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  • A ship on its way to New Caledonia is forced to quarantine in American Samoa due to a possible outbreak of typhus on board. Five passengers -- missionary Alfred Davidson (José Ferrer) , his wife Margaret (Peggy Converse) , Dr. Robert McPhail (Russell Collins) and his wife (Frances Morris), and ex-nightclub singer Sadie Thompson (Rita Hayworth) -- find temporary boarding at a general store that doubles as a hotel, run by Joe Horn (Harry Bellaver) and his native wife Ameena (Diosa Costello). Trouble ensues when the Davidsons find that they cannot tolerate Sadie's evil ways, fraternizing with soldiers, and dancing on Sunday, so Mr Davidson sets out to 'save' her. Edit

  • Miss Sadie Thompson is a musical based on British playwright W. Somerset Maugham's short story 'Miss Thompson' (later retitled 'Rain'). The story was adapted for the film by Russian-born screenwriter and playwright Harry Kleiner. Other movie versions of the short story include Rain (1932) (1932) and Sadie Thompson (1928) (1928). Edit

  • The Samoan Islands are located in the South Pacific, east of Australia. Apia is the capital city of Upolu (Western Samoa), and Pago Pago is the capital of Tutuila (American Samoa). Edit

  • The night before Sadie is slated to leave on the boat to San Francisco, Sgt Phil O'Hara (Aldo Ray) tells her that he's booked passage on a freighter to take her to New Caledonia and on to Australia, but Sadie is adamant about returning to San Francisco and face the charges against her, thanks to the counseling and support she has received from Davidson. Phil's visit is followed by one from Davidson. He thanks her for letting him 'save' her but, when he starts becoming too amorous, Sadie orders him not to touch her, but he keeps coming on. The next morning, Davidson's body is pulled out of the water. His throat is cut, and it is ruled a suicide. Phil rushes over to Horn's looking to see that Sadie got on her boat okay, but Mr Horn doesn't know. Suddenly, music is heard coming from Sadie's room. Phil opens her door to find her decked out in her pre-conversion clothes and makeup. Sadie claims to have come to her senses, but when she finds out that Davidson has killed himself, she races into her room and closes the door. Dr McPhail assures Sadie that she isn't responsible for Davidson's death. It's just that he couldn't practice what he preached. Phil reminds Sadie that she is now free to go to Australia and that he will meet her there in a month when he gets his discharge. In the final scene, Sadie waves to him as the motorboat pulls away from the dock. Edit



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