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Stooges as knights
Warning: Spoilers
Now this Stooges short film may be over 60 years old, but it is much much longer ago looking at the time when it takes place. As it was made in 1954, it is already long after World War II and the Stooges are no longer political. Curly was already dead, Shemp had filled his place, but sadly also died a bit more than a year later. As always, with the Stooges it runs for roughly 17 minutes, is in black-and-white and has sound of course. There are music influences in here and also some romance that does not involve the Stooges themselves as it is usually the case. As a whole, the humour in here is just so-so. I like Shemp and it is not his fault. Maybe the writer is to blame. Felix Adler has made many many Stooges short films and it may have gotten difficult at this point to come up with fresh new material. Director is Jules White and he also directed many of these little films. I do not recommend "Knutzy Knights", nowhere near among the best from the trio.
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The Stooges play matchmaker ...........
revdrcac21 July 2006
This 1954 short from the Three Sooges is set in the days of kings and castles. Shemp is featured here as the boys try to help Jock Mahoney (TV's Range Rider) romance the lovely Ms. McIntire.

While Curly was my favorite Stooge, Shemp was terrific and this was one of the best featuring the homely, but lovable comic. Mahoney was surprisingly good in this comedy and McIntire was as funny as ever.

The knuckleheads are in fine form here, involved in one fiasco after another. This is an above average Stooge short, with good pacing and many laugh out loud moments.

Give this one a try..... the guys are "victims of soicumtance" !
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A Short Short
bkoganbing9 May 2011
Before watching Knutzy Knights I would remember that this is a cut down version of a 1948 Three Stooges entitled Squareheads Of The Round Table. I guess you could call this a short short.

Moe, Larry, and Shemp find themselves caught in palace intrigue as black prince Phil Van Zandt seeks to poison the king and marry the lovely princess Christine McIntire. But Cupid has three little Stooge helpers and McIntire has the love of honest blacksmith Jock Mahoney in the days before he became The Range Rider or Yancey Derringer. Which is why you know this is cut rate Stooge item because Mahoney was doing feature films now.

I'd hold out for the full length short and get that much more Stooge.
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You're better off watching the original.
slymusic6 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Knutzy Knights" is not a bad Three Stooges short, but being a stock-footage remake, it could have been better, especially with the new, weak ending. The original "Squareheads of the Round Table" (1948) is one of the best in the Stooge series and contains much better direction. Still Moe, Larry, and Shemp do their best with the new material, being very helpful men as director Jules White once described them. Two highlights from "Knutzy Knights", both in stock footage, involve the Stooges serenading Princess Elaine (Christine McIntyre) on her balcony and being chased by a pair of guards in the castle corridors.
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