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Sundance ’17: Short Film ‘Fucking Bunnies’

Sundance ’17: Short Film ‘Fucking Bunnies’
by Peter Belsito

This is a dark somewhat surreal comedy from Helsinki Finland is of a boring middle aged guy, Raimo, whose life is upended when his new apartment complex next door neighbors are devil worshiping sex cultists.

The film follows him as he tries to avoid them but is slowly drawn into their uncomfortable (but attractive) circle.

Middle class life will never be the same.

The new neighbor guy is Maki, very nice and considerate, always on the lookout for new friends. Being oblivious to Raimo’s subtle hints to keep his distance, Maki volunteers to be his squash partner.

Trying to avoid sharing his squash slot with the persistent cult leader Maki, Raimo ends up living in a lie that gets him into trouble.

Fucking Bunnies” is a short film about squash, friendship, the educated middle class’ feeling of lost security, and their efforts to overcome an unexpected rush of strange feelings,
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Thn Interviews ‘Hate Crime’ Director James Cullen Bressack

The suitably creepy month of October allowed Thn to attend Manchester’s cult and horror film festival Grimmfest. Amongst the host of classic and contemporary genre offerings (some great, some gash – all gory), one film this Thn contributor struggled with was James Cullen Bressack’s home-invasion shocker Hate Crime (read our review here). The film is in no way bad in filmmaking terms, it’s actually one of the few found-footage efforts that makes sense and works but it is brutal and more’s the warning, will disturb, disgust and outrage many with its realistic approach to horror that sadly reflects pain and suffering as part of human nature.

Centred on a loving Jewish family celebrating their son and brother Alex’s 13th Birthday, what follows over the course of the next 75 minutes will live long in the memory, providing you last that long. Thn were lucky enough to put
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‘Hate Crime’ Director James Cullen Bressack To Helm ‘The New Neighbor’

Possibly the most uncomfortable cinematic experience I’ve ever had, came at this years Grimmfest event with James Cullen Bressack’s shocker Hate Crime (read our review here). The story of a family’s night of celebration that soon turns into the most horrifying experience imaginable is expecting a UK release in the near future, which I can promise will push your viewing limits. We have an interview with Bressack coming soon, but in the meantime we have a press release confirming the directors next project and one we hope is a little easier on the senses…

From writer / producer Brandon Sites (Fat Kid Massacre: The Short Film Version) and director James Cullen Bressack (Hate Crime) comes “The New Neighbor”, a film that combines elements of horror, mystery and erotic thriller to create a thrilling horror movie experience. “The New Neighbor” is set to start filming in the Va area
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Indie Spotlight

  • DailyDead
Tamika Jones returns with the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the latest indie horror news sent our way. In this edition, we have the first details on Die, Maniacs, Die!, a new clip from ThanksKilling 3, information on Convention of the Dead, and more:

Die, Maniacs, Die! to Begin Production in 2013: “Producers Andrea Albin and Scott Spiegel of Fatality Films will begin production in 2013 on their latest venture “Die, Maniacs, Die!” written by Corey Schubert and Eric La Fuente.

This rollicking gore fest focuses on the town of New Thetford and the hidden secrets that it keeps, including those secrets that house themselves in the form of deranged and disfigured maniacs.

Years after the death of her parents, Amelia follows in their investigative footsteps only to find herself and her team caught in the horrifying traps of New Thetford’s best kept secret. Amelia, with the help of her older brother Orlando,
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Indie Vampire Project The New Neighbor to Commence Filming in January

Word of an upcoming new vampire project called The New Neighbor landed in our inbox, and since we're always on the lookout for a different take on the bloodsucker sub-genre, we thought we'd pass on the info along with a bit of artwork.

From the Press Release:

From writer/producer Brandon Sites (Fat Kid Massacre: The Short Film Version) and director James Cullen Bressack (Hate Crime) comes The New Neighbor, a film that combines elements of horror, mystery, and erotic thriller to create a thrilling horror movie experience. The New Neighbor is set to start production in the Virginia area on January 14 with filming ending by the end of the month. Heading up the cast of The New Neighbor is Kaylee Williams (Porkchop 3D, Slices of Life) and raising horror star Ryan Sandefur (MTV’s "Teen Wolf" Season 2, Fat Kid Massacre).

The New Neighbor is about a college student (Kaylee Williams) and her brother,
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