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Episode List


Season 1

18 Apr. 1953
Operation Decoy
The Beta is dispatched to patrol an area from where a space pirate has been attacking spaceships in the shipping lanes.
25 Apr. 1953
The Case of the Invisible Saboteurs
The Beta crew's mission is to look into the mysterious loss of highly-confidential files.
2 May 1953
The Planet of Ice
A mail ship is marooned after a forced emergency crash-landing on frigid Jupiter.
9 May 1953
Whispers in the Mind
Two Rocket Rangers on a navigation project are exposed to erroneous information by a mind-control device.
9 May 1953
The Crater of Peril
The Beta crew's mission is to search for radioactive materials within craters on the dark side of Earth's moon.
23 May 1953
The Globe Men of Oma
Rod Brown and Frank Boyd are taken captive by the Omans while on a mission to locate a missing spaceship.
30 May 1953
The Adventures of the Venusian Sea
The Rocket Rangers encounter a huge octopus-like creature under the surface of the sea.
6 Jun. 1953
The Little Men of Mercury
The crew of the Beta visits a new planet inhabited by tiny humanoid beings.
13 Jun. 1953
World of the Doomed
The mission of the crew of the Beta is to uncover a smuggling operation on a prison asteroid.
20 Jun. 1953
The Strangler Trees of Triton
The crew of the Beta rescues a stranded Rocket Ranger captain from a dangerous forest on Triton.
27 Jun. 1953
Stranger from Outer Space
An alien robot manages to kidnap Rod Brown.
4 Jul. 1953
The Phantom Birds of Beloro
Captain Boyd and Ranger Brown locate and rescue three old prospectors on Beloro from avian predators.
26 Sep. 1953
The Looters of Leeron
A bogus gang of prospectors, smuggling radioactive materials from an unknown planet, capture Rod Brown to work in their secret mines.
3 Oct. 1953
The Octopus of Venus
The crew of the Beta, on a routine assignment to salvage a wrecked spaceship beneath the Venusian Sea, encounters a desperate criminal, a giant octopus and a treacherous arthropod on the ocean floor.
10 Oct. 1953
Colossus of Centauri
Rod Brown becomes the first earthling to reach beyond the outer limits of the Solar System and finds himself on a planet of giants.
17 Oct. 1953
The Lights from Luna
Rod Brown must destroy the enemy who has caused the destruction of Solar City and whose is now targeting the people of Earth.
24 Oct. 1953
The Twin Planet
The Rocket Rangers are assigned to investigate an 18th Century astronomer's theory that Earth is one of twin planets, and discover a primitive land akin to Manhattan Island before Columbus.
31 Oct. 1953
The Treasure of Tesoro
Captain Boyd and Ranger Brown are on assignment to guard the vast treasury vaults of Space Fortress Tesoro.
7 Nov. 1953
The Robot Robber of Deimos
The Rocket Rangers are called into action after a humanoid robot is used to rob a Martian bank.
14 Nov. 1953
The Magic Man of Mars
A carnival entertainer who specializes in magic has a more lucrative secret life as a space pirate.
21 Nov. 1953
The Stickman of Neptune
A stowaway aboard the Beta emerges to hijack the ship and steers a course towards Neptune and hoped-for hidden treasure.
28 Nov. 1953
Money-Makers of Juno
A gang of interplanetary counterfeiters who prey on credit unions manages to kidnap Commander Swift.
5 Dec. 1953
The Deep Sleep
A gang of interplanetary bank robbers uses an oxygen booster to render everyone asleep on Ganymede, and the Rocket Rangers set off to the Ganymedans' rescue.
20 Mar. 1954
The Monkey That Couldn't Stop Growing
The planet Clavo's eccentric orbit brings it into our solar system.
27 Mar. 1954
The Plan of Planet H
The Rocket Rangers discover a plan by the inhabitants of the water Planet H to flood Earth.
3 Apr. 1954
Invasion from Dimension X
Shadowy figures from another dimension confront the Rocket Rangers.
10 Apr. 1954
The Matter-Transfer Machine
A criminal gang is using a matter-transporter to smuggle contraband isotopes away from Earth.
17 Apr. 1954
Terror in the Space Lighthouse
Two hardened inmates assemble a daring plan to escape from the isolated prison asteroid Hermes.
24 Apr. 1954
Assignment Danger
Adjutant Wilbur Wormser is rescued by what initially appears to be a kindly elderly woman after he encounters trouble on a routine passenger liner voyage to Venus.
1 May 1954
Bird Girl of Venus
Archeological explorations on Venus lead to the discovery of a winged humanoid being.
8 May 1954
The Exploding Man
Opportunists rush in to exploit the discovery of uranium on Ganymede, and the Rocket Rangers discover attempts at looting.