Mr. & Mrs. North Poster

(1952– )

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3 Oct. 1952
Weekend Murder
Pam and Jerry are invited to spend the weekend at a famous actress' country home, but when they arrive the housekeeper can't be found and there's a dead man in the pantry.
10 Oct. 1952
Till Death Do Us Part
While heading out to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, the Norths receive a package containing bride and groom dolls--and the bride has a bloody dagger stuck in her back. Suddenly, there's a scream from the hall and in falls a neighbor in her bridal gown, stabbed to death. Confusing matters more, an old woman with a gun arrives demanding the dolls back, saying they were delivered to the Norths by mistake
17 Oct. 1952
A Good Buy
Pam buys an old trunk at an auction and is immediately approached by a woman who offers her big money for it. Mrs. North digs in her heels and refuses to sell. When the trunk is delivered to the North home, it contains corpse--the body of the woman who'd desperately tried to buy it earlier.
24 Oct. 1952
Death in the Dunes
Jerry gawks at a beautiful woman, who turns out to be dead.
31 Oct. 1952
These Latins
Pam is jealous of Jerry's relationship with a beautiful Hispanic novelist.
7 Nov. 1952
Nosed Out
After a day at the racetrack, the Norths find the body of jockey Eddie Mears in their car trunk. It's an unexpected coincidence that Mears owned the same make and model car as the Norths and kept it in the same city parking garage. Eddie's wife Zelma who had asked him for a divorce just the night before seems the obvious suspect, but Pam questions the garage owner.
14 Nov. 1952
The Forgotten Grave
The Norths find a grave in a deserted house.
21 Nov. 1952
Dead Man's Tale
Jerry Lawson, a bookmaker working out of Dave's Cigar Store, is found dead. Tough-talking crime figure Nick Magnus has accidentally implicated himself in the murder by making threats on Lawson's life in a wrong-number telephone call made to the Norths' residence.
28 Nov. 1952
A memorable birthday party is attended by the Norths. One of the guests, a lecherous, hammy actor, is stabbed to death while waiting to jump out and yell "Surprise!" Pam's the one who finds the weapon; it was hidden as a part of a model ship. Lt. Weigand realizes that any of the guests may have wanted the over-the-hill Casanova dead.
5 Dec. 1952
Comic-Strip Tease
Pam and Jerry try to help a cartoonist break-up a gang of street toughs running a protection racket in a nearby neighborhood.
12 Dec. 1952
Where There's a Will
The Norths meet their new neighbor, Tommy Clarkson, when he tumbles down the stairs and lands at their feet. He claims someone's been trying to kill him. After Pam's purse gets switched with that of his Aunt Laura, she goes to the Clarkson apartment and finds the young man nearly dead on the floor. With Lt. Weigand now involved, Pam goes snooping on her own and uncovers the reason someone desperately wants Tommy dead before his 21st birthday.
19 Dec. 1952
The Nobles
Pam is a volunteer nurse's aide for the wheelchair-bound and elderly matriarch of the once proud and well-respected Noble family. A murder attempt has been made on the old woman's life and Pam is determined to protect her and to bring the culprit to justice.
26 Dec. 1952
Silent Butler
The Norths' new butler, Oliver, comes with a lot of baggage. He's carrying on an affair with the married maid who works next door, and his ex-flame refuses to accept that they're over. The maid's husband, also a butler, is found dead in the building's basement and Oliver is the obvious suspect.

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