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9 Jan. 1960
His Brother's Keeper
Edwin Booth arrives in Downieville to do a Shakespearean show 6 months after his brother assassinated Lincoln. Town tough Rogan and his cronies try to prevent the performance. It's up to Jeb Hayes to show his son to stand up for what's right.
21 Jan. 1960
The Devil's Due
Tom Dixon, formerly an outlaw, is trying to change his ways and marry his sweetheart. But he's wanted for a past bank robbery and the reappearance of fellow gang member Cassidy make it difficult to avoid trouble.
22 Jan. 1960
Money to Burn
Carl, a destitute vagabond, stumbles upon $50,000 in Wells Fargo loot. He lives it up in a fine hotel but also sharing the money with those in need. He doesn't realize the original thief Browning and Hume, a bank detective, are on his trail.
6 Feb. 1960
Dogs of the Mist
Steve Hewitt accidentally kills the dogs of miner Tully who had sent a desperate message. Haunted by his mistake he searches for the man while his friends suspect him of hiding a lucrative mine. Steve is guided by mysterious howling.
13 Feb. 1960
A Wedding Dress
Marshall Bill Tilghman works in 1890's Oklahoma territory trying to bring in the Doolin gang. He methods are questioned when he first offers amnesty but gets sidetracked when he does a bride a favor, putting his job in jeopardy.
18 Feb. 1960
Shadows on the Window
Lew Wallace is governor of New Mexico territory during Billy the Kid's murderous time in the 1880's. While dealing with threats to his life, worries of his family, he manages to write a novel that would become biblical best-selling Ben Hur.
19 Feb. 1960
The Battle of Mokelumne Hill
California imposes a monthly tax on immigrant miners in the 1850's gold boom. Most groups grudgingly respond but the French resist violently. Lt. Bradshaw is tasked with enforcement despite his sympathy for the miners.
3 Mar. 1960
The Strangers
A hate-filled drifter threatens successful rancher John Gaunt and his family.
3 Mar. 1960
Goodbye Five Hundred Pesos
In the years after California's conquest, an Army commander grapples with hostile citizens.
17 Mar. 1960
Forbidden Wedding
A couple face opposition to their marriage: the governor of California, whom the woman once rejected.
17 Mar. 1960
One Man Tank
Prospector "Dutch" Charley Koehn (John Bleifer)searches for gold for many years, but never finds any. He decides to settle down and buys a goat farm...and strikes it rich when he finds gold on the property.
30 Mar. 1960
The Man on the Road
John Raitt plays a drifter who befriends a boy whose father has been jailed for horse theft.
1 Apr. 1960
The Man Everyone Hated
A general planning to house Indians on a reservation finds himself hated by white men and red men alike.
8 Apr. 1960
The General Who Disappeared
The going gets rough for a corrupt politician. The governor of Montana has launched a reform campaign.
13 Apr. 1960
The Million Dollar Pants
The saga regarding the need for and development of blue jeans during the California gold rush by Levi Strauss.
14 Apr. 1960
Pirates of San Francisco
A sailor, a barmaid and a newspaperman join forces to clean up a lawless city.
1 May 1960
A Woman's Rights
Bethel Leslie plays America's first female judge, who loses her life savings and her husband in a fight against corruption.
10 May 1960
Eagle in the Rocks
Townspeople plan a vendetta when a Mexican outlaw is accused of killing four miners.
12 May 1960
Cap'n Pegleg
A vengeful sea captain goes after the sailors he holds responsible for the loss of his leg.
24 May 1960
Emma Is Coming
A singer wants to chuck it all and go home.
2 Jun. 1960
Human Sacrifice
An Indian chief's young widow fights an ancient ritual requiring her to be killed following her husband's death.
7 Jun. 1960
Pete Kitchen's Wedding Night
Cameron Mitchell plays Pete Kitchen, a stubborn Arizona pig rancher battling Indians on his wedding night.
9 Jun. 1960
Mission to the Mountains
On a peace mission, a rancher and an Indian meet a prospector who thinks they're after his gold.
24 Jun. 1960
The Great Lounsberry Scoop
Colonel Lounsberry is selected by General Custer to be the only newspaperman to travel with the troops leaving on a campaign against the Sioux.
24 Sep. 1960
Pamela's Oxen
Pamela Mann is a widow in Mexico owned Texas and depends on her oxen for her livelihood. But Sam Houston is leading a drive for independence and needs her sturdy animals for cannon movement but the spirited Pamela resists all pleas.
25 Sep. 1960
Splinter Station
Mary runs an outpost on the American frontier where her most important job is providing horses to the Union side. But a confederate Caleb is intent on derailing her operation until they meet over a horse's foal delivery.
2 Oct. 1960
Queen of the High-Graders
Mine owner Jim Barker sends for detective Romer Maxwell suspecting high grade ore is being smuggled out. Romer tests several theories then focuses on Kate Hanson but complicates matters by falling in love with her daughter Sarah.
3 Oct. 1960
Devil's Bar
Dan and Mary Bartlett arrive in Murphy's Flats with little more than their faith and a diving suit. The residents don't comprehend how it works or helps in mining but when they need Dan to use it for violent reasons he stands by his convictions.
24 Oct. 1960
Learnin' at Dirty Devil
Iron fisted rancher Hank Lanier believes his son Jack needs a good education, bringing in Ralph Edmunds to teach him. But the teacher's arrival threatens Lanier's autocratic ways leading to a showdown.
24 Oct. 1960
Yankee Confederate
Union officer Parker has met his match with southern patriot Belle.
7 Nov. 1960
The Gentle Sword
Noted frontier explorer John Fremont is in gold rush California and finds himself in a contentious mining dispute. As the situation threatens to turn violent the future presidential candidate has the support of his faithful wife Jessie.
20 Nov. 1960
Extra Guns
Luke Short aims to open a fine saloon in Dodge City but runs up against political boss Webster who prevents competition. Luke, with support of Mady, tries traditional methods but is forced to call in famous friends to prevail.
21 Nov. 1960
The White Healer
Lt. Wood is stationed in Arizona Territory during an Apache uprising but is more compassionate than his commander. When a deadly illness breaks out among the Indians he is willing to treat them but Geronimo must surrender first.
5 Dec. 1960
The Wind at Your Back
Johnny Carter is wounded while committing a robbery and takes refuge in a mission school. He is nursed back to health by Sister Mary who learns his identity. She urges him to turn himself in which turns his partner Buckner against him.
14 Dec. 1960
Jim Badger tangles with corrupt lawmen and vigilantes.
18 Dec. 1960
A Girl Named Virginia
As the Donner Party attempts to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Reed family is banished after an altercation leads to death. They endure heavy snow and dwindling food but daughter Virginia shows courage beyond her years.
19 Dec. 1960
City of Widows
A drama about the working conditions in a mining town.
27 Dec. 1960
The Young Gun
An ex-con tries to prevent the son he gave up for adoption from following in his steps.
6 Nov. 1960
The Deserters
When five men desert the Union Army, they are at the mercy of General Avery, who favors shooting them.

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