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6 Jan. 1957
Queen Nefertiti
While sculpting a bust of the Egyptian monarch, the artist declares his love for her, putting both of them at risk with the Pharoah.
13 Jan. 1957
My Favorite Monster
A sensitive little girl becomes hysterical when she sees a horror movie starring her mother's boyfriend.
27 Jan. 1957
Miss Ashley's Demon
A deluded Southern belle has trouble facing the truth about why she really refused her engagement.
17 Feb. 1957
A best selling author, who has taken to callous treatment of those he deems unimportant, finds his wife and himself in a death trap when his car hits a high tension wire.
24 Feb. 1957
Wedding Day
An eerie period piece about a bride suffering apparent breakdown and confusion in the wake of strange events she can't seem to piece together.
31 Mar. 1957
The Room Next Door
A man and woman who live in neighboring city apartments are reluctant to allow romance into their lives.
7 Apr. 1957
So Bright a Light
A jaded news photographer named Gretchen or "Gretch" gains new insight into the human condition when she covers the story of refugees from Budapest.
21 Apr. 1957
The difficult conditions of an inheritance put a couple in conflict.
5 May 1957
The Countess
Ken Osmond plays a young boy involved in a deadly resistance movement for a small country under military siege.
12 May 1957
A Mind of Their Own
A top fashion designer is charmed by the owner of a budget dress line -- until she discovers his company has copied her latest designs.
19 May 1957
Royal Partners: Part 1
One of the stars of a renowned dance duo loses her sight in a freak accident and sinks into self-pity.
26 May 1957
Royal Partners: Part 2
A sight impaired dancer secretly trains herself in hopes of rejoining her husband/dance partner on stage again.
20 Oct. 1957
A Dollar's Worth
The spoiled daughter of a brash manicurist discovers that her father hadn't died when he returns from a prison sentence for forgery.
3 Nov. 1957
Innocent Conspiracy
A loyal Japanese wife finds a way to help her discouraged husband when an orphan wanders into their lives.
24 Nov. 1957
The Little Witness
A mother struggles to protect her son (Johnny Crawford), who witnessed a murder.
8 Dec. 1957
Friends at a Distance
A widowed small-town gift-shop owner and children's book illustrator meets a charmingly foreign handyman and it seems her dreams of a Prince Charming are coming true.

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