It's a Great Life Poster

(I) (1954–1956)

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Season 2

4 Sep. 1955
Call Michigan 4099
The boys suspect Amy of shoplifting.
11 Sep. 1955
Hay Burner
Denny buys what he thinks is a race horse.
18 Sep. 1955
Fortune Hunters
A former girlfriend of Earl's pays him a visit. He learns that she has a daughter, she's rich and she's recently widowed.
25 Sep. 1955
The Paper Drive
Denny and Steve assist a youngster collect paper for his school.
2 Oct. 1955
Hash House
The boys are talked into buying a diner.
9 Oct. 1955
A Birthday for Earl
On his birthday, Earl is given a party with a "This Is Your Life" theme.
30 Oct. 1955
Double Date
Denny and Steve agree to go on a double date with two beautiful sisters.
6 Nov. 1955
High Pressure
Denny and Steve try to sell a large shipment of vacuum cleaners.
13 Nov. 1955
The Movie Star
The boys meet a ex-movie star trying to make ends meet by selling vacuum cleaners.
27 Nov. 1955
The Big Game
Steve desperate tries to find tickets for a big football game.
4 Dec. 1955
The Private Line
Tired of sharing a phone with the rest of the boarding house residents, Denny and Steve decide to have a phone with a private line installed in their room
11 Dec. 1955
The Fabulous Foundling
Denny and Steve fall for a beautiful woman who is renting a room from Earl.
8 Jan. 1956
Beauty Contest
After Steve learns that the event includes a beauty contest, his resentment at being asked to chair the event disappears.
15 Jan. 1956
The Lady and the Painting
Steve meets a pretty French art student and promptly falls in love.
22 Jan. 1956
House Guest
Denny and Steve invite an old Army buddy and his wife to stay at Amy's.
29 Jan. 1956
The Square Circle
Steve goes into training to become a professional boxer.
5 Feb. 1956
Smog Gets in Your Eyes
Denny and Steve suffer when Los Angeles is blanketed by a thick layer of persistent smog.
12 Feb. 1956
Screen Test
Denny and Steve inflict themselves on a Hollywood talent scout.
26 Feb. 1956
Bachelor Party
The night before a friend's wedding, the boys decide to throw a bachelor party in his honor.
4 Mar. 1956
The Voice
Amy asks the boys to call the local red cross and cancel her appointment. When Denny calls he is stunned by the sexy voice that answers. He doesn't get her name but decides he must meet her. Steve also calls for Amy and he too hears the alluring voice not knowing that Earl is eavesdropping on the line. Soon all three head down to the red cross to meet 'The Voice'. But matching the voice to the person is not as easy as they thought it would be.
11 Mar. 1956
All for Amy
It's Amy's birthday and the boys have a great day planned. Beginning at 7 am with breakfast in bed followed by hat shopping, amusement park, bowling alley and pool hall. The only trouble is Amy doesn't like any of those things. Amy's birthday is an unmitigated disaster as they force everything on her without listening to anything she wants. The final straw is dinner at a fancy French restaurant where Earl and Denny can't understand anything on the menu.
18 Mar. 1956
Private Eyes
In order to make some extra money, Denny and Steve work part-time as private eyes and get into more trouble than they bargained for.
25 Mar. 1956
Glamour Doll
Denny is out of town and Tommy is hanging out with the boys when Amy tells them that a studio rep. called and wants to use their house to shoot a scene. The boys aren't impressed until they find out the picture stars Caroline Cabot...a blonde bombshell. When they meet her the boys all try and impress her and decide they don't think the script is right for her. Much to the director's dismay the boys attempt to supervise the shoot.
1 Apr. 1956
Kid Sister
Steve loves his new girlfriend but hates her annoying kid sister who insists on making a pest of herself.
8 Apr. 1956
The Raffle Ticket
Denny buys a raffle ticket and is declared the contest winner, winning a trailer in the process.
15 Apr. 1956
The Return of Caroline
A movie star searching for a husband decides that Denny is matrimonial material.
22 Apr. 1956
The Palm Springs Story
Denny and Steve invite Amy to join them in Palm Springs for the weekend.
29 Apr. 1956
The Yachting Party
While trying to impress two beautiful woman, Denny and Steve make exaggerated claims about their yachting abilities.
6 May 1956
Operation for Earl
Earl is terrified about his upcoming operation - he's having his tonsils removed.
13 May 1956
Old Soldiers Never Die
Denny and Steve find themselves re-inducted into the Army after telling their old Army tales to an officer.
20 May 1956
The Charity Drive
Amy asks Denny and Steve to assist her to raise money for charity.
27 May 1956
Passport for Amy
Denny and Steve try to help Amy prepare for her trip to England.
3 Jun. 1956
The Housekeeper
A bossy housekeeper takes over when Amy goes on vacation.

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