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7 Jan. 1954
The Test
A test pilot learns that it's possible that his sick daughter could have polio, just before he tests a new military plane.
14 Jan. 1954
The Bad Streak
The owner of a financially distressed casino faces a dilemma when his estranged son gambles against him. Either his casino will go bankrupt, or he'll bring about the financial ruin of his son.
21 Jan. 1954
A String of Beads
A gem expert declares a worthless string of beads worn by a poor governess to be a valuable pearl necklace.
4 Feb. 1954
Second Dawn
A blind man has a chance for surgery to restore his sight, but it may last for just a few minutes.
11 Feb. 1954
The Gun
Dick Powell plays a cop who returns home after a tough night only to be confronted with noisy kids, his wife, neighbors, delivery men and a vacuum cleaner salesman. When he discovers his gun is missing, he must track everyone down to see who has it.
18 Feb. 1954
The Bomb
An engaged couple and the woman's former suitor take shelter in an abandoned house, too late to notice an unexploded bomb. Their retreat is cut off by a cave-in, and they must defuse the bomb with instructions delivered over a phone line.
25 Feb. 1954
Meet McGraw
McGraw, a private eye, is hired by Lila Lamont to protect her from her threatening husband Louis.
4 Mar. 1954
Detective's Holiday
A detective (Dick Powel) takes a trip to a cabin in the woods to get away from it all. A man, his wife, and his two kids entertain him. When one of the kids let's it slip that their step-mother just got her blond hair, the detective predicts she is running from the law and decides to check it out.
11 Mar. 1954
An Operation in Money
The chief teller of a bank openly embezzles a large sum of money to extort a pay raise from the bank's board of directors.
18 Mar. 1954
Lady of the Orchids
Neglected by her husband, Stacy goes out with wealthy bachelor Paul. The evening ends in a fatal car accident from which Stacy escapes unnoticed. She is the only one who can save Paul from manslaughter charges, but at risk of her own marriage.
1 Apr. 1954
The Book
A stranger tussles with John over a library book and is struck and killed by a passing car. John discovers a message in the book and follows it to a blind meeting, only to be mistaken for a hit man with an assassination team.
8 Apr. 1954
A Study in Panic
Wise-guy newspaperman Fred Jordan writes a column making fun of "normal" men who panic during a fire. Soon afterward he gets a letter from a deranged man who promises Jordan that he will soon know the "real" meaning of the word "panic"--because within 24 hours, the man is going to kill Jordan.
15 Apr. 1954
Kit and her fiancé are hosting a Mardi Gras costume party at her huge mansion when frightening news arrives. Her ex-husband, a crazed murderer, has just escaped from prison and is believed to be costumed as the corpse-like character from Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death."
22 Apr. 1954
Village in the City
An artist discovers that one of his favorite model's has been murdered and an investigation begins to discover the murderer.
29 Apr. 1954
The Doctor and the Countess
A famous plastic surgeon is recruited to severely disfigure the face of a beautiful countess, in order to relate to her husband, who was burned and disfigured in a serious accident and has become a recluse.
30 Sep. 1954
The Man in the Cellar
A little girl who regularly talks to imaginary friends grows frustrated when her parents refuse to believe that there is a real man in the cellar.
7 Oct. 1954
Never Explain
A novice social worker is dispatched to the home of a widower who refuses to send his children to school.
14 Oct. 1954
A girl at a boarding school is neglected by her family and grows depressed, until she becomes infatuated with a vacationing newspaper correspondent who befriends her.
21 Oct. 1954
The Wallet
A French waiter with more pride than money will not stand for his sickly wife to be admitted to a free public hospital. When a wealthy customer leaves behind a wallet containing thousands of dollars, the server takes it to upgrade his wife's medical care. Their son also becomes a thief to pay the bills.
28 Oct. 1954
The Adolescent
Ida Lupino is a teacher who, in her role as a member of her school's disciplinary board, must investigate her nephew's misconduct.
4 Nov. 1954
The Contest
The head of detectives runs into problems when he suspect his fiancé has committed murder.
4 Nov. 1954
Vote of Confidence
A con man, recently released from prison, attempts to recoup his fortunes by convincing an heiress' secretary that he needs funds to run an orphanage.
18 Nov. 1954
My Own Dear Dragon
A successful playwright does his best to avoid reading the script written by his young new wife. She can't understand why he refuses to encourage her. At a party celebrating his 25th year in the theatre, he reveals the incident from his past that causes him to discourage her writing.
25 Nov. 1954
Marked Down
A woman who works at a fancy dress shop is determined to meet and marry the millionaire whose office is next door. Once she is asked out, she realizes that money doesn't make a person. Meanwhile, a young boy is buying a dress on layaway for his mother's birthday, but there's more to his story.
2 Dec. 1954
Meet a Lonely Man
An attractive young lady mistakes a lonely hotel desk clerk for a Texas oil millionaire she'd once met. Loving the attention she's lavishing on him, he plays along...until his big spending catches up with him.
9 Dec. 1954
Bourbon Street
Jeff Ward is a musician who got out of his Bourbon Street neighborhood, but lost his wife to Danny Paris. Three years later, his ex-wife is dead, and Jeff comes back intending to kill Danny for what he's done.
16 Dec. 1954
A Championship Affair
A championship bridge player attempts to woo the woman he had previously loved and lost, by competing against her financially desperate husband.
23 Dec. 1954
The Answer
A disillusioned Hollywood screenwriter returns to his old neighborhood bar, where he meets an alcoholic genius and undergoes an epiphany.
30 Dec. 1954
Go Ahead and Jump
A despondent man hires a taxi to take him to a bridge in order to jump off and kill himself. Rather than refusing service, the taxi driver offers encouragement and tells his own tale of woe.

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