Angel Face (1953) Poster


Robert Mitchum: Frank Jessup



  • Frank Jessup : [of Diane's 'evil' stepmother]  ... If she's tryin' to kill you, why did she turn on the gas in her own room first?

    Diane Tremayne : ...To make it look as though somebody else were guilty...

    Frank Jessup : Is that what you did?

    Diane Tremayne : Frank, are you accusing me?

    Frank Jessup : I'm not accusing anybody. But if I were a cop, and not a very bright cop at that, I'd say that your story was as phony as a three dollar bill.

    Diane Tremayne : ...How can you say that to me?

    Frank Jessup : Oh, you mean after all we've been to each other?... Diane, look. I don't pretend to know what goes on behind that pretty little face of yours - I don't *want* to. But I learned one thing very early. Never be the innocent bystander - that's the guy that always gets hurt. If you want to play with matches, that's your business. But not in gas-filled rooms - that's not only dangerous, it's stupid.

  • Frank Jessup : [to Mary]  You know something? You're a pretty nice guy - for a girl.

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