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  • In Chicago, on Wednesday, June 3, 1953, at the Roosevelt theatre. An ad, same date, in the Chicago Tribune reads:

    World Premiere! Today--8:45 am, Balaban & Katz Roosevelt theatre, State nr Washington---Hollywood Comes To Chicago!---Be among the first to see this thrilling motion picture . . . actually filmed from dusk to dawn on the streets of Chicago! See the Stars On Our Stage--IN PERSON-- 6:30 pm--9:30 pm, Gig Young, Mala Powers, Chill Wills . . . The Mechanical Man . . . Sees All . . . Knows All . . . and tells a tale of Murder! Is he wax and metal or flesh and blood? A murder was committed before his eyes. What can he reveal? The killer had to know. Herbert J. Yates presents City That Never Sleeps, starring Gig Young, Mala Powers, William Talman, the killer in "The Hitch-Hicker", Edward Arnold, with Chill Wills, Marie Windsor, Paula Raymond. Republic Pictures Corporation Edit (Coming Soon)


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