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1 Oct. 1964
Honor the Name Dennis Driscoll
When an army convoy Is threatened by Indian attack, a young soldier played by a young Tom Skerritt volunteers to get help from a nearby fort.
1 Oct. 1964
The Lucky Cow
A scheming Indian chief sells cows to unsuspecting settlers, steals them, only to sell them back to the same unsuspecting settlers.
1 Oct. 1964
Big John and the Rainmaker
A charlatan traveling rainmaker gets hired during a long drought, sparking conflict between rival local governments.
8 Oct. 1964
From the Earth, a Heritage
A rival trapper is dogged in his pursuit to purchase Joe Meek's beautiful Indian wife from him, but he'll have none of it.
8 Oct. 1964
The Other White Man
Scipio Gaines is an escaped slave who has been living among the Indians for years. When a government official shows up Scipio is prepared to giving up his freedom, not knowing much has changed in the ensuing years.
9 Oct. 1964
The Hero of Fort Halleck
Jim Campbell has a rival in Lt. Harper for pretty newcomer Elsie's affections. He and his friends pretend to be rogue warriors to frighten the cavalryman but create a problem between the soldiers and Indians. It takes all of Jim's ingenuity to fix the situation.
29 Oct. 1964
The Left Hand Is Damned
A kindhearted barroom singer nurses a gunfighter back to health.
10 Dec. 1964
There Was Another Dalton Brother
Newly appointed Deputy Marshal Frank Dalton takes his job seriously. However he must choose between duty and love when the father of his girl becomes the prime suspect in a missing persons case.
24 Dec. 1964
Tribute to the Dog
This is about real life attorney George Graham Vest (December 6, 1830 - August 9, 1904) who was also later a U.S. Congressman from Missouri. The story is about a man who is sued by a boy for shooting his dog named Old Drum on October 18, 1869. Vest's, "a man's best friend" closing arguments from the trial became more famous than Vest himself. Starring future Governor of California and President of The U.S. Ronald Reagan as George Graham Vest.
24 Dec. 1964
The $25,000 Wager
California Governor Leland Stanford bets an enormous amount of money in trying to prove a point about horse racing. He needs photographer Eadward Muybridge to get the proof he needs to win the wager.
30 Dec. 1964
A Bargain Is for Keeping
Andy Carter collects items cast off from wagon trains and then sales them. Mary Ann recognizes a family heirloom and demands it back but Andy insists she work for it's value. Left together they find they have more in common than not.
31 Dec. 1964
Peter the Hunter
A hunter and his daughters save an Easterner.
1 Jan. 1965
Paid in Full
Colonel Hunter, a former Confederate officer returns to Texas to call on Kathy McLennan, the wife of a dead soldier who had been killed while serving under him during the Civil War. He discovers that the widow and other ranchers in the valley had been cheated by a wealthy cattle baron who gave them legally unclaimable IOUs in when purchasing their stock. Hunter tries to reason with the cattle baron, but when this fails devises a tactic to recover the money stolen from them.
11 Jan. 1965
A Bell for Volcano
A town drunk and a businessman from a small town make a trip to San Francisco to buy a bell for the new Church In Volcano, California. While on the way back the businessman gets sick in Sacramento and the drunk is supposed to take the bell alone to Volcano but hatches a plan to steal it and go back to Frisco and sell it. Along the way a bandito tries to rob him and steal the bell, but the bandito who was going to kill the drunk, realizes who the bell is for, and allows the drunk to go on his way as the Preacher was kind to him. This makes the drunk change his ways and...
14 Jan. 1965
The Trouble with Taxes
Jeb Slade talks his brother Billy into helping him rob Aaron Winters, who is wealthy from his borax findings. They fail and while Aaron escorts Billy to the authorities, he learns the type of character the young man has.
20 Jan. 1965
The Race at Cherry Creek
Two editors compete to give Denver it's first newspaper.
10 Mar. 1965
Death in the Desert
The Paiute tribe have their own traditions concerning justice but when there is a killing, the white settlers want the guilty punished by their system.
10 Mar. 1965
Raid on the San Francisco Mint
Billy Ralston is a fast talking banker who cannot cover his customer's assets. He comes up with a scheme involving the mint to solve his problem yet remain out of jail.
17 Mar. 1965
Magic Locket
Librarian and part-time poet Ina Coolbrith takes precocious but intelligent young street waif Dorita under her wing. As their relationship grows Ina finds that a locket means more to her fulfillment than any literary renown.
18 Mar. 1965
The Battle of San Francisco Bay
After a mob takes control of the docks of San Francisco, Captain David Farragut formulates a plan to enable the Navy to regain control.
18 Mar. 1965
The Wild West's Biggest Train Holdup
The aging and ailing sheriff of Washoe County, Nevada gets a big assist from his deputy in the county's fight with the Central Pacific railroad over payment of back taxes.
25 Mar. 1965
No Gun Behind His Badge
The new sheriff of Abilene, "Bear River" Smith, tries to uphold the law in the wild town without carrying a sidearm -- with mixed results.
25 Mar. 1965
Fighting Sky Pilot
Reverend Ben Darniell believes he should practice what he preaches, and he refuses to resort to violence in the face of opposition. But he finds a minister in Carson City must be prepared to fight for those who cannot defend themselves.
29 Mar. 1965
The Journey
Two cavalry officers have very different attitudes about the treatment of their Indian prisoners. A showdown occurs after an escape.
4 May 1965
Kate Melville and the Law
A new judge and a recently-appointed woman sheriff have conflict over the concepts of judicial fairness versus frontier justice.
6 May 1965
The town of Rough And Ready, California declares succession from the United States -- with unintended and undesirable consequences.

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