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S1, Ep14892
7 Mar. 2006
Episode #1.14892
Jonathan and Lizzie end up in bed together after a night of hard drinking.
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S1, Ep14965
19 Jul. 2006
Episode #1.14965
Dinah is planning to get married and sets out to buy herself a new dress, flowers and a cake. Although this sounds like an easy day of running errands it's not so easy for Dinah. When she goes to buy her dress she is met by a veritable army of other would-be brides who take all the good dresses. When she finds one she likes it is ripped out of her hands by Gown Girl. Frustrated she goes to the Flower Shop only to discover that she is allergic to everything in the store: no flowers, no dress. Just when it seems that matters can only get better, they get worse when she ...
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S1, Ep14968
24 Jul. 2006
Episode #1.14968
Dinah, Alex, and Gus are shocked when Harley names her Spaulding Enterprises successor - Alan-Michael. But only if he signs an agreement to, basically be...nice. Alan-Michael agrees. Alan offers his son a hand, but Alan-Michael retorts that he works alone. Later, Harley tells Gus she wants to come back on the force - as Gus's partner! Reva tries to tell Josh about her cancer, but he snaps that he's got more important things to worry about now - Tammy is in the hospital. Reva loses her nerve, but later tells Billy she needs to get home. He convinces her to get healthy ...