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Season 30

2 Feb. 1986
Help Wanted: Kids
When the Burkes loose their jobs in New York, they have to move to Arizona, where Tom has an job-offer in the management of a small company for children's clothing. Unfortunately Tom's new boss Sirus Lovelin turns out to be extremely fond of the traditional American family and automatically assumes Amanda to be housewife and mother - but the Burkes don't even have children! To not offend him, they "hire" two kids they met prowling the streets. When they turn out witty, but nasty and impertinent, the Burkes want to rid themselves of them, but are entangled already too ...
16 Feb. 1986
2 1/2 Dads
Two fathers and a bachelor decide to share a big house to lower expenses and help relieve loneliness, but their five children involved are less than happy about the arrangement as friction and humorous problems develop rapidly.
23 Feb. 1986
The Girl Who Spelled Freedom
A Cambodian family is given sponsored immigration to the United States where one daughter becomes a spelling bee champion.
9 Mar. 1986
The Richest Cat in the World
A dying millionaire wills his entire estate to his cat. However, his bumbling nephew and scheming wife have other ideas.
23 Mar. 1986
Disney Goes to the Oscars
Host Tony Danza takes a look at Disney films that won or were nominated for the Academy Award.
6 Apr. 1986
When a man is exposed to an alien gas, he acquires the ability to heal instantly and survive any injury or toxin.
13 Apr. 1986
A Fighting Choice
Bright teenager afflicted with epilepsy sues his parents for the right to have "split brain" surgery in order to cure his seizures.
20 Apr. 1986
Mr. Boogedy
A novelty-salesman moves his family into a new house. Initially dismissing incidents as more of their father's practical jokes, the family soon learns that the house is haunted by people who lived in the house 300 years previously.
27 Apr. 1986
Robin Hood
The 1973 Disney animated feature "Robin Hood" edited for television.
11 May 1986
Young Again
A successful but unhappy businessman wishes to be 17 again and gets it. However, he discovers that going back is not all that it's cracked up to be.
18 May 1986
The Deacon Street Deer
Neighborhood children protect a deer that has escaped from cruel carnival owners.
18 May 1986
An invisible creature befriends a 12-year-old boy. Of course, no one else can see him nor believes in him.
25 May 1986
A brother and sister (Noah Hathaway, Virginia Keehne) are amateur sleuths who help their grandfather (Pat Hingle) run a security business. While digging around on their own, they accidentally stumble onto a major case.
25 May 1986
My Town
Wheelerville, Ohio, is a small town where people seeking to start new lives can get that chance. The idea came from Lucas Wheeler, the banker and descendant of the town's founder, and the unsold series was to relate incidents in the lives of the people who attempt to rebuild their lives as seen through the eyes of Amber Wheeler, Lucas's pretty granddaughter.
20 Jul. 1986
Donald, the Star-Struck Duck
John Candy has to team up with Donald Duck to star together in blockbuster movie.

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