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‘Steven Universe’ #5 turns a harmless yard sale into a life or death mission

Steven Universe #5

Written by Jeremy Sorese

Illustrated by Coleman Engle

Published by Kaboom

A new arc takes shape in Steven Universe #5 as it explores the dangers of having a yard sale while the Crystal Gems are around. A giant slug (and Pearl to a certain extent) recently destroyed the Beach City Library, so Steven and Connie decide to raise some money and build a new one. Steven and Connie have the noblest of intentions when they gather up junk to sell, and their altruistic nature is in no way linked to Connie’s desire to read the next volume of the Unfamiliar Familiar.

As always, normalcy doesn’t last long when Steven’s around. Among the rubbish Steven finds one of Connie’s old books. Immediately after touching it weird vibes fill the page. Oblivious to any magical mayhem, Steven leaves the book behind and goes into town to post yard sale flyers with Connie.
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M.I.A.’s Trippy New Video, “Double Bubble Trouble”

M.I.A.’s Trippy New Video, “Double Bubble Trouble”
I’m a huge fan of M.I.A., and being that the news flow is so insanely slow this morning, I figured I’d share her trippy new music video that may induce seizures. The song “Double Bubble Trouble” features M.I.A. and The Partysquad, and comes off her latest album Matangi, which you’d recognize from dozens of car […]
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4.56pm BST

Time to wind this thing up, but before I go, here are a couple of tip-offs for tonight.

If you're in Glasgow, go and see Mac DeMarco at The Arches. He might not do that thing with the drumsticks, but he'll certainly play some lovably slack indie-rock ditties.

4.15pm BST

Brilliant Swedish pop provocateurs The Knife have just announced a new mini-album of "shaken up" versions of tracks from their back catalogue. They were
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Watch the M.I.A.-Directed Video for M.I.A.’s ‘Double Bubble Trouble’

  • Vulture
Watch the M.I.A.-Directed Video for M.I.A.’s ‘Double Bubble Trouble’
The video for M.I.A.'s latest song, "Double Bubble Trouble," involves a frantic, flashing collection of teens and toys, and it is directed by M.I.A. herself. This marks the first time the musician has shot one of her own songs, coming 14 years after her last video-directing gig, for Elastica’s "Mad Dog God Damn." The new video arrives after she lobbed some comments about its delay toward her record label on Twitter: "My label has my video, they havnt uploaded for 4 days > they wont let me upload > whats is the point? smh." [sic] But is it worth the wait? You be the judge.
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Toronto Urban Film Festival Winners

  • SneakPeek
Sneak Peek attended the 5th annual Toronto Urban Film Festival (Tuff) Awards September 18, 2011 @ Toronto's The Drake Hotel on Queen Street West.

Tuff runs annually on the Onestop network of digital platform screens located in subway stations across the Toronto Transit System, with the festival bringing silent, 1-minute films to a daily audience of over 1 million commuters.

This year’s prizes included over $20,000 in cash and in-kind products/services from the Cfc Worldwide Short Film Festival, Earth Day Canada, Planet in Focus, Rattail Films, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Sony Creative Software, Stash Magazine, Toon Boom Animation, Toronto Film Scene, Videoscope, Witz Education and Women in Film & Television Toronto.

Top awards selected by guest judge Atom Egoyan were presented to Jackie English for her film "Nimby", Sam Lalonde for "Whelm" and Che Kothari for "Flip Hop: che kothari x elicser x skam".

A cash prize of $2,500 went to Richard B. Pierre, recipient
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Bubble Trouble on MythBusters, previews galore, April 27

Tune in alert for the Wednesday, April 27 episode of MythBusters, titled Bubble Trouble, as Jamie and Adam eagerly investigate the tall tale that it's impossible for a person to stay afloat in bubbly water. To test this buoyancy challenge, the duo creates a giant homemade bubble machine which they place in a swimming pool, while Adam decides to play the role of a human barometer. Meanwhile, Kari, Tory and Grant examine whether or not an arrow packed with dynamite can truly split a tree in two, as performed on the television series MacGyver. They test this myth by shooting multiple arrows packed with explosives into a multitude of trees, including small Christmas trees and a 100-foot tall
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