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  • Donald is writing in his diary and narrating (in a rather sophisticated voice) about his romance with Daisy. She was able to snare him into a relationship in which they got to know each other better and Donald got to meet Daisy's family. Finally, Donald decides to marry Daisy but when waiting for her to arrive so he can pop the question, he falls asleep and has a nightmarish vision of what married life would be like (among other things that he'll be forced to do all the housework and be served a burnt T bone for dinner). Needless to say, the marriage is called off when he awakens.


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  • The story is narrated in a more understandable voice, chronicling information from Donald's Diary. While out for a stroll in San Francisco, Donald is seen by Daisy, who tries to get his attention. After several failures, she manages to snare Donald with a rope-trap.

    They end up going on several dates, before finally kissing. Donald is then invited to meet her family, her brothers (Huey, Dewey & Louie), her Mother (who resembles 'Whistler's Mother'), and her Father. Shortly afterward, Donald decides to propose to her.

    On the day Donald shows up, he waits in the family's living room for Daisy while she finishes 'powdering her nose.' While he waits, he falls asleep, and dreams about proposing to Daisy. In his dream, she giddily accepts.

    The dream then shows the two of them married, before coming home, which also is occupied by Daisy's family. Donald's married life slowly spirals downhill, as he ends up missing out on several meals, and is soon ordered around by Daisy to take care of all the housework.

    Donald then wakes up to find Daisy smiling over him. Terrified at the prospects of his dream coming true, he bolts from the house. The last the audience sees of him, he has joined the Foreign Legion, to get as far away from Daisy as possible.

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