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Season 5

17 Sep. 1956
Timmy the Shanks
A young boy runs away when he learns that his father is about to remarry.
1 Oct. 1956
The Man Who Wouldn't Escape
A general in a South American revolutionary army makes his brother head of the university.
8 Oct. 1956
Winning Sequence
Two spinsters receive a letter from their nephew asking for a loan.
15 Oct. 1956
The Last Tour
Julia sacrificed everything to be a success in Hollywood. On returning home to Hamburg, she is offered second rate work in Munich. She does not need to take it but Munich is the home of her estranged husband and daughter.
22 Oct. 1956
Someone Outside
A young American doctor performs an operation on the artist's wife but she dies. The artist then decides to take revenge on the doctor's girlfriend.
29 Oct. 1956
One Can't Help Feeling Sorry
The small Bavarian village of Katzenhausen boasts an unusual attraction in Kurt "Scarface" Remo, a deported American Public Enemy No. 1, now restricted to the confines of his birthplace for the remainder of his days. The quiet of the village is shattered when an American newpaperwoman arrives there to interview the former gangster - and uncovers the most fantastic story of her career.
5 Nov. 1956
Crown of the Andes
Captain Hugh Diamond, a Special Branch officer, tracks an agent of a South American monarchist party on a ship from Tangiers bound for London. The agent, Felipe Nagy, and his female accomplice plan to steal the Crown of Destiny from the Trafalgar museum, where it is on show. They plan then to return it to a South American republic and exploit it to destabilise the country. When Diamond is knocked unconscious by Nagy, the latter succeeds in stealing the crown. His plot to smuggle the crown out of the country by helicopter is foiled by Diamond with the help of Ronnie, a...
12 Nov. 1956
A mother and father in a working class village in Wales await the arrival of their son who is being released from prison after serving a two-year sentence. The man, however, has written to his parents saying that he may go to London instead of returning home. The couple wait anxiously at home to see what their son will do.
19 Nov. 1956
Rendezvous at Dawn
An American newspaper reporter in Munich, Steve, scents a good story when Riley, an American steel magnate, flies in with his daughter to meet Dr Shaeffer. The story is even better than he expected but also very different.
26 Nov. 1956
The city of Baghdad in the days of the Arabian Nights endures a reign of terror when the ruler, Shayer. discovers that his wife has been unfaithful. Following the executions of his wife and her lover, Shayer has taken more than 700 of Islam's most beautiful women for his brides. However, because he believes that the only chaste wife is a dead one, he has all of his wives beheaded the morning after the wedding. He then meets Scheherezade.
3 Dec. 1956
To What Great Heights
Royal Belfont, a U.S. war hero and Air Force General, whose hobby is mountaineering, celebrates his retirement into civilian life by taking his 15 year-old son, Tony, on a climbing holiday in the Bavarian Alps. Tony hero worships his famous father and is desperately anxious not to disappoint him. He dare not confess that he suffers from acrophobia, a fear of heights, but determines to try and conquer his fear secretly.
14 Jan. 1957
The Best Man
A famous writer is best man at his friend's wedding. He is in love with the girl himself and decides to wreck the marriage. He sets about his evil plan - with very strange results.
28 Jan. 1957
Bulldog Drummond and 'The Ludlow Affair'
Bulldog Drummond is contacted by a Mrs Harriet Ludlow, wife of an old friend; her husband has invented a new antibiotic formula potentially worth a fortune, but he has been kidnapped and held for ransom. Drummond sets out to prevent the formula from reaching the hands of the villains -- with or without his client's co-operation!
4 Feb. 1957
The Trouble with Destiny
Joey Anderson is an American merchant seaman who has signed off his ship in Tangier. He goes into a bar on the waterfront, but there is something wrong with his drink. When he recovers consciousness, he finds that someone has tattooed a scorpion on the back of his left hand. Why should anyone do this?
11 Feb. 1957
On a Saturday afternoon in Rome, a boy and girl pass on the Spanish Steps, each alone in a city pairing off for the evening. Throughout the day, their paths cross and recross.

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