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20 Oct. 1954
Dorothy Lamour
Movie star Dorothy Lamour is surprised by family and friends. Guests include Lamour's mother, husband, and three sons.
1 Dec. 1954
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
The only time two lives were honored on the show, as both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were the rather subdued subjects.
14 Dec. 1955
Harold Lloyd
Tonight's subject is Harold Lloyd, the silent screen's most financially successful comedian, who talks about how he created the famous 'glasses' character which gradually catapulted him to the top in 1920s Hollywood.
9 May 1956
Richard J. Finnegan
Posthumous tribute to Richard J. Finnegan, editor of the Chicago Daily Journal (later Chicago Daily Times, then Chicago Sun Times) newspaper and President of the Board of La Rabida Children's Hospital in Chicago. Patients from La Rabida pay tribute to Mr. Finnegan, including future movie star Joe Mantegna.
16 May 1956
Myrna Loy
Movie star Myrna Loy is surprised by family, friends, and associates.
6 Jun. 1956
Milton Berle
Berle is caught eating at the Brown Derby restaurant eating with Martn and Lewis. His family members, his four brothers and his sister all appear, as well as his early dance partners from vaudeville. Old costars from his Ziegfeld days like Ben Gruer, and Lillian Roth (via kinescope) are seen. Jan Murray recollects how Milton helped him at the start of his career. Phil Silvers talks about Milton inspiring him when he created "Top Bannana".
21 Nov. 1956
Lou Costello
Beloved comedian Lou Costello is the subject, detailing his partnership with Bud Abbott, his unsuccessful start in 1920s Hollywood, and the tragic drowning of Lou's not quite 1 year old son Lou Jr., nicknamed Butch.
Ronnie Deauville
Ralph Edwards saluting Ronnie Deauville's life. A singer from the Big Band era who was struck down in the 50's with polio, only to rebound for awhile and come back as a performer.
3 Apr. 1957
Buster Keaton
Tonight the subject is great silent comedian Buster Keaton, second only to Chaplin in his day, inspired by the forthcoming release of "The Buster Keaton Story," whose star, Donald O'Connor, is among the guests paying tribute.
10 Apr. 1957
Tommy Sands
Rock and Roll singing star Tommy Sands is caught off guard, while talking with Tennessee Ernie Ford. Ralph Edwards discusses Sands' recent performance on the Hallmark Hall of Fame, and proceeds to bring on his family, old teacher and two buddies that were in the service with him in Japan.
1 May 1957
Minnie Pearl
Grand Ole Opry comedienne Minnie Pearl is the surprise honoree in this episode featuring several of her friends, family members, and associates.
15 May 1957
Ruth Davis
Ruth Davis, mother of movie star Bette Davis, is paid tribute by family and longtime friends. This episode was done at the suggestion of Bette Davis, who in 1971 was also paid tribute to by the program.
29 May 1957
Thelma White
Thelma White, the former vaudeville and B movie star, is paid a tribute by friends, family, and associates. The episode also details Ms. White's past battles with health and her current career as a talent agent.
20 Nov. 1957
Boris Karloff
World famous star of monster movie lore Boris Karloff celebrates his 70th birthday as the very surprised guest of honor, featuring an appearance from makeup wizard Jack Pierce.
19 Feb. 1958
Helen Kane
The life of 1920's "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" singer Helen Kane is paid tribute to by family, friends, fans, and associates, and includes stories from her post-fame life battling illness and financial difficulties. Episode includes rare television appearances by songwriters Harry Ruby and Paul Ash, as well as one of Helen Kane's final appearances.