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Doris Day Sings By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Saturday Morning at The Hi-Pointe

By the light of the silvery moon, I want to spoon! / To my honey, I’ll croon love’s tune / Honey moon, keep a shining in June! / Your silvery beams will bring love’s dreams / We’ll be cuddling soon, by the silvery moon”

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Screens Saturday November 8th at St. Louis’ fabulous Hi-Pointe Theater (1005 McCausland Ave., St. Louis, Mo) at 10:30am.

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon is a sequel to On Moonlight Bay and features Doris Day and Gordon MacRae returning as sweethearts in the early 1900s who get to croon some pretty wonderful songs of that period. It’s strictly family stuff, nostalgic and as prettily pictured as a postcard of an Americana that never really existed except in Hollywood’s imagination and Norman Rockwell paintings.

The story takes place just after the end of the first World War
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Dd-Day on Friday: Don't Miss One of the Most Exuberant Performers in Movie History

Doris Day movies: TCM’s ‘Summer Under the Stars 2013′ lineup continues (photo: Doris Day in ‘Calamity Jane’ publicity shot) Doris Day, who turned 89 last April 3, is Turner Classic Movies’ 2013 “Summer Under the Stars” star on Friday, August 2. (Doris Day, by the way, still looks great. Check out "Doris Day Today.") Doris Day movies, of course, are frequently shown on TCM. Why? Well, TCM is owned by the megaconglomerate Time Warner, which also happens to own (among myriad other things) the Warner Bros. film library, which includes not only the Doris Day movies made at Warners from 1948 to 1955, but also Day’s MGM films as well (and the overwhelming majority of MGM releases up to 1986). My point: Don’t expect any Doris Day movie rarity on Friday — in fact, I don’t think such a thing exists. Doris Day is ‘Calamity Jane’ If you haven’t watched David Butler’s musical
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Doris Day Still Looks Great

Doris Day today Doris Day, who turned 89 last April 24, was a special guest at the Nancy for Frank show — that’s Nancy Sinatra for Frank Sinatra — on SiriusXM Radio channel 71. The Doris Day photo above was posted on Nancy for Frank‘s Facebook page and on the Frank Sinatra Family Forum. (See also: Doris Day photo, with furry friend.) The Doris Day special was aired in two parts in late June 2013. The radio show consisted of Nancy Sinatra chatting with Day, in addition to musical interludes featuring Doris Day songs such as "I’ll String You Along with Me," "But Not for Me," "I’ll See You in My Dreams," and "Hooray for Hollywood," plus two versions of "I Didn’t Know What Time It Was" — one sang by Day, another sang by Frank Sinatra. Doris Day and Frank Sinatra made only movie together, Gordon Douglas’ 1954 musical drama Young at Heart,
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A celebration of Louis Jourdan

Feature Aliya Whiteley 13 Mar 2013 - 06:59

Aliya salutes one of Hollywood's most suave and talented actors - the great Louis Jourdan...

Traditionally Hollywood works in boxes. It finds a box, and then it places an actor in it. The box of the French lover has been filled by quite a few stars over the years: Charles Boyer, Maurice Chevalier, Yves Montand, Pepe Le Pew, Alain Delon, and even Gerard Depardieu for one moment in the madly entertaining Green Card.

Louis Jourdan was the most classically handsome of these actors (yes, even more debonair than the skunk). He had a smile that the camera loved and a way of cocking his head and crossing his legs that exuded style. Most well known for Vincent Minnelli’s chocolate-box love affair with France, Gigi, he brought a sense of humour to the film that kept it fresh, but it was a retread of his standard role.
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Doris Day Movies on TCM: On Moonlight Bay

Doris Day is Turner Classic Movies' Star of the Month of April 2012. TCM's Doris Day homage begins this evening with eight movies released at the start of Day's career at Warner Bros. In addition to Day's presence, what those movies have in common is the following: little plot, lots of music, and Old Hollywood's fluff-producing machinery at work. If that's your thing, don't miss them! Of those, the better one is probably Roy Del Ruth's On Moonlight Bay (1951, photo). Though nothing at all like Del Ruth's crackling Warner Bros. movies of the early '30s — e.g., The Maltese Falcon, Beauty and the Boss, Blessed Event — this musical comedy set in a small American town prior to World War I offers some genuine nostalgia, great songs, and charming performances, including those of the two good-looking leads, Day and Gordon MacRae. On Moonlight Bay was popular enough to merit a sequel,
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Actress, Singer Doris Day To Be Honored By TCM, Sony Masterworks & Warner Home Video

Turner Classic Movies (TCM), Sony Masterworks and Warner Home Video (Whv) are teaming up on a multi-tiered celebration of one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars: Doris Day. The celebration includes a new four-movie DVD package of memorable Day performance from Whv (in stores now); a brand new double CD set from Sony Masterworks (releasing April 3), with a collection of 31 songs curated by Day herself; and a five-night salute on TCM (April 2-6) This multi-pronged Doris Day tribute is timed to coincide with her birthday on April 3.

.I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sony Music on this collection of my recordings. I sang hundreds of songs, but because I was so busy singing, I rarely had the time to be involved in the compilation of the albums. So in this collection are some of my favorites, ones that I loved singing, and I hope you like them too,
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Actor/Singer Arms Dies

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Actor/Singer Arms Dies
American actor/singer Russell Arms has died at the age of 92.

The entertainer passed away at his home in Los Angeles on Monday. The cause of death is not known.

Arms began his career in radio before moving on to minor screen roles throughout World War II, starring alongside Bette Davis in The Man Who Came To Dinner, Doris Day in By the Light of the Silvery Moon and in James Cagney's Captain of the Clouds.

He also released his own music and was known for his 1957 hit single, Cinco Robles (Five Oaks).

Arms also worked as a vocalist on NBC show Your Hit Parade throughout the 1950s and wrote his own autobiography in 2005, titled My Hit Parade... and a Few Misses.

Los Angeles Film Critics Macho Career Achievement Award Choices

This year's Los Angeles Film Critics Association (Lafca) Career Achievement Award recipient Doris Day is only the fourth woman to be so honored, following Barbara Stanwyck (1981), Myrna Loy (right, 1983), and Dede Allen (1999). [Los Angeles Film Critics Career Achievement Award Winners.] The selection of Doris Day for the 2011 Career Achievement Award is unusual for a couple of reasons. First of all, Day is a woman. Whether in Los Angeles or elsewhere, whether we're talking about film critics' groups, film academies, or film festivals, men are the ones who almost invariably have their contributions to motion pictures recognized. The issue here is not political correctness on my part; anyone who has read my posts on this website knows I despise and fear political correctness the way I despise and fear any sort of illness that corrodes the mind. It's just that I'm not going to argue with the facts. As for the other reason that makes Day's selection unusual, a
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Monkey goes to National Television Awards | Media Monkey

There was an elephant in the room at last night's National Television Awards – the non-thinking viewers' Baftas - and its name was Richard Keys. Some, such as Jonathan Ross, chose to avoid the topic – "I have been out of the country," he told hacks. Others, such as Jeremy Clarkson, didn't just confront it, but got on the elephant's back and rode it around the room. "We are fucked, utterly fucked," said the Top Gear man when asked about the ramifications of the sexism row for the rest of the TV industry and in particular the not always entirely female-friendly BBC2 show. "Do you want honest answers or some bullshit line?" asked Clarkson, who promised to address the issue in his Sun column on Saturday. "We've arrived at a stage where you actually can be busted by heresy by thought, which is a terrifying place to live. While we try very
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'Mafia 2' Lists Old-Timey Soundtrack, Hosts Live Online Playthrough Today

On top of getting full lists of "Just Dance 2" tracks and "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" songs this week, we've also received a complete soundtrack listing for a game you may not have been looking forward to for its tunes — "Mafia 2." 2K Games released the rundown ahead of a live one-hour playthrough they're hosting today at 2Pm Pst via Ustream.

Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Louis Prima and Little Richard all appear on the game's soundtrack, which has been posted on the "Mafia 2" website. If "GTA Godfather" has always been something you thought you might like to play with some bona fide Ratpack music in the background, you should find the entries here to your liking:

• Gatemouth Moore - "Did You Ever Love A Woman"

• Al Hibbler - "After the Lights Go Down Low"

• Al Hibbler - "Count Every Star"

The Ames Brothers - "My Bonnie Lassie"

The Andrews Sisters -
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"24" Day 8: 1:00 Am - 2:00 Am

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We were duped! That was no old-school episode, unless by old school they meant tedious, slow and inducing grumpiness. Wait, maybe they meant an episode for old people? Seriously, writers, we still have fourteen hours to go -- do you know what that means? It means that if you don't get your scheiße together, Herr Meier and I will have to kick your collective arses because we'll be the only ones left watching. Yes, we had fewer stupid asides with Renee and Starbuck; yes, we had more Jack and Chloe; yes, we had a predictably tense ending that left us with mildly higher hopes. But with so much of this season feeling like retread, we're going to need more. We're going to need you to take that extra step and pull very, very, very hard so that your heads come entirely out of your asses, not just out halfway. We're
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