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Colorful B-Western with a female angle
denny-169 January 2000
This is one of hundreds of B-Westerns made, but does have a few advantages. It is in photographed in in bright colors, which makes it dazzling to watch. The cast is filled with sturdy veterans like Bob Steele and Jim Davis, although Jack Buetel,star of 'The Outlaw' is as charmless as ever. Best selling point is lovely Mala Powers as the lead, a White girl raised by Indians, out to track killers of her adoptive parents.As a buckskinned beauty ,she is decidedly the main attraction. Bill Williams lends his skills as the heavy. Packed with action and gunplay, this is a successful timefiller
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I liked it a lot.
michaeltaddonioa18 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing the movie as a kid. It showed the passions of a person trying to get justice. Rose's persistence and patience were what drove her to get what she wanted. Also, her determination and willingness to get help to accomplish what she wanted gave her incentive to keep going on.

A funny part of the movie is when she was dressed in clothes that a white woman would wear and she felt uncomfortable in them. Also, she wasn't pleased with the gossip that went on about her when she had tea and baked goods with the other women. She ended up leaving the company of the women and returning to what she was wearing and the way she was living. She continued her pursuit of finding her parents' killers.

I wish that the movie was on VHS or DVD.
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