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The Quiet Man Releases Coming Soon To Playstation 4 And Steam

  • Cinelinx
The Quiet Man is releasing soon on Playstation 4 and Steam. It's an action-packed cinematic experience you won't want to miss out on!

Square Enix® today announced that The Quiet Man™ is releasing digitally for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Steam® on November 1 for $14.99.

The Quiet Man takes players beyond sound to deliver an immersive story-driven cinematic action experience, which can be completed in one sitting. In a story that unravels across a single night, players take the role of deaf protagonist Dane as he fights his way to discover the motives behind the kidnapping of songstress Lala by a mysterious masked man.

From November 1 to 15, those who purchase from the PlayStation®Store will receive the base game, a PlayStation®4 system dynamic theme, and a set of eight PlayStation™Network avatars. During the same period, those who purchase from Steam will receive the base game, as well as a set
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Complete Guide to Square Enix at Pax West 2018

  • Variety
With Pax West rapidly approaching, publisher Square Enix is ready to offer game demos, giveaways, panels, and more.

The expo takes place Aug. 31 to Sept. 3 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Square will be in booth #2141, where fans can get some hands-on time with titles like “Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age,” “Kingdom Hearts III,” “Life Is Strange 2,” and “The Quiet Man.” Square will distribute advance tickets to the “Kingdom Hearts III” demo at the booth at 10 a.m. Pt each day.

Here is the full list of games playable from the show floor:

“Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia” “Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age” “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” “Final Fantasy Xv Windows Edition” “Kingdom Hearts III” “Life Is Strange 2” “Mobius Final Fantasy” “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” “Star Ocean: Anamnesis” “The Quiet Man

The Square Enix developer panels, which start on Aug. 31, will
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‘The Quiet Man’ Will Feature ‘Intense and Brutal Combat,’ Says Producer

  • Variety
‘The Quiet Man’ Will Feature ‘Intense and Brutal Combat,’ Says Producer
Human Head Studios on Thursday shared more details about its elusive new title, “The Quiet Man”, including a brand-new gameplay trailer.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Square Enix producer Kensei Fujinaga confirmed the new game will retail for $14.99, and offer “approximately” three hours of live-action cinematic gameplay.

“We’ve shared very little about the game so far since our announcement at E3,” Fujinaga stated. “In creating ‘The Quiet Man’, we wanted to take on an all-new challenge and opportunity in creating a game of high visual quality in a short compact gameplay experience that players could enjoy for a low price point. We wanted to create something unorthodox – a live action film, where you can take the role of the protagonist.”

Believing “it’s something we feel that’s never been done before at Square Enix”, Fujinaga detailed more about the silent game, stating the mystery game
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‘The Quiet Man’s’ Producer Talks About the Power of Words

  • Variety
‘The Quiet Man’s’ Producer Talks About the Power of Words
Publisher Square Enix revealed during E3 it’s working on a new action game called “The Quiet Man,” but its tease was incredibly vague. Now, we’re learning a bit more about the mysterious game thanks to its first producer letter.

In the game’s brief E3 teaser trailer, a young man who’s possibly deaf beats up two other men in an alley for unknown reasons. He’s literally a silent protagonist. Words possess the power to change the world, producer Kensei Fujinaga writes, but he believes humans are also capable of connections that transcend words, and that concept is central to “The Quiet Man’s” story.

“‘Words’ are truly amazing,” Fujinaga says. “They possess the power even to change the world. This is undeniable. For me personally, words are as precious as they are valuable. That said, I believe we as humans are capable of connections that transcend words — for example,
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Square Enix announces The Quiet Man for PC and PS4

During Square Enix’s E3 2018 showcase the company announced The Quiet Man (not based on the 1952 John Ford movie of the same name) a brand new game coming to Playstation 4 and PC this August. An action packed announcement trailer can be seen below…

Not much has been revealed about The Quiet Man at the moment other than it is an immersive story driven cinematic game blending live action, realistic CG and action gameplay. However, the new trailer tells us that the game revolves around a character that could possibly be video gaming’s first ever deaf hero.

Opening with a wide shot of the Big Apple, our hero walks into a dark alley and gaining the attention of some gang members. After what appears to be indicating he is deaf and without saying a word, our hero makes short work of the gang members while the game’s tagline “Silence Rings Loudest.
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Square Enix E3 2018: The Five Biggest Announcements

  • Variety
Square Enix had a handful of new trailers and gameplay sequences to reveal during its E3 press conference Monday afternoon.

E3 2018 marked Square Enix’s return to holding a press conference at the event, as its last showcase was at E3 2015. The publisher streamed the announcements directly to viewers in lieu of a stage show, which was a good call considering just how little new information there was to share relative to the press conferences of Microsoft, EA and Bethesda.

But, there were a few reveals that made Square Enix’s showcase worth checking out.

“Shadow of the Tomb Raider” Gameplay Reveal

Lara Croft was shown stealthily taking out enemies by crossbow in new gameplay footage from studio Eidos Montreal.

Game Director Daniel Chayer-Bisson says that Lara will “have to confront a brutal jungle environment” in the upcoming adventure title, and we get our first in-depth look at the lush setting in the demo.
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The Quiet Man: New Square Enix Game Arrives in November

Matthew Byrd Oct 3, 2018

The mysterious new game from Square Enix, The Quiet Man, arrives next month! Here's a new trailer...

One of the only real surprises from Square Enix's E3 2018 press conference was the reveal of The Quiet Man. What began as a live-action trailer transitioned into what appears to be our first look at the gameplay of this still relatively obscure title.

In the trailer, we see an individual wandering the streets of the city who confronts gang members in an alley. The individual - our hero? - appears to be deaf, hence the "Quiet Man" name and the use of the tagline “silence rings loudest.” Nevertheless, he is able to easily dispose of these thugs.

It seems that the trailer's use of live-action is more than just a stylistic marketing choice. According to the video's YouTube description, The Quiet Man "delivers an immersive story driven cinematic action experience seamlessly blending high-production live action,
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Square Enix, Platinum Games announce Babylon's Fall

  • Cinelinx
Square Enix and Platinum Games together showcased a first look trailer at Babylon's Fall at E3 on Monday. 

Not much is known about the game aside from what is shown in the tailer. 

The video begins with a timeline of events about a place called Helos: world war, the birth of a goddess, a plague, prophecies. You know, the general goings-on of an unstable civilization. There is clearly a lot to read into in this trailer about the world thrown into chaos, but it seems like we'll have to wait to learn more. 

This is the second new game announced during Square Enix's press conference alongside The Quiet Man, a title with a much different sense of action. 

Babylon's Fall is expected to launch in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam
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E3 Trailer: Square Enix Reveals New Game ‘The Quiet Man’

  • Variety
Square Enix has unveiled “The Quiet Man,” an all-new game. They showed an announcement trailer during their E3 press briefing on Monday.

The game is being developed by Human Head Studios, the developer behind the award-winning “Prey” from 2006.

“‘The Quiet Man’ takes players beyond sound and words to deliver an immersive, story-driven, cinematic action experience, which players can complete in one sitting, seamlessly blending high-production live action, realistic CG, and pulse-pounding action gameplay,” Square Enix said in a news release.

One of just two games announced during Square’s underwhelming E3 presser — the other being “Babylon’s Fall” — we know very little else about “The Quiet Man,” other than it will likely involve hand-to-hand brawling and star a hearing-impaired protagonist.

Square Enix kicked off the third day of major E3 press conferences on June 11 at 10 a.m. Pt. The 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo takes place this week, from June 12 to June
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Kanopy: The Free Netflix Alternative Adds 100 Classic Paramount Titles — Exclusive

Educational distributor Kanopy has struck a deal with Paramount Pictures, adding 100 classic films from the studio’s library to the on-demand streaming service. Twenty-five of those titles – including “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” “Harold and Maude,” “Sunset Boulevard,” and “Saturday Night Fever” — are available to stream now. The other 75 titles will be added in the coming weeks and months. (The full list is at the bottom of this article.)

Kanopy has been a pioneer in the educational market, first in its move away from physical media and toward a streaming app that is available on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tablet, and iOS and Android devices. Last year, they also expanded beyond universities and institutions and started to aggressively strike deals with public libraries making Kanopy available to a far wider percentage of the population. Now those with a public library card can access the free streaming service in a number of major cities,
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Every Best Director winner in Oscars history: Welcome to the club, Guillermo del Toro (‘The Shape of Water’)

Every Best Director winner in Oscars history: Welcome to the club, Guillermo del Toro (‘The Shape of Water’)
On the 90th anniversary of the Oscars, Guillermo del Toro was finally welcomed into the Best Director club when he prevailed for his fantasy film “The Shape of Water.” Earlier this awards season del Toro told us that “The Shape of Water” was a “fairy tale for troubled times,” a reference to the movie’s heroine (Sally Hawkins) being a mute woman who falls in love with a sea creature. Besides winning Best Director, del Toro also accepted the prize for Best Picture as one of the film’s producers. Click through our photo gallery above to see our updated Best Director gallery featuring all 90 winners in order.

See 2018 Oscars: Complete list of winners (and losers)

Guillermo del Toro joins a list of former Best Director winners that notably includes his fellow Mexican director friends Alejandro G. Inarritu and Alfonso Cuaron. These three amigos have now won four of the
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Oscar Best Director gallery: All 89 winners from Damien Chazelle to Frank Borzage & Lewis Milestone

Oscar Best Director gallery: All 89 winners from Damien Chazelle to Frank Borzage & Lewis Milestone
All five of this year’s nominees for Best Director are looking for their first Oscar win. The lucky recipient will join the illustrious list of 69 filmmakers that have won in this category since the first Oscars were handed out in May of 1929. We have compiled the definitive gallery of every Best Director winner in the 89-year history of the Academy Awards, from the first year — which had two recipients — to reigning champ Damien Chazelle (“La La Land”). Click through our detailed Best Director photo gallery above.

At the inaugural Oscar ceremony, two directors were honored– one for comedy (Lewis Milestone for “Two Arabian Nights”) and one for drama (Frank Borzage for “7th Heaven”); the practice was discontinued after the first year. On four occasions, a single director has scored multiple nominations in a single year, the most recent being Steven Soderbergh, who earned noms in 2000 for “Erin Brockovich” and “Traffic,
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Oscars 2018: Will Best Picture and Best Director line up for the first time since ‘Birdman’?

Oscars 2018: Will Best Picture and Best Director line up for the first time since ‘Birdman’?
It used to be pretty much an Academy Awards norm that the film that won Best Picture also took home the Oscar for Best Director. In recent years that has changed, largely due to the preferential ballot that has been implemented for Best Picture voting. These two categories have split in four of the past five years, with “Birdman” (2014) and its director Alejandro G. Inarritu being the last time they lined up. Currently “The Shape of Water” is in first place to win both categories on Gold Derby’s Oscar charts, so might things get back on track this year?

See 2018 Oscar nominations: Full list of Academy Awards nominees in all 24 categories

A year ago Damien Chazelle won Best Director for “La La Land” while “Moonlight” took Best Picture, becoming the fourth time this decade that the Oscar split occurred. In 2015 Inarritu won Best Director for “The Revenent” (his second
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A Guide to Martin Scorsese Presents: Republic Rediscovered

  • MUBI
This February, Herbert J. Yates's Poverty Row powerhouse Republic Pictures will be on full display in the Museum of Modern Art's Titus 1 and Titus 2 theaters in New York. The first half of a 30-film series devoted to the studio that loved westerns, noirs, serials, and all that any and every B-movie could offer is packed with treasures, all selected by Martin Scorsese, and few, if any, that are seen inside a movie theater these days. Many of the films have never been on DVD or even shown on the Turner Classic Movies television channel. Everything screening is either a new preservation courtesy of Paramount or an archival 35mm print. Over the past year, through working on the series and cutting the series trailer, I've become deeply familar with the program and was so glad to be asked by the Notebook to introduce viewers to the 14 films that will be screening starting February 1st.
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The Best Movie Fight Scenes — IndieWire Critics Survey

The Best Movie Fight Scenes — IndieWire Critics Survey
Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of film and TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Monday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best film in theaters right now?”, can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: In honor of the bone-crunching “Atomic Blonde,” what is the greatest movie fight scene?

Read More‘Atomic Blonde’: How They Turned One Amazing Action Scene Into a Seven-Minute Long Take Erin Oliver Whitney (@cinemabite), ScreenCrush

I’ve got a soft spot for wuxia so the “best fight scene” immediately evokes Zhang Yimou in my mind. I could list every fight in “Hero,” sequences so spellbindingly beautiful and graceful you forget you’re watching violence. The bamboo forest battle from “House of Flying Daggers” is another all-timer, a mesmerizing fight that almost entirely takes place in the air. And the bone-crunching, table-smashing
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Film Feature: Remembers George A. Romero

Chicago – The man that practically invented the modern Zombie film genre had met his own demise. Director George A. Romero passed away on July 16th, 2017, in Los Angeles. He was 77. Romero launched a whole new wave of horror with “Night of the Living Dead” in 1968, and put Pittsburgh (Pa) on the film location map.

George A. Romero Shoots a Scene for ‘Night of the Living Dead

Photo credit: Spectra Filmworks

He was born in the Bronx, New York, and graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, which began his Pittsburgh connection. He stayed there afterwards, and formed Image Ten Productions, which shot commercials and (famously) a segment for the broadcast-from-Pittsburgh “Mister Rogers Neighborhood.” On a shoestring budget and using local settings, “Night of the Living Dead” was released in 1968. Directed and co-written (with John Russo) by Romero, it would immediately cause a sensation in the horror genre. After some cult
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George Romero, ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Director, Dies At 77

  • Uinterview
George A. Romero, Night of the Living Dead director, died Sunday following a battle with lung cancer. He was 77. George Romero Dead At 77 In a statement provided by Romero’s manager Chris Roe, Romero’s family said Romero died in the presence of his wife Suzanne Desrocher and daughter Tina Romero, while listening to the score of The Quiet Man. […]

Source: uInterview

The post George Romero, ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Director, Dies At 77 appeared first on uInterview.
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Guillermo del Toro: George Romero 'Created an Entire Subgenre in Cinema'

Guillermo del Toro: George Romero 'Created an Entire Subgenre in Cinema'
George Romero's death on Sunday at age 77 inspired tributes from scores of directorial peers and acolytes praising the pioneering horror director. For Guillermo del Toro, who earlier on Sunday called Romero "one of the greatest ever," the filmmaker's contribution to cinema transcended the genre he helped conceive.

"George created an entire subgenre in cinema," del Toro tells Rolling Stone. "He singlehandedly forged the tale of the cannibalistic undead Zombies.

"Before him, the Zombie existed mainly as a vague Afro-Caribbean myth about the powers of Voodoo and such," he adds.
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Stephen King, James Gunn, Jordan Peele & More Pay Tribute to George Romero

Stephen King, James Gunn, Jordan Peele & More Pay Tribute to George Romero
On Sunday, horror movie icon George A. Romero died after a battle with lung cancer, surrounded by his family.

Now, With his creative flame extinguished, many of his friends, colleagues and admirers are paying tribute to the beloved director, and sharing the ways in which his career and legacy impacted their own lives.

Horror author Stephen King -- who worked with Romero several times over the years, including their collaboration on the cult classic Creepshow in 1982 and The Dark Half in 1993 -- took to Twitter to share a few words of love for his friend.

"Sad to hear my favorite collaborator--and good old friend--George Romero has died," King wrote. "George, there will never be another like you."
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George A Romero has died

It has just been announced that legendary director/writer and film hero to so many, George A Romero has sadly passed away. The horror icon died in his sleep after a short battle with lung cancer.

Manager Chris Roe said: “Legendary filmmaker George A. Romero passed away on Sunday July 16, listening to the score of ‘The Quiet Man,’ one of his all-time favorite films, with his wife, Suzanne Desrocher Romero, and daughter, Tina Romero at his side,” the statement said. “He died peacefully in his sleep, following a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer, and leaves behind a loving family, many friends, and a filmmaking legacy that has endured, and will continue to endure, the test of time.”

Romero was a film innovator and his like will never be seen again. His impact to cinema is momentous and his loss is crushing.

Rip Mr Romero
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