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Good for those looking for something with a social conscious
vaneyoko23 November 2003
This is by far my favorite Pedro Infante movie. His range as an actor is detailed beautifully in this movie. At times it can get a little heavy/depressing, but the humanization of poverty is not exactly a light subject to tackle. Still, if you enjoy movies with wonderful highs and beautiful lows that may require some kleenex to be kept nearby, you should definitely watch this movie. As far as recommending other Infante movies... anything with him in it is worth your while.
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A Nook for Cry
Fermin Treviño Adame29 June 2014
Rogelio A.Gonzalez who had collaborated with Ismael Rodriguez in some Infante's films may does not have his popular sense, but he had a good rhythm and very good understating with Infante, relate the calamities of a provincial guy who try to get ahead in an honest way,however he found a job by influences, later and married with the naive Marga Lopez he lost his job and start his Calvary, different of the neighborhood atmosphere that Ismael Rodriguez put Infante in Nosotros Los Pobres , the poverty seems the main topic of the film and has some similitude with Rodriguez Film,only Silvia Pinal as the frivolous daughter of the good Andes Soler seems to be rebel of this condition and try to get a better life even against of one of the most value thing that one as a poor has, her morality and propose to her father obtain some benefits of Luis Aceves ,a Kind of gangster , and boss of her father in exchange for her sexual favors. Infante go to the jail,but Gonzalez don't show any scene of this and like Pepe el Toro he lost a son but no so tragically and consequence of this Gonzalez get some good intense scenes with Infante and Lopez that make at the end the film leaves a good taste
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