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30 Jan. 1955
The Deceiving Eye
To prove his point that eyewitnesses can't be trusted, a criminology professor joins in the police lineup where's he's frequently chosen as the guilty party. His theory is put to the test when he's identified as the man leaving the scene of a murder.
27 Feb. 1955
Tiger at Noon
A chance encounter with racketeer Danny Arketto at the carnival gives police Lt. Kellogg a new angle on how to bring down. While there, the cop visits a fortune tells who warns him death is near, and to beware the full moon and a tiger at noon. As his investigation of Arketto progresses, the gypsy's words prove eerily accurate.
20 Mar. 1955
Press Conference
The governor selects lawyer Elliot Fairchild to finish the term of a late senator. By all accounts, he the perfect candidate: handsome, a beautiful wife and kids, and no skeletons in his closet. But at his first press conference, there's a reporter from his hometown who's interested in causing a scene.
27 Mar. 1955
The Long Count
Private eye McGraw is hired by fight mobsters by to keep "Pretty Boy" Mendero in out of trouble and away from "dames" until his big title fight. Despite being locked in his 20th-floor apartment, Mendero breaks out and is killed by a hit and run driver. McGraw believes the boxer was murdered and orders an autopsy.
17 Apr. 1955
Two people try a series of frantic telephone calls to contact their friend Billy, who intends to kill himself.
24 Apr. 1955
The Magic Hat
Young Jody's widowed father lets her buy the gaudy, feathered hat she's dying to have. When his girl is ridiculed by other kids for wearing it, he begins to question his parenting skills and entertains the idea of sending her to a girl's boarding school.
1 May 1955
A stricken bomber, damaged in a mid-air collision with a night-fighter during a training operation where Major Stevens must choose between dropping the bomb on innocent people or attempting a crash landing with the bomb, which means almost certain death for the crew.
8 May 1955
Billy and the Bride
Genteel New Yorker Vanessa Peters has a lot to learn about the Old West when she moves with her new husband to his ranch. She has no idea that the nice young man she spends the afternoon with -- his name is Billy the Kid -- is the same person her husband's posse is searching for.
15 May 1955
A Note of Fear
A nightclub singer fears she's marked for death. The racketeer she testified against vowed to have her murdered if he "got the chair" and it's the night of his execution. Despite being watched over by a plainclothes policeman, she's foolish to believe everyone is looking out for her well being.
29 May 1955
The Time of Day
The coddled daughter of a judge befriends a broke young man with a reform school past. She gives him an expensive watch as a token of her friendship, but a detective thinks he stole it. When she wants to go to the police station to clear her friend, her parents are more concerned about what others might think than of helping the innocent man.
5 Jun. 1955
Yesterday's Pawnshop
A recently re-married man has believed for nine years that his first wife drowned, although her body was never recovered. When he finds her diamond wedding ring in an antique shop, he begins to suspect otherwise.
12 Jun. 1955
The Traveling Salesman
The young waitresses at a hotel in the Old West are causing problems for handsome whiskey salesman Dan Kelly. They're all fawning over him, which is making their boyfriends jealous. Dan just wants to get back to his family in the East, but the jilted cowboys all want to punch him out or shoot him for stealing their gals.
19 Jun. 1955
End of the Line
The ex-girlfriend of mobster Al Maxim provided him with an alibi in a murder case. Now she now wants to leave town before the trial and marry her new boyfriend. Al tries to shoot her, but she escapes, hopping on the last bus of the night. Now she's terrified because any of the other passengers could be one of Al's men sent to murder her.
4 Sep. 1955
Where You Loved Me
A famous clown recalls earlier in his career when he was starting out as a newlywed, dreaming of becoming a stage and television star and his wife's desire of a home and family. At first in desperation, he takes a circus job instead, gaining him fame and divorce when the wife's dreams are smashed.
18 Sep. 1955
The Hayfield
City slicker turned country gentleman Jim Blandings expects to make a small fortune by selling the hay on his land. Upset after learning that it's ten acres of weeds, he ignores pleas to hire a pro and decides to burn off the vegetation himself. Naturally, volunteer fire department is called.
25 Sep. 1955
Fox Hunt
Ranger Jim Harris comes to town after the sheriff is killed tracking the Fox Durkin gang. He has a tough time putting together a posse to bring the outlaws in; no one is even sure what Durkin looks like. The ranger, two brothers, and a grizzled old timer head out, but one member of the posse isn't what he seems.

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