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Definitely one of Disney's best films
Smells_Like_Cheese23 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Peter Pan is one of my all time favorite animated films, this is just such a great classic that doesn't get enough notice. This is one of those movies that is so memorable and I'm surprised that honestly this movie isn't in the top 250. Captain Hook is one of my favorite Disney villains if not my number one, he's just plain hilarious and great entertainment. It's odd that I voted more for him and his pirates, just that they seemed like they were the group that you would invite to a party. Watching this movie for so many years, since I was a child, the story still hasn't lost it's touch. It's such a wonderful movie that not only the family could get into, but even I'll just watch it on my own if I want a cute movie. This is one of the best Disney movies of all time and the story of Peter Pan is told so wonderful you can't help but fall in love with it as well.

In London, George and Mary Darling's preparations to attend a party are disrupted by the antics of the boys John and Michael, acting out a story about Peter Pan and the pirates, told to them by their older sister Wendy. The father angrily declares that Wendy has gotten too old to continue staying in the nursery with them, and it's time for her to grow up. That night they are visited in the nursery by a pixie named Tinker Bell and cocky Peter Pan, who teaches them to fly and takes them with him to the island of Never Land. A ship of pirates is anchored off Never Land, commanded by Captain Hook with his sidekick Mr Smee. Hook boldly plots to take revenge upon Peter Pan for cutting off his hand, but he trembles when the crocodile that ate it arrives. The crew's restlessness is interrupted by the arrival of Peter and the Darlings. The children easily evade them, and despite a trick by jealous Tinker Bell to have Wendy killed, they meet up with the Lost Boys, six lads in animal-costume pajamas who look to Peter as their leader. John and Michael set off with the Lost Boys to find the island's Indians, who instead capture them, believing them responsible for taking the chief's daughter Tiger Lily. Meanwhile, Peter takes Wendy to see the mermaids, where they see that Hook and Smee have captured Tiger Lily, to coerce her into revealing Peter's hideout. Peter and Wendy free her, and Peter is honored by the tribe. Hook then plots to take advantage of Tink's jealousy of Wendy, tricking her into revealing the location of Peter's lair. The pirates lie in wait and capture the Lost Boys and the Darlings as they exit, leaving behind a time bomb to kill Peter.

I'm always going to love Peter Pan, my sister and I still have so much fun with this movie, we constantly rehearse the scene of George, the father, screaming about how the family loves the dog more than him, it's a great scene. But still one scene that always gets me rolling on the floor laughing is when Peter Pan tells Captain Hook to scream in front of his crew and Peter's lost boys that he's a codfish, and you see everyone just cheer and make fun of Captain Hook as well as that blasted crocodile that won't leave him alone. This is such a great movie, if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, it's a fun film to watch and will always hold a great place in my heart.

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Thrilling and daring.
MR_Heraclius20 February 2020
Another Disney masterpiece. Excellent storyline, thrilling action, absolutely delightful, and the tune you can fly will bring a tear to your eye, but maybe the last part's just me. The only problem is, this is a Disney movie where some real sexist comments and stereotypes come out. However, it's an old movie, and people had a different way of thinking in 1953 than they do today. Overall, an absolute delight to watch, and a must see Disney classic!
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One Of The Great Animated Films Of The 50s
mpofarrell25 March 2003
If Walt Disney had never made another cartoon feature after BAMBI in 1942 he would still be remembered as the man who transformed the animated full length film into an art form. SNOW WHITE , PINOCCHIO , FANTASIA and BAMBI all belong on the list of the greatest achievements in American Film. Disney's next phase in full length animation took place after World War 2 and although these subsequent works may not match the brilliance and creativity of the earlier films, they still possess the superb craftsmanship the Disney artists are famous for. Missing from the new batch of films was the meticulous background detail that distinguished the earlier projects. Starting with Cinderella in 1950, the animators seemed to concentrate more on clean, uncluttered backgrounds but the drawing was just as professional as before , characters still brought to life with fluid, lifelike movements. Colors tended to be bright and splashy, but the cartoonists also knew when subtlety was called for, and scenes occurring at night were done with convincing atmosphere and shadows. The success of Cinderella confirmed that the movie-going public was still willing to be entertained and moved by a cartoon movie, and Disney and his artists forged ahead with an impressive array of animated features that to this day remain models of the Art Form. Perhaps the greatest of these was PETER PAN, first released in 1953. Based on J.M. Barrie's immortal play and novel about the little boy who doesn't want to grow up, PETER PAN had been a project stewing in Disney's mind for years. It wasn't until after the War that work on the film really took off. When the movie was completed and finally released to theaters, Disney seemed rather ambivalent about its achievement. He had a hard time defining who Peter actually was as a character but to millions of children in movie theaters all over the world, that didn't seem to matter. PETER PAN is not very deep story-wise. It lacks the heart and sentiment of the Barrie original, which to some degree is a good thing. Past stage versions and the spectacular 1924 Paramount film version could be cloyingly sentimental at times.

The Disney version is light and breezy and moves at a clip. The London sequence which opens the picture is spectacular in both the backdrops and the animation itself. When Peter, Wendy, John and Michael leap out of the Darling nursery window and fly over nighttime Edwardian London the viewer is treated to some of the most thrilling animation ever created for the movies. Later sections of the movie are equally enchanting, and the personage of the villainous Captain Hook is brought to great comic life by Disney animators and the marvelous vocal talent of Hans Conried. As with past Disney efforts, the song score is superb. "Second Star to the Right", "You Can Fly" and "Your Mother and Mine" are highlights in a tuneful soundtrack created by Sammy Cahn and Sammy Fain.

PETER PAN holds a special place in my heart. It was the first movie I ever saw. As a 4 year old sitting with my father in an ornate, red carpeted movie palace in Cincinnati, Ohio, looking up at that big screen watching Peter and his friends swooping and flying over the roofs and spires of London was an overwhelming experience. I was hooked, so to speak, and it is an image that has stayed with me ever since. This is the film that initiated my love affair with movies. PETER PAN is one of the iconic films of the Baby Boom Generation.
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Another Disney many are there now?
rapt0r_claw-124 July 2004
'Peter Pan' is undoubtedly one of the best of Disney's films. The story isn't too deep or meaningful, as, say, 'Bambi'. The power behind it is the familiarity. Every little kid yearns to haveadventures like Peter, so everyone identifies with the story. To tell the truth, the film is kind of episodic, like an extra-large TV cartoon special. The climax is fittingly climactic, but the final defeat of Hook isn't really powerful enough, which makes it disappointing after all the flashy swordplay. Speaking of Hook, he and Mr Smee are inevitably the scene-stealers, no matter how beloved Peter may be to children. The same way, in Hook/Smee scenes, if you throw in a hungry crocodile, the monstrous reptile will overshadow even Hook. Wendy really looks too old to be horrified about growing up, though, except for the sequences in which she fantasizes about Never Land with all the authenticity of a three-year-old. Never Land is beautiful, to say the least. The lush jungles and the mermaid lagoon is wonderfully brought to life, as is the eery Skull Island. This is the best showcase for the art direction. Also excellent is the detailed, meticulous design of the wooden hideout of the Lost Boys.

'Peter Pan' is one of my all-time favorites. It has humor, great animation, and the best part of it is a simplistic story that revolves around the desires of the child within all of us (I'm still twelve, so I never had to look too deep). A must-see for any animation fan, particularly Disney buffs, the young and the young-at-heart.

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tiyusufaly25 January 2003
Except for The Jungle Book (which I watched every day as a kid), Peter Pan was probably my favorite Disney film during my childhood. Why? Its in the story. I mean, who hasn't been a kid and wished they could fly or do something else magical at least once in a lifetime? Neverland is a place kids dream about, having adventure with Indians and mermaids and pirates. That is what makes this film so wonderful, that despite its simple plot, its less than complex characters, it is something that brings back memories. It is something that kids can relate to, and something that teenagers and adults can watch and think, "Ah, I remember when I used to wish I were like that." There's no real moral, just a simple story that is purely entertainment. And that is why I loved this and The Jungle Book so much when I was a young kid. Now older, my perspectives have changed, but not even Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan, my three favorite Disney films, have such sentimental value to me as those two films do. Its just a shame that the sequel to Peter Pan was horrendous, I hope they don't do the same to The Jungle Book this February.
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A Timeless Disney Film With More Issues Than I Had Remembered
nmholland19 June 2016
Peter Pan is directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske, and is a post war Disney animated film about a young man named Peter Pan that lives in Neverland, a place in the sky in which no one physically grows up. When Wendy, a teenage girl living in late 19th century Britain, decides she doesn't want to grow up, Peter escorts her and her two younger brothers to Neverland, where an evil pirate named Captain Hook is out to get revenge on Peter Pan.

Many older Disney films are considered classics, and Peter Pan is definitely one of them. From the characters, to the top notch animation, Peter Pan is one of the most iconic animated films of all time. Even 60 years later, most everyone has seen Peter Pan, from people who grew up with it when it came out, to children who are growing up with it today. Rewatching Peter Pan, however, I found a few problems with it that stand out along with all of the great aspects of the film.

To start, the animation in Peter Pan is absolutely timeless. Every hand drawn fame of the characters or environment looks amazing, and engulfs the viewer into the bright, whimsical place that is Neverland. All of the characters are also excellently animated, especially when in action. The two characters that stand out the most are that of Peter Pan and his rival, Captain Hook. This particular aspect demands that, in each scene, the viewers' eye is drawn to either of the two enemies, which was a very smart move on the filmmakers' part.

On the subject of characters, all of the voice acting is very good, with great performances being given by, specifically, that of Bobby Driscoll (as Peter) and Hans Conried (as both Hook and Mr. Darling). These two play off of each other brilliantly, washing away all suspicion of two men recording in a studio. The other actors also do very well, and aren't necessarily outshadowed by that of Driscoll or Conried.

One big issue I did find with Peter Pan was the pacing. It may be confusing to read, but the pacing in Peter Pan is so good that it makes a 77 minute film feel like 45 minutes. Each and every scene is so necessary that the film flies by very quickly. One blink could cause major confusion with how a character got from point A to point B, or where the characters even are. It may be hard to comprehend, but, once seeing the film, this problem is understandable.

Another issue I found with the film is the writing for Peter Pan himself. Peter Pan, as written in the original play, is a fun loving child that never grows up. He is supposed to be free- spirited, and a caring person. However, the script for this film seems to portray Peter as a cocky, selfish jerk. He feels as if he's above the Darling children, and, at points in the film, is pretty close to being hated by the audience. He begins to get a bit annoying, and has the viewer rooting for Wendy and her brothers, therefore indirectly rooting for Peter, rather than having us root for Peter himself.

Overall, Peter Pan isn't as fantastic as I had remembered it to be. Is it a good, timeless film? Yes, it is, but it has a few more problems that I see more clearly now than I used to. Anyone who isn't too hard on films will enjoy Peter Pan, and others will, too, because it is a pretty good movie.
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Another blockbuster for Walt Disney
NewEnglandPat25 February 2003
This Disney cartoon classic offers flights of fancy that appeal directly to children's fertile imaginations. The ability to fly and be a devil-may-care youngster and never grow up, exploring a fantasy island of Indians, pirates, mermaids and mysterious caves is a powerful magnetic pull for young dreamers. The production's artwork is beautiful, and the characters and catchy tunes add to the pleasure of watching this movie. Peter Pan is nearly upstaged by his companion Tinker Bell, a temperamental pixie who is jealous and possessive of Peter's friendship with Wendy. Captain Hook and his shadow, the crocodile, the sniveling Smee, the beautiful mermaids, and the stoic Tiger Lily are all memorable characters. The catchy tunes also make this adventure one of Disney's best.
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A Classic That Still Soars
EmperorNortonII1 May 2004
"Peter Pan" is without a doubt one of Disney's classics, alongside animated features such as "Snow White" and "Pinocchio." It captures the imagination just as J.M. Barrie's novel and play have. In the movie, the eternally young Peter Pan takes Wendy Darling and her brothers to Neverland, a place of the imagination, populated by Indians, mermaids and pirates. Captain Hook, voiced by Hans Conreid, will always be a classic villain, and his henchman, Smee, is a perfect comic relief. There are many funny scenes and good animated sequences. Beneath it all, the story speaks to the kid in all of us. We remember how important it can be to remain young at heart.
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Wonderful, magical Disney classic
tatum43428 March 2000
This is one of the most charming, magical movies ever! It is an adaptation of James Barrie's Peter Pan, the story of the boy who wouldn't grow up. It starts in London, where a very proper Wendy has one night left in the nursery before she most grow up. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Darling are out for an office party, and the nursemaid, a dog named Nana is tied up outside for the night. Peter Pan comes and takes Wendy and her brothers John and Micheal away to Neverland, "the second star to the right and staight on til morning", with the help of the pixie dust from the jealous little pixie Tinkerbell. A sprinkling of the dust makes them fly, just like Peter does. Once in Neverland they encounter mermaids, Indians, and the foppish, but evil villian Captain Hook. This beloved story will bring you back to your childhood and this delightful score will be hard to forget! It is sure to have you singing along! This is a wonderful movie that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike!
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Magical. Simply magical.
motormouth235421 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Disney movies" and "children's movies" are often used interchangeably, but I believe that Peter Pan is a truly captivating story for both young and old. As a child I was entranced by the beautiful colors and artwork, the mysterious fairies and their magical dust, and the elusive character of Peter Pan. I wanted nothing more than to catch a fairy and keep her as my own. I imagined her teaching me to fly and then leading the way to Neverland. I also found myself yelling at the television near the end of the movie when Peter refuses to go back to London with Wendy. They should get married, darn it! They're perfect together! Hey, I was a kid...

Now, as an adult, I see the story for what I believe Sir James Barrie was trying to say. One stage tradition holds that Captain Hook and Mr. Darling are played by the same actor. Disney stuck with this by using the same voice actor. I believe that Barrie was trying to speak on poor father-child relations, which are still present today. Captain Hook is scary. Children fear and often do not understand their fathers. On a similar note is the crocodile which Hook so deeply fears. The crocodile swallowed a clock (as well as Hook's hand) and now chases Hook around. I believe that this symbolizes a man's fear of time. Or rather a father's fear that he is not close with his children and must hurry up before it's too late.

I fell in love with Peter Pan (both the character and the movie) at a very young age (it was the first movie I ever saw) and continue to love it today. Young or old, boy or girl, man or woman, this movie will warm your heart and hopefully teach you a lesson or two.
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A great classic!
TheLittleSongbird9 March 2009
Peter Pan is a very good movie indeed, which is more to be said for its sequel, which I think is one of the worst Disney sequels. While enormously entertaining especially with Hook and the crocodile, it lacks the complexity of the book. However, the animation is beautiful, especially our first look at Neverland and the Mermaid Lagoon. The songs are also lovely, especially "2nd Star to the Right" and "You can Fly". I loved the characters. Peter and the Darlings were well done, as well as the lost Boys. I also loved Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook, who was a great villain, until the sequel ruined him. If you want a more complex Hook, try Tim Curry's Hook in the animated TV series Peter Pan and the Pirates, which I personally think should be brought back. Captain Hook was wonderful here, in the series, and Jason Issac's interpretation of the character isn't to be missed either. 9/10 Bethany Cox. PS. I loved the crocodile!
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great politically incorrect fun
MartinHafer20 October 2005
Having seen this movie again several times recently, I have learned to appreciate this film a little more. While not nearly as good as some of the more famous Disney films (such as Beauty and the Beast, Bambi or Little Mermaid), it still deserves a 9 because it is head and shoulders better than other kids movies. The animation is very good, pace is fast and the movie is just fun. The negatives are simply a product of the times, in that this is about the most politically incorrect Disney film ever made (perhaps more so than Song of the South). I'm sure that MANY American Indians watch the film and deservedly cringe at the depiction of Indians, who seem rather dumb and sing the song "what makes the red man red?"--an ode to every terrible stereotype about Indians. BUT, I am a strong believer in discussing these things and NOT condemning the entire film. In fact, I am a history teacher and have used the film to talk about these aspects of the film.
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Classy Disney tale with unforgettable roles : Hook , Tink, Smee , the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily and based on Sir James M. Barrie's 1904 play
ma-cortes13 December 2016
This classic contains adventures , imagination , astounding as well as gorgeous sets and brilliant images . The picture mingles action , feats , humor , tongue-in-cheek , fantasy and a lot of entertainment . The film centers about Peter Pan (voice by Bobby Driscoll) , a nice adolescent who doesn't want grow up , Wendy , and brothers , all of them form a motley group going to Neverland , the wonderful and enchanted island . As they are whisked away to the magical world of Neverland on a magical flight . Peter Pan , Tink and Lost Boys , a gang of rag-tag runaways (they were boys who fell out of their prams while the nurses weren't looking , whereas Peter Pan is a permanent resident of Never Neverland, the lost boys are only temporary lodgers , if they seem to grow up, Peter Pan sends them home) will take on captain Hook , Smee and pirates henchmen . Meanwhile , Pan fights enemies and attempts to save his friends from scheming Captain Hook , Smee and his hoodlums .

The film contains emotion , humor , fantasy , a lot of fun and songs from Sammys Cahn and Fain . Here Peter and friends undertake several adventures in Neverland ; as Pan with the help of her and the Lost Boys battling Captain Hook and Smee . All ingredients are well presented and and correct and directors Clyde Geronimi , Wilfred Jackson , Hamilton Luske inject much excitement into the many boisterous action scenes . From the beginning to the end the amusement and entertainment is interminable . An entertaining movie that turns out to be colorful and delightful , though a little tiring when the characters are singing , but is still shines . The highlights film are the marvelous images when Peter Pan and Jane are flying throughout Neverland , as they fly over clouds , Tipis , Indian tribes and skull monument . Due to controversy over their appearance in this original movie , as Disney attracted negative comments for their stereotypical depiction of Indians, as indeed did J.M. Barrie with his original play . Marvelous and hilarious scenes carried out by the Disney animators , including extreme comic possibilities when happen "Hook vs. the Crocodile" , adding the unforgettable " Tick Tock!" sound heard from the crocodile.

Although original author J.M. Barrie is credited , this film was the only major version of "Peter Pan" to use little of his original dialogue . A great cast of actors to be used to shoot this classy including Hans Conried (Hook) , Bobby Driscoll (Peter Pan) , Bill Thompson (Mr. Smee) , Heather Angel (Mrs. Darling) , among others . Disney went on to exasperate purist fans (similarly to cartoon rendition ¨Alice in Wonderland¨) using American boy star Bobby Driscoll's voice for Pan and modelling Tinkerbell on Marilyn Monroe . Many Peter Pan purists were very upset by the characterization of Tinker Bell as a petulant and voluptuous young woman as old film ¨Peter Pan¨ as its sequel titled ¨Return to Never Land¨ . The fable will appeal to adventure and classic tale fan . Rating : 8/10 above average . It's a terrific familiar amusement that will appeal to vintage tale fans .

Other films and stage productions dealing with this classic personage are the followings : The original Broadway production of "Peter Pan", or "The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up" by J.M. Barrie opened at the Empire Theater on November 6, 1905 , it ran for 223 performances, closed on May 20, 1906, and starred nineteenth-century stage actress Maude Adams, who never made any films ; silent film ¨Peter Pan¨ (1924) starred by Virginia Brown Faire as Tinker Bell , it uses much of Barrie's original dialogue ; Peter Pan (1953) with voice by Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, Hans Conried ; ¨Hook¨(2001) with Steven Spielberg with Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook , Robin Williams , Freddie Highmore , Julia Roberts , Bob Hoskins as Smee , Maggie Smith and Caroline Goodall ; ¨Finding Neverland¨ (2004) by Marc Foster with Johnny Depp as James M Barry , Kate Winslet , Kelly McDonald as Peter Pan , Julie Christie , Radha Mitchell , and recent version ¨Peter Pan¨ by JP Hogan with Jeremy Sumpter , Raquel Wood and Jason Isaac . And the official sequel to classic history with an enjoyable Peter Pan , ¨Return to Never Land¨(2002) by Robin Budd and Donovan Cook , though it was originally planned as a direct-to-video release in which the protagonist of the story results to be Wendy's daughter and is set in London during World War II , she is abducted by Captain Hook and Peter Pan must come to the rescue in order to challenge his old enemy once again .
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the Crocodile is the best character in this movie
lagudafuad26 November 2012
Watching this movie 15 years after probably the last time I saw it, I still found myself laughing every time Peter Pan took on Hook, it was all arranged for laughs by Disney to make a mockery of the dear Captain Hook.

My favorite character in the movie was not Peter, Hook, Wendy, Wendy's brothers or The Lost boys; my favorite character was the Crocodile. I can't just get it out of my head how he seems to be so creative in trying to catch Captain Hook, my favorite was when he pushed aside the boat that Hook was trying to jump into and he caught Hook in his mouth.

Disney's Peter Pan animation was done in 1953 and it is based on the play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up in 1904 and a novel in 1911 by J. M. Barrie. It is the 14th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series.

It features the adventures of Peter Pan a boy who could fly and wouldn't grow up and lives in Neverland with the lost boys. His partner or side kick is Tinker Bell a fairy. The story also features his adventures with Wendy and her brothers, as they learn to fly to Neverland, meet the mermaids, Tiger Lily and the red Indians. They also battle Captain Hook and his crew.

Disney out did themselves in this money spinning classic, that raked in more than 20 times its production cost (making over 80 million in the box office), Peter Pan became a source of controversy in its stereotyping of its Characters, especially the Native Indians. If not for the time it was made such a movie will never leave the production board, due to its referring of the Indians as red and comparing them to hunting animals.

Peter Pan was the last and final Disney film in which all nine members of Disney's Nine Old Men worked together as directing animators and it was the last movie that was distributed by RKO Radio Pictures before Walt Disney's founding of his own distribution company, Buena Vista Distribution.

Peter Pan has remained a classic over the years for children and adults alike and it is one of my best Disney animations. I will like to say it is a nice watch and something to own and keep for later as you will love to see it years after, just to see the two (Peter and Hook) go at it again and if you are like me to see the Croc try to get Hook again.
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action-68 September 2000
Peter Pan is one of Disney`s best movies of all time. It is about the boy, who didn`t want to grow up and it is a fabolous adventure that is high on atmosphere, adventure, style and entertainment. Many of the songs are superb, and the voices are good. Watch it with the original English dialogue, it is way better than the poorly dubbed versions that plague European countries. If you want a superb adventure, go for "Peter Pan". 9/10
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Disney Version Technically Superb;Plot is Oversimplified
hans1010674 November 2000
Barrie's "PeterPan" is a highly complex story.There are strong elements of social satire,moral ambiguities,deep psychological issues,and emotional traumas investigated in this play.Almost all these aspects have been eliminated in the animated version.Topics such as: dealing with our parents,abandonment,mixed feelings toward our loved ones,and developing a mature adult libidinal attitude have all been erased.Hook's escape at the end,and the return of Peter AND the Lost Boys to Neverland violate some of the core elements of the story.Those criticisms aside,this is really well done.The animation is excellent;the characterizations are first-rate;and by actually having Peter done by a boy,an element of a (benign )sexual rivalry between Wendy and Tiger Lily is introduced.The boys,pirates,and Indians are marvelous,and the crocodile is a masterpiece.(He does act more like a dog than a reptile;Nana come back in disguise,maybe?He reminds me of a miniature dachshund I owned for 13 years.)This is probably the best way to introduce anyone to Peter Pan.
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Excellent, Entertaining, Imaginative, Magical, Inspirational Fun Film!
lz_merrifield8 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Peter Pan is my most favorite Disney film of all time and the best one in my book. This film, being 60 years old has the exciting youthful feel I'm sure it had in the beginning when first premiered in 1953. Walt Disney was a man of imagination and this film proves it for the entertaining, imaginative, and magical moments that go on in it.

The film is the following: Excellent, entertaining, imaginative, magical, and inspirational, and I can put them all together.

Wonderful story, excellent animation, outstanding voice cast (you couldn't pick anyone better in the day than Bobby Driscoll,there couldn't have been a better Peter Pan for the way he was portrayed: cocky, fun, exciting, imaginative, a fighter, though there he had a soft spot and was there whenever his friends needed him. Kathryn Beaumont, you can't compete for a better Wendy. As far as I'm concerned, Kathryn Beaumont was the best Wendy ever. Here, Wendy knew all about Peter Pan and was an optimistic female for there weren't many I'm sure in that day, also, she knew how to spin a perfect Peter Pan tale. Hans Conried was a magnificent Captain Hook. I really love how they Disney-sized him to be still evil, but not the type where you would actually murder someone and get away with it, so there he's different than the Captain Hook in the novel, and actually better. Bill Thompson was a hilarious Smee, they downsized him to be as sweet as sugar and complete opposite of the captain, which is the stereotype of a sidekick anyway. You couldn't have chosen a better Tinkerbell than Margaret Kerry. I think who deserves the most praise here is Paul Collins, the voice of John Darling, who is hardly recognized. He knew how to put the role to work without making it dull and boring, and John became one of my favorite characters of all time. Moving on, lastly, there is a wonderful score! The Second Star to the Right is a wonderful ballad, even the remakes were good (especially Jonatha Brooke, singer in the second film sang it like the ballad it is, but actually no one can compete with the Jud Conlon Chorus who practically sang all of the films' songs) You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!, whimsical and can put you on the edge of your seat, A Pirates Life, fun. Following the Leader, can have you sing along and make you laugh. What Makes The Red Man Red?- comical song, and can have you laughing your head off. Your Mother and Mine- a nice lullaby. And last but not least The Elegant Captain Hook, entertaining song, having kids enthralled by what goes on it a pirate's life, and being scared to death when threatened to walk the plank.

If you own the Disney Classics Video to the Platinum Edition DVD, you will see the color is very beautiful and very experimental in the You Can Fly sequence drawing characters to fly.

There are a lot of entertaining parts, especially concerning Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Peter Pan when taunting Captain Hook the most throughout the film.

The movie is both imaginative and magical at the same type because it's so unique. It's nothing like the original book and I'm sure that's what made it the huge hit it was. It's a shame that it didn't win anything, but it's still a 10/10 for me.

The movie is also inspirational, because fans of Peter Pan can be free to make up their own stories.

Peter Pan- Excellent, 10/10 film! Thank you, Walt Disney for bringing us the best of your masterpieces!
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Not Disney's Best, But Certainly A Disney Classic
FiendishDramaturgy18 March 2007
There are better Disney films to be seen; among them are Finding Nemo, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. However, this IS among their best, and one of my favorites. While entirely politically incorrect, this work retains the heart and love typically demonstrated by early Disney films.

This is a grand adventure which provides you with superior animation, a beautiful soundtrack, well defined characters, and-for many-fond memories.

It rates a 7.4/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Buyer Beware of the Platinum Edition!
benoit-315 March 2007
The film deserves a 10 but this latest DVD transfer by DTS Digital Images has taken all the brilliance of the latest photochemical Technicolor restoration of this film and thrown it out the porthole...

Exactly why that is is anybody's guess: Lack of respect of a 100 years of film-making, lack of interest in the film's history, colour-blindness, lack of supervision by Disney's Nine Old Men? A corporate decision to give the film a radical new look? The refusal on the restorers' part to remove their sunglasses? A horrible computer foul-up? You tell me! What is evident is that the colours have been drastically altered, the contrast is subdued and the bitrate is not very high. The colours are slanted, not so much towards yellow as towards gold. Everything is imbued with a golden glow which makes Tinker Bell the real heroine of the story and brings out the golden highlights on everything from Mr. Darling's cuff links to the golden ornaments on Hook's ship. Peter Pan's tunic is at times a sickly wilted parboiled creamed corn colour. There is no true blue sky, just a variant of Egyptian Blue. Neverland sometimes looks like your lazy neighbour's parched garden. The skies are often milky white or beige. The red and blue wallpaper in the Darling children's bedroom is now a brownish mushy mess. Mermaid Lagoon has lost its greenery and turned a repulsive and rather obscene labia pink... Having said this, it is quite possible that the unwary viewer, taken in by the quality of the animation and the beautifully restored sound, will overlook these limitations but it is still no excuse for this abomination, which is miles removed from the colour values of this film that have been preserved for 55 years in the form of its original artwork. It's a wild, one might say irresponsible concept, which some might call "experimental", except that experience has gone horribly wrong. What the digital "restorers" have actually done is to artificially deprive the yellow(negative)/blue(positive) layer of the original 3-strip Technicolor film of about half its information.

On the down side, the Redskins have turned a politically correct pink. On the plus side, every brown and yellow surface is made to shine unnaturally, even at night, and lots of things are visible in the dark that weren't before. The reverse is true in the daytime.

In the indoor scenes, this slant towards yellow makes sense as it replicates the warm, nostalgic, homey glow of lamplight. Otherwise... The best thing I can say is that it gives the viewer a brand new (though some might say old-fashioned) perspective on a film he's seen maybe too often and the total effect is unreal and reminiscent of a yellowed full-colour illustration in an old picture book. A quick look at the numerous art galleries in the extras will remind you that there should have been a whole lot more green and blue everywhere according to the original artwork.

Where the PE really shines, though, is in the sound department which might persuade me to buy this edition (I only rented). The whole soundtrack (dialog, singing voices, orchestra, sound effects) has been completely rethought, refurbished and rechannelled creatively for 5.1 (in French and Spanish too). There is a lot of work evident also in the original mono track. But in the Enhanced home theatre mix (the word "enhanced" appears three times on the cover), very interesting things happen. The dialog is mostly in the center speaker but the music comes regularly through the other four speakers. At some points, individual instruments are made to come through all the surround speakers (like the harp, when Peter appears on the rooftop, instead of the flute, like you might guess). The sound of instruments and voices has been given more resonance. It is less harsh, dry or abrupt. The children voices are almost bearable in this version. There is nothing grating in the brass or in any other part of the orchestra. Everything sounds modern, natural and free-flowing. Of course, the sound effects have been amplified with bass and the mix makes good use of directional effects (Tinker Bell's glockenspiel and celesta, the crocodile's ticking clock, Peter's ghostly voice in Skull Rock). The whole film becomes a symphony where the music takes center stage without overshadowing the character voices, which are now disentangled from the surrounding music. This is an element that could have seriously added to the dream-like quality of the whole, were it no for the off-kilter colours. By comparison, the 5.1 mix of the Special Edition (2002) and the 4.0 mix of the Limited Edition (1999) was only fat, untreated mono with lots of harshness in the loud passages and instability in the soft ones.

Well... considering the radical changes made to the colour palette, maybe they could have called this the "Golden Slumbers Edition" or "Pixie Dust Edition" or, better still "Global Warming Edition"... And it's not something you can correct with the Tint button (which adds red or green) or with the Cold setting (which adds a little blue). But it's perfect if you are sound-oriented and an improved sound is very important to you, if you have no memories of what "Peter Pan" used to look like or if you really pictured Hook's harpsichord as being made of solid gold.
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The J.M. Barrie classic comes to life!
bmbdsm5 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Darlings live in a small house in London with their three children: Wendy, John, and Michael. The children love to tell tales about their favorite hero Peter Pan, a boy who will never grow up. Mr. Darling, however, decides that it is time for Wendy to grow up. Later that night, while the Darlings are away at a party, Peter Pan shows up to find his shadow along with the sassy fairy Tinker Bell. Wendy wakes up to discover Peter. He tells her about Neverland, his home. Soon, Peter, Wendy and her brothers are off to Neverland. When the evil pirate Captain Hook discovers that Peter is back, he kidnaps Wendy, John, Michael, and The Lost Boys, Peter's buddies. Peter, with the help of Tinker Bell, saves the day.

This Disney classic is an audience pleaser, even after 53 years when it was first released. It is wonderfully adapted from the J.M. Barrie book and play. It also has a wonderful voice cast, including Disney veteran Bobby Driscoll as Peter, Kathryn Beaumount (who played the title role in Disney's ALICE IN WONDERLAND) as Wendy, and Hans Conried, playing both Captain Hook and Mr. Darling. The songs, including "Following the Leader", "The Second Star to the Right", and "You Can Fly! You Can Fly!", are memorable. A true Disney masterpiece! 10/10
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Fun filled movie for the whole family
gunner-76 December 1999
The first time I ever had the pleasure of watching the Peter Pan story was with the Steven Spielberg production of Hook.

I found the Walt Disney 1953 version of Peter Pan outstanding in every way. Like all of the Disney animated classics I can honestly say when you sit down to watch one you just forget that it is an animated feature that you are viewing and Peter Pan is no exception.

Peter Pan is the story of a boy who refuses to grow up. This production has so much to offer the viewer with the humour, music and action scenes especially with Peter Pan and Hook. But we must not forget Wendy and her two brothers John, Michael and of cause Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys and the magical island in the heavens called Never Land where the story takes place.

So if you like a fun filled action adventure Peter Pan is certainly for you.
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Beloved 1953 animated adaptation of J.M. Barrie's book
ersinkdotcom31 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This beloved 1953 animated adaptation of J.M. Barrie's book was the last of Disney's films to be distributed through RKO Pictures. That fact gives it even more historical significance for cinema buffs. It's easily one of my favorite movies from the Mouse House because of its quick pace and borderline dark humor.

Peter Pan returns to the nursery of Wendy, Michael, and John Darling after losing his shadow. He visits them frequently in secret to listen to Wendy's tales about himself and his adventures in Neverland. Peter accidentally wakes the children up and agrees to take them to Neverland with him. They soon get tangled up in a battle between with Captain Hook and his pirates. Joining them in their fight are the Lost Boys and the fairy Tinkerbell.

"Peter Pan" has something for everyone. There's a girl yearning for adventure, an Indian princess, a beautiful sparkling fairy, and mermaids for the younger female audiences out there. Boys can get excited over pirates, Indians, and mischievous little troublemakers who like to fight with each other. Adults will enjoy it because of its humor and ability to take them back to a more innocent time when they weren't bogged down with so many grown-up responsibilities.

It's funny to watch "Peter Pan" now in the politically correct environment we live in. It's a children's cartoon in which we witness Captain Hook shoot a pirate for singing too loud, Peter make rude comments about girls, a little boy smoke a peace pipe, and listen to Indians sing about "What Makes the Red Man Red." Isn't it strange how what's acceptable changes over the years?
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I dunno about you, but it lives in mine!
MovieFan98326 January 1999
This was one of the best Disney classics, no masterpieces made, it was funny, colorful, lively, stylish, entertaining, thrilling, and had everything in it, to go round. I give it a 9 out of 10.
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Nice, but I have seen better
rbverhoef27 June 2003
After great Disney classics like 'Snow White', 'Pinocchio', 'Bambi' and 'Dumbo' and a nice one like 'Alice in Wonderland' I have to say 'Peter Pan' is a little disappointing. Just a little though. It has all the nice Disney ingredients so it is still pretty entertaining. The crocodile that has eaten the hand of Hook (and the ticking clock) and wants the rest of his body has the funniest scenes, one with Smee (voice by Bill Thompson) in particular. Hook (Hans Conried) and Peter Pan (Bobby Driscoll) have some funny scenes as well. Wendy (Kathryn Beaumont, also voice of Alice in 'Alice in Wonderland') is your usual Disney woman, adorable but sometimes a little too good and brave. All this together makes a nice Disney movie, but not much more than that.
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Delightful film-Tinker Bell a wonder
CKCSWHFFAN9 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a nice, fun film.

Tinker Bell is one of my favorite Disney characters. She is fun, has a temper, loyalty, gets jealous.

And, I confess this is the ONLY version of the Peter Pan story I have ever seen, except for 1991 "Hook".

No Mary Martin, No Cathy Rigby either.

This is Peter Pan & the only version of interest of me.

Already out on DVD twice, Disney needs to release a special edition with extras.

Course, the impact of the Tinker Bell character to Disney. One character people just love & you do see her everywhere.

Captain Hook is one of my favorite Disney villains. Mr Smee behind him, those 2 make a good match.

Wonderful music.

And, I can not forget Tic Toc. A favorite scene from the film, a little one, when he misses Hook YET again & he hits the water with the fin/fist/claw.
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