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Season 4

Furnishing New Apartment
Mama and Millie move into a new apartment and are soon at odds on how to decorate. Mama is partial to antique furniture while her daughter favors something more modern. Their decorater is unsure how to please both.
Outing with Texan
When a tall Texan asks Millie for a date she accepts. That leaves her occasional boyfriend Johnny upset and determined make sure Millie learns a lesson. Mama and Alfred decide to intervene.
Senior Fires Millie
Millie and her boss J.R. Boone have a major disagreement with Millie suddenly out of a job. Mama and Alfred worry what Millie will do so they visit J.R.to get her job back. But the two only make matters worse.
Alfred's Poetry
Alfred becomes saddened that his passion for poetry is going nowhere despite the Bronson's encouragement. Mama and Millie are worried about their friend's state of mind.
Mama Goes Back to School
Mama heads back to high school to get her diploma so she can get a better job. But all the classes seem to be filled except for a dance instruction. It turns out that Mama excels at doing the mambo.
Millie and Mama Take a Vacation
Millie's vacation plans go awry when Johnny wants to go fishing with his buddies. She signs up for a singles spa but do to a misleading travel brochure Millie and Mama find out too late the resort is geared to senior citizens.
Millie Tries to Forget Johnny
After Millie breaks up with being Johnny she's not content being single. The Bronsons join a lonely hearts club where they meet a charming man. Unfortunately the person is a con artist who is after Millie and Mama's savings.

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