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5 Jan. 1959
Lucy Upsets the Williams Household
Danny convinces Ricky Ricardo to move to his apartment during their nightclub engagement, assuring Ricky that Kathy will be a good influence on an out of control spendthrift, his infamous wife, Lucy Ricardo.
12 Jan. 1959
Tony Bennett Gets Danny's Help
Uncle Tonoose travels from Toledo with Danny's cousin, Stephen, in tow, asking Danny to scratch Stephen's itch for a show business career.
19 Jan. 1959
Tennesee Ernie Stays for Dinner
After Danny lectures the children on the meaning of helping the less fortunate, Rusty and Linda bring "Kentucky Cal," a lonely drifter, home for dinner. Kathy and the kids become attached to the colorful Cal, but Danny wants to know more about this mysterious character.
26 Jan. 1959
Bob Hope and Danny Become Directors
Danny is outraged when Rusty and Linda are assigned minor roles in their school's upcoming production of "Alice in Wonderland" and argues with Mrs. Foster, the play's director. When she resigns in a huff, Danny takes over, only to find himself with Bob Hope, whose nephew has also been cast, offering his own unique style of 'shtick' while advising Danny on his direction.
2 Feb. 1959
Red Tape
When Kathy's friend takes in a Norwegian exchange student, Danny, missing his teen aged daughter, Terry, who's away at college, decides to sign on as well. When the authorities deem the Williams' household unsuitable because of Danny's profession, Danny, Rusty, Linda and Kathy set out to change their thinking and are determined to house their very own student.
9 Feb. 1959
Gina from Italy
Danny awaits the arrival of Italian exchange student, Gina Minelli, with great anxiety. The Williamses do everything they can to welcome the shy and homesick girl, but Danny, particularly, makes all the wrong, albeit, well intentioned moves. Inevitably, he stumbles upon the right tack and a very happy Gina feels very much at home.
16 Feb. 1959
Shirley Jones Makes Good
Danny receives a letter from his old and beloved friend and mentor, Otto Nielsen, telling him that his daughter, Shirley, is in New York, hoping to land a job at the Copa. Danny is dismayed when he meets Shirley, a brassy, gum chewing girl who can't sing. When a worried Otto shows up at the Copa, he doesn't recognize the beautiful and innocent daughter who left home three weeks earlier. After some attitude, wardrobe and vocal adjustments, Danny is captivated by Shirley and sees a bright future for her in show business.
23 Feb. 1959
Gina's First Date
As Gina attempts to adapt to the American high school social scene, Danny takes it upon himself to help her get the attention of the star football player.
2 Mar. 1959
Growing Pains
Rusty turns to Danny and Kathy for advice when he becomes smitten with a cute girl at school.
9 Mar. 1959
Frankie Laine Sings for Gina
Gina is thrilled to learn that her idol, Frankie Laine, is performing with Danny at the Copa. She and her friend ask him if he would perform at their high school dance and Mr. Laine, who has taken a shine to Gina, consents. Gina is overjoyed, but as she's getting ready for her exciting evening, Kathy, a former nurse, notices that Gina is down with the measles. Danny promises Gina that Frankie Laine will come back to the Williamses apartment to sing to her after the dance, but Frankie says he has other plans - without the Williamses knowledge, Frankie goes back to ...
16 Mar. 1959
Kathy Leaves Danny
Danny takes a ribbing from Phil and Harry, both confirmed bachelors, when they ask Danny along on a fishing trip, but know that he must ask Kathy's permission to go. When Danny protests that this is not true, things get even stickier when the men go back to the Williams' apartment and Kathy tells Danny that she's made vacation plans, without consulting him.
23 Mar. 1959
The Latin Lover
When suave Mario Firenze, a young man from Gina's hometown, arrives at the Williamses, he charms everyone with his continental ways. He takes an interest in a befuddled Gina, who tells Danny and Kathy that his family are aristocrats and that he would never give her the time of day back in Palermo. Everything is clarified when Gina receives a letter from her mother, warning her that Mario has traveled to New York to use Gina and enlist Danny and his show business connections to further his singing career.
30 Mar. 1959
Losers Weepers
Danny is furious with Phil, when he loses all of the material for Danny's opening at the Copa. The two cross swords and Danny fires Phil. Kathy intervenes when she goes to visit Phil, who has found the missing jokes and song parodies. Phil hands over the envelope and Kathy puts it in her purse, which she subsequently loses. Kathy's in a panic when she breaks the news to Danny, who characteristically explodes. In the midst of their bickering, the building doorman produces Kathy's handbag. Phil drops by, the two men reconcile and Danny has everything he needs for his ...
6 Apr. 1959
Grampa's Diet
Kathy's grandfather comes to visit the Williamses, but Grampa must be watched. He is on a very strict diet, but insists on eating everything that's not good for him. After admonishing him and cajoling him, Danny uses some psychology. Danny gives him carte blanche to eat whatever he wishes, but Grampa refuses. He confesses to Kathy and Danny that he enjoys the thrill of the hunt and comes to realize and understand that he must comply with his doctor's orders.
20 Apr. 1959
Double Dinner
When Danny is nominated to be Abbott at the Friars Club, he encounters opposition from some of the membership.
27 Apr. 1959
Danny's Big Fan
One night after Danny's show, an enthusiastic and very wealthy fan comes backstage, requests that Danny do his act all over again for him and promises to take him to the most expensive dinner in New York. Danny politely refuses, but the gentleman is persistent -- the next day, the Williams' apartment is inundated with expensive gifts for everyone, much to Danny's extreme annoyance. That evening, the gentleman visits the Williams' apartment, to apologize for his behavior and it becomes increasingly evident to all that this is a kind and lonely man, who simply wants ...
4 May 1959
Surprise Party
Danny asked his family not to make a big deal about his birthday and is unhappy that they are doing as he asked. Kathy had planned a surprise party for that night and asked Danny's accompanist Benny to take him out and keep him busy. Instead Danny goes with Ed, a fellow member of the Friar's Club, who shows up before Benny. No one knows where their guest of honor is, will there be a party?
11 May 1959
Gina for President
As the battle of the sexes heats up between Danny and Kathy, Gina gets a phone call to tell her that she's been nominated to run for Class President. It's wonderful news, except she's running against her steady boyfriend, Buck. Danny backs Buck and Kathy helps Gina in their respective campaigns, until some ugly leaflets are floated around the school urging students to "Vote American." Buck is hurt for Gina and steps aside and Gina accepts to the applause of every student assembled in the school auditorium.
18 May 1959
The Practical Joke
When a dozen kittens are delivered to the Williamses, Danny realizes that, yet again, he's the victim of one of Charley Halper's practical jokes. Danny plots his revenge when he suggests to Charley that they engage Muriel Schultz, the Williamses chubby, temporary maid, suggesting to Charley that's she's beautiful and hugely talented. Muriel is a performer and takes her Copa debut very seriously and Danny soon realizes that she will be hurt by all of this and Danny and Kathy figure a way out of all of this. The only solution is to allow her to perform as scheduled and,...
25 May 1959
Linda's Giant
Nobody gives Linda's imaginary friend, Mr. Jumbo, a second thought until a school psychologist visits Danny and Kathy and suggests that Linda cannot separate fantasy from reality and faults Danny for all of this. Danny does all he can to spend quality time with his daughter, but when pressed, Linda will not admit that Mr. Jumbo is a figment of her imagination. Danny threatens to spank her for lying to him, but she is literally saved by the bell, when "Mr Jumbo," a new doorman at an adjacent building is at the door, vindicating Linda and utterly discrediting school ...
5 Oct. 1959
Terry Comes Home
Terry is coming home after 2 years of school in Europe. Danny is expecting his little girl, but Terry is full of psychology theories which she happily applies to the family. As Kathy explains to Danny, "she's wearing a new education and wants to show it off." When Terry attempts to assert her grown-up status, Danny utters those fateful words, "as long as you live under my roof." Will Terry stay or leave?
12 Oct. 1959
Rusty's Day in Court
Danny had a car accident. He's perfectly willing to forget it as there was little damage, but the other person insists on going to court to prove it was Danny's fault. Danny gets mad and says to go ahead, his children were in the car and witnessed it. When Linda says she wasn't paying attention, Danny asks Rusty if he saw it without stopping to ask what Rusty saw. Rusty is torn between helping his father and telling the truth.
19 Oct. 1959
The China Doll
Linda's new friend "Charlie" is not allowed to play with her. Chou Li's father has deemed her a bad influence. Danny and Mr. Chow butt heads over the true meaning of respect.
26 Oct. 1959
Cupid's Little Helper
Terry believes Danny's marriage is in trouble because he takes Kathy for granted. She thinks their marriage should be more like her newlywed friends Jerry and Bunny, but each of Terry's romantic suggestions results in crossed wires.
2 Nov. 1959
Terry Meets Him
Terry is dating a string of European playboys who all have no money. When Danny gets a $70 bill for meals, he comes up with a plan to cure Terry of foreign moochers.
9 Nov. 1959
Kathy is jealous when Danny is out all night helping a former showgirl who is now a headliner. Danny laughs her jealousy off as a perfectly natural reaction - for a woman, which only makes Kathy determined to prove men can be jealous too.
16 Nov. 1959
Terry Goes Bohemian
Terry has fallen in with a bunch of beatniks. Danny not only can't understand what they're saying, he's not sure he understands the way they think.
23 Nov. 1959
Rusty, the Weight-Lifter
Rusty is having bully problems at school again. This time Danny has him lifting weights to build up his strength and confidence.
30 Nov. 1959
Tonoose, the Matchmaker
Danny wants Pat Harrigan to propose to Terry, but Uncle Tonoose has a different idea.
7 Dec. 1959
Danny and Milton Berle Quit Show Biz
Danny's new show is a bomb, so Milton Berle stops by to offer him encouragement. Milton goes on to say he's left showbusiness - hadn't Danny noticed? - and is doing great in oil investments. Danny decides to follow suit and quit showbiz too.
14 Dec. 1959
Danny and the Little Men
Kathy and Terry are not happy when Danny and Pat cancel their plans in order to work on fixes for the new show. When Danny backs out on their vacation, Kathy plots with Charlie Halper to change Danny's mind - by making him think he's seeing little green men.
21 Dec. 1959
A Dog's Life
Danny's building was sold and the new landlord doesn't like noise, pets, or people in showbiz. Danny is miffed when the landlord tells him to stop playing the piano. Danny says there's nothing in the lease about piano playing, only pets. Wait until Danny finds out Kathy and the kids have smuggled in a dog.
28 Dec. 1959
Kathy Crashes TV
The Friar's Club is having a Family Night Talent Show so Danny has rehearsed a musical dance number for Rusty and Linda, and is planning to sing Daddy's Little Girl with Terry. Kathy is upset that she's not included as part of the "family" show. When Danny reminds her that she has no theatrical talent, Kathy leaves the next morning to make the audition rounds. SONG: My Mother Won't Let Me Cross the Street

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