that was filmed in 1953 just as Lucy and Desi were at their zenith as stars. Minnelli' s superb direction, a delightful script, and gorgeous technicolor magnify Lucy and Desi's wonderful performances. Like all comedy classics this film is grounded in reality and that is why all the pratfalls and situations work so beautifully. The story about newlyweds who spend their honeymoon in a trailer does not date one bit. Lucy looks amazingly young and beautiful even though she was already 42. Desi also gives a great performance. His shower scene is unforgettable and Lucy flying out of the trailer is a must see for any comedy lover. It's shame Lucy did not get more scripts like this one. Often her films were highly successful at the box-office but not that good("DuBarry Was a Lady"1943, "Easy to Wed"1946,"Sorrowful Jones"1949) but this is one of the great winners in her long career.
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Trailer brake! Trailer brake! Turn right here left?
bobc-528 February 2000
Impulsive Tacy somehow convinces obliging husband-to-be Nicky that they should buy a trailer to live in after they marry. She has her heart set on one particular model that looks great in the ad, but when they find out how small it really is, they're ready to go back to the idea of the house. But then Tacy sees it - the long, long trailer!

The movie is really nothing more than an extended comedy skit in which Nicky, Tacy, and the long, long trailer travel from California to Colorado. It's very skillfully executed with nice variations in the pacing and some very tastefully applied restraint. The highlight of the movie is the going over the mountain scene, which starts off in very understated manner and slowly builds to hilarious crescendo as they climb to the top of the pass. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, playing their characters from "I Love Lucy", work perfectly together and make this movie a fun time for everyone.
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Hitching Post
BumpyRide29 October 2004
Thanks to IMDb, I never realized Vincente Minnelli directed this film! Riding high on the popularity of "I Love Lucy," this film is essentially Lucy and Ricky on the road, "disguised" as Nicki and Tacy. Whoever they might be called, this film is fun. Too bad they didn't include a cameo of Ted and Elsie too! I think that Minnelli perfectly captured the enthusiasm of "America in the Road" during the 1950s with its fascination for travel.

The comedy seems rather stilted at times, perhaps because it wasn't filmed in front of a live studio audience, and there are no really big laugh out loud moments. Still, the movie is a neat little gem from the carefree 50s when all we had to worry about was keeping up with the Jones'.
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Enjoy Immensely
bpolsky33 December 2005
I first saw this movie when I was 12 in the movie theater, I never forgot it over the years. It remains one of my all time favorites to this day. The scenes where Lucy falls out the door into the mud and when she is trying to fix their dinner in the trailer while Ricky drives are hysterical. Another of my favorites is when they are going up the mountain and Lucy knows she didn't get rid of the rocks Desi told her too and the mountain is sooooooo steep! I was in a situation once where we were traveling up a very high mountain with a steep incline on my side of the car and all I could think of was this movie and that scene. I was tickled to death when I could finally get my own copy to watch whenever I needed a good laugh. Lucy & Desi are great together.
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The Best of the Best!!
seventomany27 September 2004
This movie really needs to come out on DVD and sooooon!!!! it is one of the best funny movies out there. I have been seeing lucy movies and shows since i was a yourg boy. I love the classics, you did not need special effects for it to be a good movie. Don't get me wrong i love the new ones but the classics rule!! so i hope the Long,long Trailer comes out on DVD soon for everyone to enjoy. Those movies from yesteryear will always be king of movies. the stars can be compared with a lot of today starts if you look carefully at movie stars today. Kevin costner is our steve mc queen and so on. funny how life is reborn in different ways. Just need to look closer when we have our eyes open! thank you to who ever may care to be reading this.
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Minnelli successfully tackles a thankless job and Lucy increases her comedic acting range
ericolsen19531 January 2005
Back in the good IL' days, when couples didn't regularly jump into bed before marriage, newlyweds Tracy (Lucille Ball) and Nicky (Desi Arnaz) Collini are anticipating their first night of youthful, athletic lovemaking in their beautiful new home (a housetrailer). The audience anticipates the sexiness of their first night of intimacy, since they're, like, REALLY in love (both Lucy & Desi were great actors, their real-life marriage was going none too good at the time). Telling a white lie while trying to avoid entertaining their overly-helpful new neighbors, played marvelously by Alpha-Female Marjorie Main and fussy, folksy Howard McNear (later of Floyd the Barber fame on Andy Griffith), Tracy makes matters much worse. When poor Nicky nearly gets rid of the hoard of locusts that descended upon his wedding night, he finds his blushing bride is unconscious for the next several hours, thanks to a helpful dosage of sleeping's pitiful and hilarious. Regardless of what some people say, this movie is definitely not "an extended episode of I Love Lucy." Minnelli is much more gifted and inventive a director to earn that sort of put-down. He and Lucy work together stupendously to work in some fresh, sophisticated gags that would've been too much for a half-hour TV show. Lucille Ball proves that she can make you grin wide and even laugh furiously without resorting to the schemes and slap-stick devices she'd already perfected on the small screen...true, she does try to prepare a 4-course meal in the trailer while Nicky drives over rough, winding roads at 60 miles per hour, with hilarious results of the face-covered-in-salad-oil-and-flour variety. But, in TLLT, Lucy portrays a more aware, decisive and assertive character than the Mrs. Ricardo we know so well. While her edgy hubby is always fretting about what could go wrong in towing his monstrous trailer, Lucy takes the wheel 3 days into their cross-country trek and steers both car and mobile home with casual assurance and skill. Desi also extended his acting skill by jettisoning Ricky's male-dominator role in favor of almost Clousseauesque persona; he's unsure of his financial future, his auto-piloting skills, his ability to make a happy marriage and provides us with some wonderful sight-gags along the way. Nicky's shower-scene was the greatest one in movie history until Psycho came men think it's funny becuz we know the infuriating apparatus is just about to conk him in the gonads, while women have enjoyed the thought that one of their favorite male celebs was doing it buck-naked. This is truly one of the best traveling comedies of all time, right up there with "Planes Trains & Automobiles". Minnelli and Keenan Wynn collaborate to give us one absolutely side-splitting scene, with Keenan playing a silent, sarcastic traffic-cop...worthy of Chaplin's praise. The story is told in flashback and near the end we recognize that the couple is going to divorce after Tracy's awful subterfuge - after all, her Nicky is an engineer and she tries to violate several of Newton's Laws of Gravity & Thermodynamics, bringing on wreck, ruin and economic disaster. There's just no hope for this marriage. Too bad, sniff, sniff. You guess the ending.
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Lucy comedy for nostalgia freaks
Joel I11 July 1999
This is a good movie for Lucy fans and for those who miss the sweetly innocent comedies of the 1950's. It's a nice vehicle for Lucy and Desi who were then at the peak of their TV popularity. The characters they play in the film are just slight variations on the Ricardos (Lucy and Ricky become Tacy and Nicky). They are newlyweds who set off across America in...well, the title gives it a long, long trailer. The main problem with the movie is that's all that it's about. There is virtually no plot, nor even the oddball vignettes that you normally find in a road movie of this sort. There are a couple of good comic moments for Lucy, and she sure looks cute in some of those vintage 50s outfits. Minnelli directs well (I especially like his use of color), but without a plot, there's only so much he can do. Still, it's a sweetly nostalgic movie to see, short and painless.
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Alternately breezy and callous comedy harbors a peculiar mean streak...
moonspinner5524 April 2009
Newlyweds sink all their money into a home on wheels; it almost sinks their marriage. One can sense that Clinton Twiss' book was re-conceived with stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in mind--it feels tailored to them both as a real-life couple and as their "I Love Lucy" counterparts the Ricardos. However, their characters here--Tacy and Nicky Collini--aren't as interesting or as dimensional as either the Arnazs or the Ricardos, and director Vincente Minnelli sets up laughs which never come. Some of the slapstick is indeed colorful or visually amusing, but these bickering sweethearts are awfully selfish, and no one they meet on their journey is able to lighten the load. Bits and pieces of it are sprightly, but this comedy about marital discord is far too prickly (and truthful) to yield big success as a rollicking romance on the open road. ** from ****
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The Best Known of the Lucy - Desi films
theowinthrop13 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Mildly amusing, THE LONG, LONG TRAILER is the film with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz that most people recall if they think of the films they did together. That is not because their films were remarkable (they are entertaining to an extent) but because they only made three films together (TOO MANY GIRLS, FOREVER DARLING, THE LONG, LONG TRAILER). The best one is TOO MANY GIRLS, which actually was made when the two met on the set of the film. It happens to have a nice cast (including Eddie Bracken, Anne Miller, and Francis Langford), and even a score by Rodgers and Hart. But it is not one of the all time great musicals. FOREVER DARLING co-starred them with James Mason (that is a casting match almost on level with Bob Hope and Katherine Hepburn in THE IRON PETTICOAT). Then came THE LONG, LONG TRAILER, which has some interesting supporting cast (Keenan Wynn, Marjorie Main, Howard McNear) and an interesting director (Vincent Minneli). The second and third film could only be made because of the deserved success of the television show I LOVE LUCY, but in reality they aren't that much.

Still THE LONG, LONG TRAILER is of interest as one of the few films ever to discuss the phenomenon of trailers in changing American living and vacationing ideas. Trailers actually appeared in films prior to the 1950s. The Laurel and Hardy short, THEM THAR HILLS, showed the boys taking a "restful" vacation using a trailer to go to the mountains. That was in 1938. But it was rarely shown because it was such a specialized way of travel, and dependent on good roads. But the 1950s saw one achievement that was due to the Eisenhower Administration that is frequently overlooked. Ike pushed for the real development of an interstate highway system. It was a major change to the American scene. Not only in the pushing of many middle class families in using trailers for vacations across the nation, but also in convincing people to travel even by car across state boarders. It is no accident that in the early 1960s one of the most popular television series was ROUTE 66, wherein two young men traveled across the whole nation on that particular highway having adventures in many states.

The Eisenhower years were also the years of economic recovery - the Second World War had pushed American industry into full throttle, and most other major countries had serious economic problems due to the war. The improved American economy gave us a chance to spend more. Although Desi looks worried when he purchases the new trailer (especially as he also has to modify his car's rear bumper) he still is able to sign a large check for the down payment of the vehicle. He could not have done that in the 1930s or 1940s.

The plot is how Lucy (who wants to travel) convinces Desi to buy the trailer, and how the optimism of the purchase (based on the ideal dream of seeing the world from your moving house) hides the fact that you are driving a vehicle that is as difficult to maneuver on land as a yacht is at sea. From the start when Desi is shown the proper way to move the car and trailer ("Trailer, Brake, Forward") he is constantly aware that he is pulling a dead weight behind him. A weight made even heavier because Lucy insists on a new hobby (collecting rocks from every site they park their new home).

There are problems with pulling it into the driveway of Lucy's aunt's house, or of stopping at a red light (and by not doing it properly, annoying traffic police officer Keenan Wynn). There is also the problem of water supply and the pipes (when Desi tries to take a shower), and even of cooking when the trailer is in motion (my favorite section of the film: Desi singing contentedly while driving, thinking of the fine meal Lucy is supposed to be cooking him, and then discovering at the conclusion that Lucy is covered in food and flour due to bumps and jumps made by the car and trailer while moving). At the conclusion he has had enough, and his explosion threatens to destroy the marriage.

If it was not that Vincent Minelli's name is on this film one would be hard pressed to see his traces here. Some of his artistic taste is evident in the design of the trailer, and the colors in the film, but the material is not the sort he normally dealt with. He could do comedy (witness THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE) but his characters usually have meatier stories to tell. This is not one of them.

Still for a pleasant viewing it is easy to watch and smile at. But if you want to see Lucy and Desi at their best, stick to their classic comedy show.
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Meet Nicky & Tracy (aka. Ricky & Lucy)
roddekker19 May 2015
Released in 1954 - The Long, Long Trailer (TLLT, for short) was very much like watching a very, very long, long episode (90 minutes) of the highly-popular "I Love Lucy" TV Show of the early 1950's.

Now, don't get me wrong here - I can certainly enjoy watching an extended episode of "I Love Lucy"', now, and again. But I found that with TLLT there seemed to be something slightly out of kilter with its story - Something oddly unbalanced.

It seemed to me that TLLT was missing a vitally important element in its "comedy relief" department.

What I'm talking about here is, of course, the much needed input of actors William Frawley and Vivian Vance, as Fred and Ethel Mertz, into TLLT's comic story. Believe me, these 2 characters were most desperately needed several times throughout the course of TLLT as a buffer to counter the often amusing, but sometimes annoying, domestic squabbles of Nicky and Tracy (aka Ricky and Lucy Ricardo).

But, with that all said - TLLT was still fairly entertaining as far as comedies go. But it certainly wasn't great.
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Lucy And Desi Make A Movie
sddavis6320 April 2014
In the midst of their wildly successful run through "I Love Lucy," Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz made a movie. In "The Long, Long Trailer" they play newlyweds Nicky and Tacy. Nicky's job apparently requires him to travel a lot, and Tacy comes up with the idea of buying a trailer as their new home so that she can accompany him wherever he goes - and what a trailer. It's a beast. It's huge. And Tacy doesn't seem to understand the challenge involved in pulling the thing around the country.

The basic story revolves around the fact that the purchase of this trailer almost destroys Nicky and Tacy's new marriage. Much of the humour in this revolves around the trials of driving with the trailer hooked to the car. The movie for the most part lacks the slapstick kind of humour that "I Love Lucy" was famous for - with perhaps the exception of a scene in which Tacy tries to cook in the trailer while Nicky is driving. Watching Nicky try to back the trailer into the driveway of Tacy's uncle and aunt's house and almost destroying the house is also quite funny. Otherwise, the humour is lower key than you'd expect, and the movie is sometimes even tense. The scenes in which Nicky has to pull the trailer up a long and windy mountain road is actually rather unsettling.

This certainly isn't as good as "I Love Lucy" but in its own way it's fun, and lets us see Lucy and Desi doing something a little different. (6/10)
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LON, LONG TRAILER ~ Hello, MGM....A LONG LONG wait for DVD!!!
triassic41 January 2005
My intention is NOT to comment directly (as such) on this film, other is HYSTERICAL and an absolute JOY to view! Wonderful production, scenery and in wonderful COLOR (we can really see LUCY's beautiful RED HAIR for the FIRST time!). The many other IMDb viewers comments will suffice, it is simply my intention to hope that SOMEONE from the MGM/WARNER productions office gets off their lazy, fat corporate A$$e$ and release this GEM of a film onto DVD!! There is so much new GARBAGE, PURE CRAP, FLOPS (which never made it to the cinema) and FILTH being released on a daily tidal wave of DVDs (from all major and minor film companies!) ~ why is it that the CLASSIC films seem to take FOREVER to appear on DVD?? I could name a THOUSAND or more CLASSIC DRAMA, COMEDY, HORROR, SCI-FI, ADVENTURE, MUSICAL and other genre films (and I'm not even talking 'B' Films!) which have yet to even be considered or mentioned for DVD. Well, that's my offering .... and that goes for ALL OF THE FILM STUDIOS!! *** READ THIS PAGE *** Film studios have Web-Pages, but nowhere is there an address where the true consumer and film fan can voice his/her suggestions. I have done so for YEARS, with NOT ONE reply, thank you, or acknowledgment of my appreciation. Guess that's "Show Biz!". Anyway, enjoy this film on's never on TV either!
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"Always remember -- trailer brakes first!"
utgard1424 December 2014
Newlyweds (Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz) buy large travel trailer to drive around the country on their honeymoon. As you might expect -- any and every thing that can go wrong, does. Hilarious slapstick comedy from Vincente Minnelli with Lucy and Desi, at the height of their TV show fame, in rich Anscocolor. It's a movie I've long loved. If you're an I Love Lucy fan you'll get a kick out of this. It's a lot like the brand of humor you see on that show. The thing I like the most about the movie, besides being very funny, is that it looks so good. It was shot both on the great MGM backlot and on location in several beautiful places in California. The color is lovely, too. Also, I'm no trailer buff but I loved all the stuff with the trailers and the cars. I'm a sucker for minutiae in older films and this one is full of odds & ends people like me can savor. It's a very simple but funny comedy with lots of extras for nostalgists and fans of classic Hollywood.
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Lucy&Desi In For The Long Haul
bkoganbing11 January 2009
The Long Long Trailer stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz playing very similar characters to the Ricardos who came into our homes weekly on CBS via I Love Lucy. They're newlyweds and Lucy talks Desi into buying a mobile home, a really big trailer which would intimidate anyone who's not licensed to drive big rigs. Except Lucy that is and she's not doing the driving in most of the picture.

If The Long Long Trailer proves anything it proves one should have such a license to drive these things. That thing is a menace in amateur hands. But at least Desi knows he's an amateur.

Although Lucille Ball got to do her usual scatterbrained thing that wreaks havoc on all around, I actually thought that Desi Arnaz got the best laughs in the film. Seeing him trying to back that trailer into her aunt's driveway, his adventure trying to take his first shower in the trailer with an outlet that won't cooperate, and then trying to drive through Yosemite National Park up a steep mountain road.

That was at times more scary than funny. But it was funny because Lucy insisted on bringing her pet rock collection along adding to the weight. That made her a generation ahead of her time.

If you're an old or a new fan of the Ricardos you will definitely appreciate The Long Long Trailer.
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Lucy and Desi, Part One.
nycritic2 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Or call it, "I Love Lucy, Episode titled: 'The Long, Long Trailer" in which a series of incidents very much like the ones which had made Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz the Queen and King of Television (as well as business pioneers in their own rights), were beaded together in a feather-weight, feature-length film. Here the story concerns a married couple who set out on a cross-country trip that turns out a complete flop, not surprisingly because of Lucy's own misguided attempts at being the helpful wife which at one point nearly ruins the RV they've rented. For audiences faithful to the smash television hit, Vincent Minnelli's cute little movie -- itself a minor effort considering titles such as MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, AN American IN Paris, and THE BAND WAGON -- is definitely worth watching if to see Lucy and Desi in one of their more successful film pairings.
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A truly rocky road of romance
SimonJack26 February 2015
It probably isn't too much of a stretch to imagine that a new bride in the early 1950s would consider living in a mobile home so that she could be with her husband who otherwise would be away from home many days because of his job. Indeed, there were many families in the early 20th century who lived in trailers to follow work in oil drilling, dam building, and other construction. In "The Long, Long Trailer," Desi Arnaz plays a civil engineer, Nicky Collini, and Lucille Ball plays his fiancé then wife, Tacy. Before their marriage, the couple discusses setting up their home. Nicky says, "We'll have a home, darling." Tacy, "What kind of a home, when your work takes you to all those places – Colorado, Montana, Idaho?" Nicky, "All right. All right. I won't go to Colorado. I'll get another job." Tacy, "Oh, no. I didn't mean that. This is a wonderful chance for you. Anyway, it'll always be something like that. If it isn't a tunnel in Colorado, it'll be a bridge in Alaska or a dam across the Pacific." So, Tacy convinces Nicky that they should set up their house on wheels when they get married. From there on, Tacy an Nicky give us one very funny and sometimes hair-raising escapade after another.

This movie was based on a 1951 novel of the same name by Clinton Twiss. In it, his couple buy a new trailer home and spend a year driving across the United States. I know half a dozen couples who sold their homes after retiring around the turn of the 21st century. They bought RV-mobile homes and now travel across the U.S. They might stay a couple of weeks in one place, and a few months in another. Every couple of years they try to rendezvous somewhere around the country.

Anyone who has lived in a mobile home – who has moved from place to place, knows the travails of driving and handling a trailer. One thing that can be said about it is that one doesn't wind up saving lots of things and collecting stacks of mementos. When things are no longer of use, one gets rid of them. The simple lack of space dictates thriftiness, neatness, and practicality. Well, that is, until Tacy Collini decided to take up trailer travel and living.

The humor in the early part of the film is in watching Nicky – the expressions on his face – as Tacy pulls him into one step after another toward buying a new trailer home. Then they need a new car that is capable of pulling the longest trailer on the market. And, then her friends help move her trousseau into their new home.

I don't know how long a time span the film covered, but after their wedding Tacy and Nicky head from California to Denver. At one point we see them at the beach along the coast, then we see them driving through forests and in the mountains. I think the latter was supposed to be the Rockies in Colorado, but the film was all made in California. The scenic shots in the Sierra Nevadas were quite beautiful – lending to Tacy's claim about an advantage being their seeing the beauty of the country.

One of the funniest scenes was Tacy's trying to prepare dinner in the trailer while Nicky is driving. Again, anyone with background knows it's not been legal for people to ride in a mobile home. Tacy learned the hard way why her idea wouldn't work – all to the viewer's delight, of course. Another scene I found very funny wasn't at all humorous to the bystanders. The couple stopped to visit and stay a few days with Tacy's aunt and uncle – somewhere in California. In backing the trailer into their driveway, Nicky runs over the aunt's favorite rose bush, then rips out and destroys a beautiful arboretum arch over the driveway. The relatives look on in shock as the trailer tears up their property. The next day Tacy and Nicky leave – apparently already having overstayed their welcome.

Of course, with Tacy's wedding trousseau, the trailer is quite packed. But now they add a couple cases of home-canned goodies from an aunt. After a few stops, the trailer takes on more goods in the large rocks that Tacy has decided to collect – one from each of their stops. These will make a nice ring around their front entrance when they set up home near Denver. The Mayhem continues throughout this film. The couple weathers storms, steep mountain roads and more travel mishaps. The question is, will their marriage survive all this? You'll just have to watch "The Long, Long Trailer" to find out.
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Everyone should see this before investing in a mobile home!
MartinHafer22 April 2017
"The Long, Long Trailer" was made in 1953--during the height of the success of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with "I Love Lucy". Considering how popular the show was, it's certainly not surprising they'd take the characters and transport them to the big screen, though here they're called Nicky and Tacy.

The story begins with a frustrated Nicky finally finding his wife with the trailer. Apparently, he's been looking for days and they had a huge fight and Nicky tells the guy about to buy their trailer about all the problems it brought them.

Nicky and Tacy are engaged and just about to get married when she springs a huge surprise on him...she thinks they should live in a trailer. After all, Nicky's job takes him all over the country and she reasons it would be better than paying rent. Unfortunately, her 'inexpensive' investment of only $1700 ends up costing more than three times as much...not to mention having to get a larger car to tow that monstrosity. Nicky is clearly overwhelmed by all this...and Tacy is blissfully ignorant of the entire situation. What exactly will they have to go through...see the film and find out for yourself. Just be forewarned...the movie, at times, might just make you cringe.

In some ways, this is like watching an "I Love Lucy" film...with different names and story but quite similar nonetheless. Not a great film but an enjoyable one...and one that may just convince you NEVER to own a trailer!
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A Trailer Comic Romp
NutzieFagin16 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you love I Love Lucy, The Long Long Trailer will be a delight for you.

I don't know why but Lucy and Desi were one of the best paired married (in real life) male/female comedy teams. In The Long Long Trailer, they basically play the same Lucy/Ricky role. The only differences present are the slight character name changes (Tacy/Nicky Collini) Nicky is still the same macho Latin but Tacy is more neurotic. Tacy like to collect sentimental mementos ----like rocks and homemade jams and souvenirs from the places she and Nicky visited. Kind of showing some bad hoarding mental issues BUT it's because of her romantic heart and to retain those special memories with Nicky is the reason why she does it.

Anyway--when Tacy and Nicky marry, they come up with the bright idea of getting a trailer.....Nicky favors the saving money---Tacy likes the romantic idea of a cozy love nest on wheels...more places and more mementos to pick up as they tour the U.S. Hilorious scenes come from this idea which I'm sure that EVERY trailer owner has encountered. Getting lost, narrow mountain roads, high rental camp ground rates and yes....trying to cook that perfect romantic dinner in the trailer while the husband drives those bumpy roads (I think it is in some states against the law to ride alone in trailers) but what the hey---IT'S FUN TO WATCH!! Of course, the plot is not really there but these sight gags are just there to show the humorous side of situations in a marriage. The good and the bad side of marriage---will it work? But Love conquers all in the movies!---So if your looking for a Lucy/Desi film that is away from the I Love Lucy apartment---no Mertz's in this one....see it and enjoy!
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I wish they had just made a I Love Lucy movie instead
Lawson16 February 2010
I wish they had made a I Love Lucy movie instead of this one, with its tongue-in-cheek naming of the lead couple as "Tacy" and "Nicky." Without the confines of the Lucy and Ricky characters, Lucille Ball's character just totally goes way over the line of endearing all the way to annoying and Desi Arnaz loses all his masculinity and is pretty much whipped. The interactions with their lovable neighbors, Fred and Ethel, are also sorely missed, since it means it's Tacy vs. Nicky all the way.

The movie isn't entirely without merit, since it is after all Lucy and Ricky in another guise, and there is plenty of I Love Lucy humor, especially of the physical kind that Ball excels at, but I'd rather watch a string of I Love Lucy episodes.
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Lucy & Desi's best movie ever!
wally-3825 March 1999
"The Long, Long Trailer" is one of the best movies ever, and certainly Lucy & Desi's best movie together. The part when Lucy falls out of the trailer and into the mud, and then Desi asks her "What's the matter honey? Can't you sleep?" cracks me up everytime. I love the part when Desi's trying to back that giant trailer into Lucy's aunt's driveway. This is one of the best movies ever. Go to your local videostore and rent this movie, and as Lucy said in "I Love Lucy" AND DO IT NOW!
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It is basically a really long episode of "I Love Lucy"
Aaron137511 April 2003
Not that that is a bad thing. This movie is about a newlywed couple that buys a trailer to live in. They go across the country and have one misadventure after another. Just seeing Desi trying to drive the trailer around at first is pretty funny. Though the best scene has to be where he tries to back up the trailer at the in-laws house. All in all this is a pretty funny film and one of the few films I like from the 50's era that isn't sci-fi or horror. In the end though it is very much like an episode of "I Love Lucy", just without Fred and Ethel.
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Good Period Nostalgia
BruceUllm23 July 2007
I agree with others's comments here that the Tacy character was selfish and thoughtless. However, the give and take between Lucy and Desi at their height was still good. When Nicky discovered the hidden rocks in the trailer, it would have been great to have him say -- just once -- "Taaacy! You got some 'splain' to do!" The visuals were just great and, being a car nut, I liked the gorgeous new '53 Mercury Monterey convertible with all the extras. The quoted prices were a laugh as well, just like historical MSRP's of vehicles we car nuts would love to own today. More like laughing through our tears, really.

One never suspended disbelief and forgot that it was all just a movie. No one looks or sounds that good in a moving open car, for one thing.

Overall, I liked the road trip back in time and know I will never, ever pull a trailer!
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