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In Casablanca on assignment, Steve meets up with an old flame and trips into a plot to overthrow the government.
Monte Carlo
While on assignment in Monte Carlo, Steve finds an American intelligence agent who has been severely beaten and robbed. Steve agrees to undertake the agent's assignment - retrieving a roll of film with incriminating photographs of a corrupt politician.
McQuinn, traveling to Sofia on the Orient express, helps a Bulgarian diplomat being returned to his country to face trumped up charges for jewel theft.
Steve tries to help a Bulgarian schoolmaster, hunted by his country's secret police in Tangier, obtain a visa to the United States.
20 Jul. 1955
Steve arrives to find his old friend has been murdered.
26 Jul. 1955
Steve helps children of escaped Rumanian industrialist.
6 Oct. 1955
Hungarian priest passes info to Steve in prison.
17 Jan. 1958
On an airplane Steve meets two children traveling alone who refuse to give their last name. When their aunt fails to meet them at the airport, Steve takes pity on them and allows them to stay in his hotel room. The children's aunt finally arrives, but Steve learns too late that a Romanian industrialist has fled to Crete with a large sum of money and the "aunt" is actually a communist agent who plans to use the children as hostages to force the defector to return behind the Iron Curtain.
In Paris, McQuinn runs into an old friend who is involved in a scandal and, as it turns out, has attracted the interest of the Bulgarian police.

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