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Every week Cesar Romero has an adventure in an exotic locale
1954 brought the first TV station KSLA to Shreveport, LA and my family bought its first TV set. Since Cesar Romero was one of my mother's favorite actors we never missed an episode. At the beginning of the program it was interesting to me to see his passport stamped as to a 9 year old the idea of visiting foreign places was, well foreign. Each week Cesar's character Steve McQuinn, he never looked like a McQuinn, would find himself in different intrigues in exotic locales, but by his wit, continental sophistication and resourcefulness would always escape to fall into similar trouble the next week. I have fond memories of the show as being exciting, but they may be the memories of a 9 year old who had never been anywhere.
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A nice, weekly dose of intrigue...
thedoctorrr19 August 2015
This a neat show where every episode promised intrigue and exotic locales around the globe. Cesar Romero played charming American diplomatic courier, Steve McQuinn, whose travels for the U.S. government regularly land him in some spot of bother. Admittedly the sets look samey when you watch a batch of episodes together, but the show is undemanding entertainment. What I found interesting is that McQuinn is an ordinary guy. He isn't a two-fisted hero that was de rigeur for shows like this at the time. Handsome and not without charm, McQuinn didn't indulge in fisticuffs, in fact in the episodes I've watched, he usually loses in a fight quite easily- but that doesn't stop him from offering help when required. Not a classic by any means, but a nice watch all the same.
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