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The Drowning Pool

‘Harper Days Are Here Again,’ reads the advertising tag line for this worthy follow-up to Paul Newman’s first outing as Ross Macdonald’s jaded private eye. The movie is certainly worthy, but how did the producers let the terrific song Killing Me Softly with His Song get away?

The Drowning Pool


Warner Archive Collection

1976 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 108 min. / Street Date February 27, 2018 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Anthony Franciosa, Murray Hamilton, Gail Strickland, Melanie Griffith, Linda Haynes, Richard Jaeckel.

Cinematography: Gordon Willis

Film Editor: John C. Howard

Production Design: Paul Sylbert

Original Music: Michael Small

Written by Tracy Keenan Wynn, Lorenzo Semple Jr., Walter Hill from the novel by Ross Macdonald

Produced by David Foster, Lawrence Turman

Directed by Stuart Rosenberg

Looking to make lightning strike twice, Paul Newman returned to his Lew Harper character in another adaptation of a Ross Macdonald tale. The star handles it very well,
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Contest: Win Attack Of The Puppet People on Blu-ray

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Mr. Franz seemed nice at first, but brimming just beneath the surface was a desire to turn his guests into miniature puppets for his own amusement. This unconventional form of entertainment takes center stage in Attack of the Puppet People, and with Scream Factory releasing the 1958 horror film on Blu-ray, we've been provided with three high-def copies to give away to lucky Daily Dead readers.


Prize Details: (3) Winners will receive (1) Blu-ray copy of Attack of the Puppet People.

How to Enter: We're giving Daily Dead readers multiple chances to enter and win:

1. Instagram: Following us on Instagram during the contest period will give you an automatic contest entry. Make sure to follow us at:


2. Email: For a chance to win via email, send an email to contest@dailydead.com with the subject "Attack of the Puppet People Contest". Be sure to include your name and mailing address.
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He Walked by Night

Do you think older crime thrillers weren’t violent enough? This shocker from 1948 shook up America with its true story of a vicious killer who has a murderous solution to every problem, and uses special talents to evade police detection. Richard Basehart made his acting breakthrough as Roy Martin, a barely disguised version of the real life ‘Machine Gun Walker.

He Walked by Night



1948 / B&W /1:37 flat full frame / 79 min. / Street Date November 7, 2017 / 39.99

Starring: Richard Basehart, Scott Brady, Roy Roberts, Whit Bissell, James Cardwell, Jack Webb, Dorothy Adams, Ann Doran, Byron Foulger, Reed Hadley (narrator), Thomas Browne Henry, Tommy Kelly, John McGuire, Kenneth Tobey.

Cinematography: John Alton

Art Direction: Edward Ilou

Film Editor: Alfred De Gaetano

Original Music: Leonid Raab

Written by John C. Higgins and Crane Wilbur

Produced by Bryan Foy, Robert T. Kane

Directed by Alfred L. Werker

Talk about a movie with a dynamite
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Balletic, stylized and rather aloof, MGM’s biggest musical for 1954 still has what musical lovers crave — good dancing, beautiful melodies and unabashed romantic sentiments. Savant has a bad tendency to fixate on the inconsistencies of its fantasy concept — in which God places an ideal Scottish village outside the limits of Time itself.



Warner Archive Collection

1954 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 108 min. / Street Date September 26, 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse, Elaine Stewart, Barry Jones, Albert Sharpe, Virginia Bosler, Jimmy Thompson.

Cinematography: Joseph Ruttenberg

Art Direction: Preston Ames, Cedric Gibbons

Film Editor: Albert Akst

Original Music: Frederick Loewe

Screenplay, book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

Produced by Arthur Freed

Directed by Vincente Minnelli

MGM underwent some severe cutbacks in 1953; most of its contract players were dropped including the majority of its proud roster of stars. The studio would have to survive in a new kind of Hollywood,
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Cargo - The Movie Industry’s Latest Take on a Post-Apocalyptic World

One of the time-tested tropes for the movie industry has always been how and when the world might end. Think back over the years and there have been plenty of blockbuster imaginings on how we might all meet our doom. From way back in 1951 when When Worlds Collide was released, through to films like The Rapture in 1991 and The Road in 2009, there are plenty of these kinds of films around. Most of them are pretty bleak - but then that’s fair enough when we’re talking about the destruction of our planet and the population on it.

In the end of the world movies produced so far, many have a fictional basis, such as a plague with a zombie mutation that means the human population is wiped out as infection spreads, but there are also some that have been based on real scientific conjecture, with either a meteor crash
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Peter Hansen, General Hospital Actor, Dies at 95

Peter Hansen, General Hospital Actor, Dies at 95
A version of this article originally appeared on EW.com.

Actor Peter Hansen, known for his role as lawyer and addiction counselor Lee Baldwin on General Hospital, has died at the age of 95.

Hansen died Sunday in Santa Clarita, California, the General Hospital twitter account confirmed Tuesday.

Though he made over 100 film and television appearances, Hansen was best known for his role as the stalwart Lee Baldwin on General Hospital and its spin-off Port Charles. He appeared on the weekday soap opera from 1965 through 2004, making his last appearance at Lila’s (Anna Lee) funeral in 2004 and retiring from the screen thereafter.
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Peter Hansen Dies: ‘General Hospital’ Actor Was 95

Peter Hansen, who played Lee Baldwin on the ABC soap opera General Hospital, died on Sunday, April 9 in Santa Clarita, California, his family confirmed. He was 95. Born December 5, 1921, Hansen was raised in Detroit, Michigan. He served with the U.S. Marine Corps and flew combat in the South Pacific. After, he followed his dreams of becoming an actor and was signed by Paramount Studios, and featured in Branded (1950), with Alan Ladd, When Worlds Collide (1951) and The Sava…
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‘General Hospital’ Alum Peter Hansen Dies at 95

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‘General Hospital’ Alum Peter Hansen Dies at 95
Actor Peter Hansen, who played Lee Baldwin on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital,” died Sunday, his family announced. He was 95. Born in Oakland, California, in 1921, Hansen pursued acting at the Pasadena Playhouse before signing with Paramount Studios, appearing in films such as 1950’s “Branded” with Alan Ladd, “When Worlds Collide” and 1952’s “The Savage” with Charlton Heston. Hansen also appeared on numerous television shows including “Sea Hunt,” “The Lone Ranger” and “Perry Mason,” but was perhaps best known for his portrayal of Baldwin on “General Hospital,” a role he played on and off for decades. Also Read: Barbara Tarbuck,
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‘General Hospital’ Actor Peter Hansen Dies at 95

‘General Hospital’ Actor Peter Hansen Dies at 95
Peter Hansen, best known for his long run as lawyer and volunteer addiction counselor Lee Baldwin on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital,” has died. He was 95.

Hansen died Sunday in Santa Clarita, Calif., according to his family.

His first run on “General Hospital” spanned 1965-1976, followed by a second between 1977 and 1986. He re-joined the show briefly in 1990, and then again from 1992-2004. His work won him a Daytime Emmy for supporting actor in 1979. In addition to the soap opera mainstay, Hansen also appeared in the spinoff “Port Charles.”

Outside television, Hansen starred in the 1951 Academy Award-winning sci-fi film “When Worlds Collide” with Barbara Rush and John Hoyt. The year before he was featured in “Branded” with Alan Ladd as the kidnapped son of a rich rancher. In 1952 he played a U.S. cavalry lieutenant in “The Savage” with Charlton Heston.

He also had guest roles in several television shows including “The Goldbergs,” “Sea Hunt
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Do rediscovered ‘lost’ movies always disappoint? This Depression-era pre-Code science fiction disaster thriller was unique in its day, and its outrageously ambitious special effects –New York City is tossed into a blender — were considered the state of the art. Sidney Blackmer and a fetching Peggy Shannon fight off rapacious gangs in what may be the first post-apocalyptic survival thriller.



Kl Studio Classics

1933 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 67 min. / Street Date February 21, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring Peggy Shannon, Lois Wilson, Sidney Blackmer, Lane Chandler, Samuel S. Hinds, Fred Kohler, Matt Moore, Edward Van Sloan .

Cinematography: Norbert Brodine

Film Editor: Martin G. Cohn, Rose Loewinger

Special Effects: Ned Mann, Williams Wiliams, Russell Lawson, Ernie Crockett, Victor Scheurich, Carl Wester

Original Music: Val Burton

Written by Warren Duff, John F. Goodrich from the novel by Sydney Fowler Wright

Produced by Samuel Bischoff, Burt Kelly, William Saal

Directed by Felix E. Feist
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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth


Warner Archive Collection

1970 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 100 96 min. / Street Date February 28, 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: Victoria Vetri, Robin Hawdon, Patrick Allen, Drewe Henley, Sean Caffrey, Magda Konopka, Imogen Hassall, Patrick Holt, Jan Rossini, Carol Hawkins, Maria O’Brien.

Cinematography: Dick Bush

Film Editor: Peter Curran

Visual Effects: Jim Danforth

Original Music: Mario Nascimbene, Philip Martell

Written by: Val Guest, J.G. Ballard

Produced by: Aida Young

Directed by Val Guest

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth didn’t get much attention when released here early in March of 1971. Only film fanatics obsessed with special effects had much to say about it. Cinefantastique magazine showed a still photo or two of dinosaurs on the rampage, and told us that stop-motion effects notable Jim Danforth, who we knew from mentions in Famous Monsters, was attached. We also learned that an animator named David Allen had worked on one sequence.
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Instagram Battles: Where and With Whom?

Would you rather

...hang out with Connor Jessup & Apichatpong "Joe" Weerathaskeul in San Fran?

... attend a costume party with Daniel Franzese and his fiancé?

... spot Ewan McGregor just hanging out in NYC where his movie is playing?


When worlds collide! @connorwjessup #sanfrancisco #strandreleasing #connorjessup #apichatpong

A photo posted by @strandreleasing on Oct 17, 2016 at 1:12pm Pdt

I think @wellhayley has Howard making @joeylovesthat and I feel like we should go bananas for @bananagramsinc this Halloween again.

A photo posted by Daniel Franzese (@whatsupdanny) on Oct 19, 2016 at 6:51am Pdt

Here we go!! #americanpastoral

A photo posted by Ewan McGregor (@mcgregor_ewan) on Oct 21, 2016 at 6:14pm Pdt




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Strategic Air Command

The biggest, most lavish hook-up between Hollywood and the Pentagon was this Anthony Mann-James Stewart collaboration, a morale & recruiting cheer for America's intercontinental bombing air force, the service that kept the peace by holding up our side of the balance of fear. Strategic Air Command Blu-ray Olive Films 1955 / Color / 1:66 widescreen (VistaVision) / 112 min. / Street Date October 16, 2016 / available through the Olive Films website / 29.98 Starring James Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Lovejoy, Barry Sullivan, Alex Nicol, Bruce Bennett, Jay C. Flippen, James Millican, James Bell, Rosemary DeCamp, Harry Morgan, William Hudson, Strother Martin, House Peters Jr. Cinematography William Daniels Film Editor Eda Warren Original Music Victor Young Written by Valentine Davies, Beirne Lay, Jr. Produced by Samuel J. Briskin Directed by Anthony Mann

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

In the 1950s America was spending its enormous military budget on a fantastic array of advanced weapons technology, the most expensive of which was
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Sci-fi Weekend, Ahrya Fine Art, Los Angeles, April 15-17

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By Todd Garbarini

The Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Los Angeles will be presenting a fun-filled weekend of six science fiction classics from Friday, April 15th to Sunday, April 17th. Several cast members from the films are scheduled to appear in person at respective screenings, so read on for more information:

From the press release:

Anniversary Classics Sci-Fi Weekend

Part of our Anniversary Classics series. For details, visit: www.laemmle.com/ac.

Re-visit the Golden Age of the Science Fiction Film as Laemmle Theatres and the Anniversary Classics Series presents Sci-fi Weekend, a festival of six classic films April 15-17 at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills.

It was dawn of the Atomic Age and the Cold War, as Communist and nuclear war paranoia swept onto the nation’s movie screens to both terrify and entertain the American public. All the favorite icons are here: Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet,
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Today in Movie Culture: 'Deadpool' VFX Breakdown, Celebrating Serious Adam Sandler and More

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Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture: VFX Reel of the Day: Just how much CGI is in the big highway action sequence in Deadpool? Atomic Fiction shows off their work in this new video (via Devour): GIFof the Day: With news today related to both the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises, here's a perfect mashup of the two: When worlds collide...https://t.co/O3tYdis1fc pic.twitter.com/JEGuafExEj — One. Perfect. Shot. (@OnePerfectShot) March 15, 2016 Photoshop Meme of the Day: The below poster parody of Indiana Jones is also relevant. It's part of a current Photoshop meme and contest where one letter in a movie title is swapped for another. See more at Design Taxi. Actor in...

Read More
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Review/Interview: Michale Graves’ When Worlds Collide

Review/Interview: Michale Graves’ When Worlds Collide
Good news, my creeps: Michale Graves‘ new horror rock opus When Worlds Collide is almost here, and I’ve had a chance to let it fill up my eerie earholes! Read on for a full review, an interview with the man himself, and more!

Michale GravesWhen Worlds Collide (Music Review)

• Release Date: Available Now

I can’t even describe how excited I was to get my greedy lil’ claws on the latest release from Michale Graves. Not only is this the newest entry in his legacy of horror-punk-terror tunes, this album promised a first: a sequel to a song he penned back in his tenure in the group that started the whole shebang, the Misfits… and not just any song, my fiends—this would be a follow up to what is undoubtedly his signature song, Crying on a Saturday Night! Admittedly, that is a s–t-ton to live up to,
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Revoltin’ Reviews: Frightmare, Demonoid, Shock ‘Em Dead, and more!

Hey creeps, welcome back to the Crypt! Before we get to the revoltin’ reviews, I want to mention that ol’ monstrous Michale Graves has officially launched a Kickstarter to get When Worlds Collide into yer talons and claws, so give it a look-see, and pony up some dough if ya can!

Also of note, this column debuts my new rating system (created by Coffin Club Member #1 Bob Gosh), with every review given between 5 (totally rad) and 1 (totally dogs–t) skulls!

Now, on with the spookshow!

The Funhouse Massacre

• Release Date: In Theaters Now

• Written By: Ben Begley, Renee Dorian

• Directed By: Andy Palmer

• Starring: Robert Englund, Clint Howard, Chasty Ballesteros, Scottie Thompson

Roll up, roll up, and let’s feast our putrid peepers on the new fright flick The Funhouse Massacre. Will it have the goods to slake our unending thirst for monsters and mayhem, or will it be the
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Revoltin’ Reviews: Ash Vs Evil Dead, Breeders, Condemned, and more!

Revoltin’ Reviews: Ash Vs Evil Dead, Breeders, Condemned, and more!
Before we dive into the normal standard substandard program of revoltin’ reviews and other assorted terror tidbits, I have a world premier eerie exclusive straight from the mad genius Mark Allen Stuart o’er at Hydraulic Entertainment; namely that ol’ monstrous Michael Graves is continuin’ the lunatic legacy he began in 95. In other words, he’s fixin’ to release a new horror punk album called When Worlds Collide in the near future!

While that is exciting enough to us lovers of arcane audio assaults, the real news is that he is huddled o’er his creepy cauldron and is conjurin’ a sequel to one of the most beloved songs written by Michale during his time with the Misfits, Crying On Saturday Night! Keep yer putrid peepers peeled and glued to this very spot for news on this release as it develops, fiends! Oh, and if ya need a crash course on the original recipe,
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Preview of Marvel’s Secret Wars: Secret Love #1

Marvel gets romantic later this month with the release of Secret Wars: Secret Love #1, and you can check out an unlettered preview of the issue right here…

When Worlds Collide, Can Their Love Survive? Robbie Reyes/Kamala Khan! Typhoid Mary/Karen Page/Matt Murdock! And Many More Secret Love Affairs…

Secret Wars: Secret Love #1 is out August 19th, priced $4.99.

Source: Cbr
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