House of Wax (1953) Poster


Carolyn Jones: Cathy Gray



  • Cathy Gray : [Sue is helping Cathy get ready]  Pull it tighter Sue, pull it tighter, I want a waist like Anna Held.

    Sue Allen : If I pull it any tighter you're not going to be able to breathe.

    Cathy Gray : Oh that's alright, I don't need much breath anyway, as my late friend Matty used to say, if a girl don't watch her figure the men won't.

    Sue Allen : Matty? Wasn't that the man you were going to marry?

    Cathy Gray : Yes but he hung himself instead.


    Cathy Gray : Oh Matty was such a card.

    Sue Allen : Well where's your new friend going to take you tonight?

    Cathy Gray : To the Hauffman House for dinner, then to Tony Pastors for the vaudeville show.

    Sue Allen : That sounds like fun.

    Cathy Gray : Oh yeah he's a free spender alright, a little bit older than I like them, but awfully distinguished looking, I'm moving up

    [stops and breathes in slowly] 

    Cathy Gray : , I'm moving up honey, no girl ever hits the jackpot till after she passes 14th street.

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