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26 Dec. 1953
The Honeymooners: New Year's Eve Party
The Kramdens and Nortons celebrate New Year's Eve with The Doresy Brothers.
22 Mar. 1954
Episode dated 22 March 1954
Alice gets Ralph to go down to see her sister and brother-in-law off on cruise to Europe. Ralph wasn't very happy about it, he doesn't like his brother-in-law anyway so this was to much to take. While on the boat he sees all the other prizes they won, this leads Ralph to the idea of buying a bunch of foods that are running contests. When comes home with a lot of groceries Alice demands he take everything back. Ralph ignores her demands and he and Ed work on entering all the contests on the packages. As luck would have it, Ralph does win one of the contests. The ...
25 Sep. 1954
Ralph's Sweet Tooth
Ralph gets chosen for a commercial for a candy bar company that sponsor an opera show for TV. He has some problems learning his lines, but the biggest problem comes when he develops a toothache before the big night. When he bites into the bar during the live broadcast he winds up writhing in pain all over the stage.
23 Oct. 1954
The People's Choice
Ralph spots an escaped criminal on his bus. He gets all the passengers off and helps the police arrest him. While the press is at his apartment taking his picture he finds out that the criminal has escaped. Ralph plans to hide but the police come to his apartment and talk him into acting as bait to recapture the criminal who has vowed to get even with him. After the police recapture the escapee in Ralph's apartment he becomes even more famous. Shortly there after one of the local political boss's comes to him and gets him to run for local assembly man.
13 Nov. 1954
Battle of the Sexes
Following domestic spats, Ed moves in with Ralph and Alice moves in with Trixie.
20 Nov. 1954
The Honeymooners: Teamwork Beat the Clock
Ralph and Alice are contestants on Beat the Clock. Featuring Bud Collyer.
27 Nov. 1954
The Brother-in-Law
Alice's brother Frank comes over for dinner. Ralph and Frank have a history of problems and they spend the evening arguing. As the evening comes to a close Frank as for a loan of $500 since Frank already owes Ralph $500 Ralph throws him out. But Ralph decides that the inside information his brother-in-law had about a new highway going past a closed hotel was a good idea. He gets Norton involved and they buy the place. Needless to say the hotel is a dump. They actually manage to do a nice job of rehabilitating the hotel only to find out that the road is going to be an ...
11 Dec. 1954
Ralph is intrigued by the potential fame and fortune in writing popular songs. Before long, he and Norton pitch in (by raiding their spouses' Christmas Club funds) and buy a piano; Alice is furious. Desperately working through the night in Ralph's apartment, Ed and Ralph exhaust every lame premise for writing a hit song, until a chance series of disruptive noises sparks Ralph's imagination, and their new masterpiece begins to take shape. Within a day, they are auditioning their new opus "My Love Song to You" for a local publisher, who tells Ralph that he likes Ed's ...
15 Jan. 1955
The Honeymooners: Kramden vs. Norton
Ralph sues Norton over a television set which Norton won in a raffle.
22 Jan. 1955
A Promotion
Ralph has bad news and good news. His house is without heat, but he's just been promoted to assistant to the assistant cashier. He catches a cold from his lack of heat in his apartment. And while working at the office Ed came by to see his new office while there Norton becomes interested in the safe and Ralph shows him how easy the door works. Once the door is closed Ralph can't put the money he counting back in the safe, so he's forced to take the money home. Over night the safe is broken into and the police and owners think he stole the money. So, when Ralph comes ...
12 Feb. 1955
A Little Man Who Wasn't There
Mr. Marshall tells Ralph he's crazy (in Ralph's words) and has a problem with his temper, having received complaints from passengers who have traveled on his bus. So he tells Ralph to see a psychiatrist to see if anything can be done about his temper. Ralph is very concerned that he will lose his job. Ralph is very upset about this, and talking with Norton doesn't help, but when he finally gets a chance to talk with Alice she reassures him seeing a psychiatrists doesn't have to be something to worry about. But Ralph takes Norton with him to the doctors office. The ...
19 Feb. 1955
A boy (Tommy) in the building Ralph lives in idolizes him, and Ralph can't resist embellishing his abilities to the boy. After talking with Ralph Tommy goes home and writes a paper for school about his "hero" Ralph Kramden. After reading the paper the teacher writes to Ralph asking him to come in for a conference. She wants Ralph to set Tommy straight about his abilities. Tommy is having a lot of trouble at school because the other kids don't think Ralph can do all the things Tommy says he can, and Tommy has been in fights, sticking up for his hero. Tommy doesn't have...
5 Mar. 1955
Ralph can't sleep because fighting going on between Ed and Trixie. Eventually Ed decides to leave and Trixie comes down talk with Alice. Alice gets Ralph to go out and find Ed. By the time Ralph gets back with Ed Trixie wants an apology. They start fighting again, and this time Ed comes down to Ralphs apartment. Alice gets Ralph to let Ed spend the night so the fighting will stop. But Ed's personal habits drive Ralph crazy. Ralph finally resorts to force and drags Ed back to his place to apologize. This leads to Ralph finding out the bad things Ed said about Ralph in ...
26 Mar. 1955
The Honeymooners: The Adoption
Alice and Ralph Kramden,despite not having a great deal to show for their lives,decide together that they want to adopt a baby. Ralph,naturally,is set on having a son and wont hear of anything else. The Kramdens,with help from the Nortons,prepare for the arrival of this new mouth to feed. When Alice & Ralph go to the adoption agency,they are first shown a girl baby but Ralph insists they bring a boy. While waiting,in one a Gleason best moments as Ralph Kramden,he reluctantly and then fully bonds with the baby. Then has a fit when they try and take her back! The ...
9 Apr. 1955
One Big Happy Family
The Kramden's and the Norton's decide to share a bigger nicer apartment in Queens. It doesn't take long before they are at each others throats. After one especially bad fight they get thrown out and have to go back to their old places.
16 Apr. 1955
A Weighty Problem
Ralph comes home in a foul mood. An inspector for the buss company comes on his buss and tells him he is getting to fat, an may not be able to continue driving a bus. He comes home and talks with Ed about it and between the two of them, after looking up the rules, they decide he's still under weight for his height. So, now that he reassured his weight won't be a problem he goes to a banquet that his lodge is putting on. At the lodge meeting he's in rare form and eats more then anyone at the meeting. And while at the meeting he finds out he's not as tall as he thought....
30 Apr. 1955
The Honeymooners: Principle of the Thing
With everything in the apartment breaking down, Ralph decides to exercise a clause in the lease and uses the rent money to fix up the place.
14 May 1955
Songs and Witty Sayings
Alice and Trixie enter the contest Ralph and Norton hope to win.
13 Oct. 1956
Double Anniversary Party
It's the Kramden's anniversary and Ralph usually forgets so Alice is planning a surprise party. What she doesn't know is that this time Ralph remembered and has an big night out planned to surprise her. Alice has planned to get Ralph to go up to the Nortons where she plans to surprise him, and at the same time Ralph has planned to get Alice out of the house by asking her to go to the movies and then take to a restaurant where he has a big dinner planned. They have an argument trying to get each other to cooperate. Once they figure out what's going on they come up with...
20 Oct. 1956
Ralph's in line for a promotion. And the bus company wants him to get a physical. Ralph isn't aware of this requirement and isn't there when the doctor comes by the first time. Alice and Trixie have to go out and get Ed to come down and wait around until Ralph gets home, but they forget to tell him why he's getting a physical. When Ralph finds out he needs a physical he thinks it's for some insurance that Alice wants and he thinks is unnecessary. He decides that a way to fail the physical is to pretend to be drunk. The doctor believes what he sees and plans to report ...
27 Oct. 1956
Forgot to Register
Ralph & Ed are very involved in a local election campaign, on the day of election Ed tells Ralph that he's not going to vote. Ralph blows a gasket, he gives Ed a history lesson to remind him why he has to vote. After bullying Ed into agreeing to vote Ralph finds out that Alice is going to vote for the candidate that's running against the candidate Ralph's supporting. This leads to a huge argument Ralph feels that a wife has to vote the way her husband votes. As they are getting ready to leave to vote Ralph realizes he forgot to register to vote. He winds up feeling ...
3 Nov. 1956
Expectant Father
Alice has secretly taken a job as an obstetrician's receptionist. But when Ralph sees her going into the doctor's office, he immediately leaps to the conclusion that he's going to be a father --and begins to make ecstatic plans for his son-to-be.
17 Nov. 1956
Two Family Car
Ralph finds out he's won a raffle. One problem: Ed Norton paid for half the ticket and the first prize is a car. Alice make Ralph tell Ed even though Ralph doesn't want to. They finally work out a way to share the car. But when the people from the raffle arrive, we find out Ralph won the 26th prize. And since he agreed to use the back half of the prize, this prize will cause him some problems.
8 Dec. 1956
Finders Keepers
Ralph and Norton try to raise funds to buy a local candy store by entering a radio contest.
15 Dec. 1956
Catch a Star
Ralph tells the lodge members he knows Jackie Gleason and can get him for a show at the Raccoon Lodge (of course he doesn't). He comes clean to Norton who helps him come up with a plan to get Gleason to come to the event on the basis that it's a charity, it's not, but they don't plan on letting that get the way. Their plan involves waiting in Gleason's hotel lobby to ask him for help. The scene in lobby revolves around series of exits and entrances by Ralph and Gleason then Ed can Carney and even Joyce Randolf gets involved in playing a different character in that ...