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Season 2

12 Feb. 1955
The Case of the Dying Past
An attorney in Vermont hunts the killer of a leathermaker who still used the old, traditional methods.
26 Feb. 1955
The Case of the Priceless Passport
Two U.S. Immigration agents are sent undercover to Acapulco, Mexico to find the source of forged passports being provided to undesirables seeking to enter the United States.
12 Mar. 1955
The Case of the Wholesale Burglaries
Portland, Oregon police detectives investigate a series of vicious armed robberies that are perpetrated by a pair of gunmen wearing Halloween masks who hold up small shop owners just before closing time and viciously pistol-whip their victims after rifling the cash register. The police develop a lead that points to denizens of church mission in a rundown portion of town.
16 Apr. 1955
The Case of the Unknown Man
The Salt Lake City, Utah, police department are attempting to break up a chain of illegal gambling establishments run by the Syndicate. Although the police manage to knock off most of the dens, they still haven't identified the leader of the gambling ring. Similarly, the crooks haven't found the undercover cop who's supplying the information to the Vice Squad. The cops and crook engage in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse to see who can identify the others' key personnel first.
30 Apr. 1955
The Case of the Capital Crime
Police detectives in Washington D.C. investigate the murder of a pair of security guards working in a downtown department store. Although they quickly identify a suspect, finding him in a large city with plenty of places to hide proves much more difficult.
7 May 1955
The Case of the Elusive Firebug
An arson investigator looking into a series of supposedly accidental fires uncovers evidence that points to a convicted pyromaniac as the culprit--but he's confined to a hospital for the criminally insane.
14 May 1955
The Case of the Wild West
A small town in the far west is being taken over by a gang of crooks who are trying to pressure the residents into voting them into office. The local sheriff tries old west tactics to fight them.
21 May 1955
The Case of the Desperate Moment
A warden who doesn't want to see any of his convicts get hurt faces down two inmates who are planning a prison revolt.
4 Jun. 1955
The Case of the One-Way Ticket
The captain of security for a railroad company sends a modern day "Jesse James" to jail.
11 Jun. 1955
The Case of the Educated Prisoner
The female warden of a womans prison struggles to rehabilitate imates but wonders if they are creating career criminals.
25 Jun. 1955
The Case of the Hot Stock
A securities investigator goes after a swindler who's selling unregistered stock.
6 Aug. 1955
The Case of the Quiet Guest
Burglary detectives in Manchester, NH, search for a burglar who seems to be able to get through every locked door in town.
20 Aug. 1955
The Case of the Hunted Hobo
The Chicago police investigate a series of armed robberies perpetrated upon couples parked in lovers lanes with the same modus operandi - the thief steals the boy's wallet and then pistol whips his girlfriend. Since the victims agree that the thug was dressed as a hobo, a vaudevillian turned police officer agrees to go undercover and to see if the thief can be found one of the area's hobo jungles.

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