Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) Poster

Richard Carlson: David Reed



  • David Reed : We didn't come here to fight with monsters. We're not equipped for it. We came here to find fossils.

  • Mark Williams : Come on, come on!

    David Reed : You talking to me, Mark, or something out there?

    Mark Williams : Both, David. They won't believe it back home, none of them. I wouldn't have believed it myself, sitting out here waiting for some monster to appear. That's why we've got to take him.

    David Reed : Why won't they believe, Mark?

    Mark Williams : Because we deal with known quantities, with knowledge we've accumulated up to now.

    David Reed : We've just begun to learn about the water and its secrets, just as we've only touched on outer space. We don't entirely rule out the possibility that there might be some form of life on another planet, and why not some entirely different form of life in a world we already know is inhabited by millions of living creatures?

    Mark Williams : We must have the proof!

  • Carl Maia : Well, now we have a lab, such as it is.

    David Reed : Let's hope we have some use for it.

    Mark Williams : I'll be disappointed if we don't. Assuming, of course, Dr. Maia's facts are well-founded.

    David Reed : Dr. Maia's a scientist, not a fortune-teller! How can he guarantee anything?

    Kay Lawrence : Well, it seems to me a scientist has need for both vision and confidence.

    Mark Williams : I didn't mean it as any personal criticism, Doctor, it's just that I also look forward to success.

  • Kay Lawrence : Hurry, David.

    David Reed : I've almost got it.

  • Carl Maia : And you two married yet?

    Kay Lawrence : No, David says we're together all the time anyway, might as well save expenses.

    Carl Maia : Did you ever hear of two living as cheaply as one?

    Kay Lawrence : That's what I keep telling him, Carl.

    David Reed : I'm waiting for Williams to give her that raise. Then she can afford me.

  • Mark Williams : We're staying until we get him.

    David Reed : Or until somebody else gets killed. No, we're not. Lucas, we're getting out of here as fast as we can.

    Lucas : Okay.

    Mark Williams : I'll make the decisions around here.

    Lucas : But you are wrong, Mr. Williams. Oh the water, the captain makes the decisions.

    [to David] 

    Lucas : We will do as you say.

    Mark Williams : You'll listen to me.

    Lucas : [sticks his knife up Mark's chin]  You wish to say something, mister? Huh?

  • David Reed : It's the only way. We've to clear this inlet.

    Lucas : Hey, that fellow down there, you think he's a mosquito you can shoo away?

    David Reed : We got to take that chance.

    Kay Lawrence : Oh, sure. What's an expedition without two martyrs at least!

    David Reed : Hey, Kay, I'm doing the only thing we can do. If we all just sit here, we'll - we'll all end up as Mark did.

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