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2 Jan. 1955
Burt Alvord
A train is robbed and money stolen. Matt Clark and Margaret Jones investigate. And then a shipment of dynamite is also reported missing,.
9 Jan. 1955
Apache Kid
Matt and Margaret arrive at Fort Huachuca, Arizona to confer with Al Seiber in the murder of a ticket agent. They learn of an Indian Scout turned murderous and set off after him after he kidnaps a young woman, Tonia.
16 Jan. 1955
Tom Bell
Tom Bell is a doctor in 1850's California going broke and loses his girl to a wealthier man. Bell becomes the first to try stagecoach robbing but murdering a railroad surveyor put Matt and Margaret on his trail. Justice arrives courtesy a betrayed woman.
23 Jan. 1955
Kate Bender
Young Charles Ward has disappeared while traveling in Kansas leading detectives Matt and Margaret to discover why. The local sheriff reports others missing and they all stayed with Kate Bender. An investigation leads to a grim discovery and deadly justice for the Benders.
30 Jan. 1955
Augustine Chacon
Augustine Chacon is an infamous badman responsible for numerous deaths on both sides of the border. The murders of two Texas Rangers bring Matt and Margaret into Mexico where they trail Chacon's girlfriend Felicia to achieve their goal.
1 Feb. 1955
Cherokee Bill
After Cherokee Bill murders a marshall aboard a train, railroad detectives Matt Clark and Margaret Jones are called in. They capture him after tracking him to Mrs. Lynch's cabin, his mother. But another escape leads to a showdown between a ruthless gang and the law.
6 Feb. 1955
Nate Champion
Cattle rustling leads to the cancellation of a contract to supply beef for railroad construction crews. Matt Clark has to stop the cattle rustlers or the railroad construction will be stopped in week.
8 Feb. 1955
Sontag and Evans
Chris Evans and John Sontag have separate grudges against the railroads leading them to team up for train robberies in the 1890's. Matt and Margaret head to central California to bring them to justice using Evan's niece.
15 Feb. 1955
Rube Burrows
Alabama born Rube Burrows becomes infamous through the south for train robbery in the late 1880's but his girlfriend Emma is portrayed as the brains. Margaret ingratiates herself with the outlaws leading to a deadly showdown.
22 Feb. 1955
Jim Courtright
Jim Courtright, a formersheriff, runs a protection racket in 1880's Texas and takes drastic measures when men refuse to pay. Matt and Margaret arrive after a railroad man is killed. Saloon owner Luke Short decides to stand up to Courtright.
28 Feb. 1955
Milt Sharp
Matt and Margaret investigate the kidnapping of banker Penrose from a stagecoach. They immediately suspect noted bandit Milt Sharp who recently escaped from a Nevada prison and his partner Dutch. A showdown takes place at the Penrose home where maid Sarah is a important factor.
4 Mar. 1955
Jack Slade
Railroad $25,000 payroll is stolen. Matt and Margaret investigate.
11 Mar. 1955
L.H. Musgrove
Matt and Margaret head to Denver in the late 1860's after the killing of a railroad telegraph operator. Bail jumper L H Musgrove, a known horse thief is their chief suspect. Musgrove and his pal end up facing vigilante justice.

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